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SeriesPepito – Top video alternatives


The SeriesPepito website has been a fairly famous website for several years, however the site has been banned on various occasions due to copyright infringement.

What is SeriesPepito?


This is a website that focuses on local downloading and viewing of videos obtained from various external sources, which are referred to as external servers.

Although the website has been very successful, many of its materials are illegal, therefore the original site was blocked by law.

Since then, various alternatives for downloading videos from external sources have emerged, subject to the same risks as the original website.

Although most of the videos found on SeriesPepito are illegal, there are certain videos that are in the public domain or without copyright, therefore the information below is only for judicious readers. Don’t download illegal material!

SeriesPepito websites functional in 2021


For informational purposes, there are currently several branches derived from the original website, some of the most popular are shown below:

  • (Link): It is a website focused on viewing movies online for free, where there are resources of different genres, among which are documentaries, fantasy, among others.
  • (Link): It is the combination of the and sites, at least in domain name. Very similar to the previous option.

Although there are these and possibly other alternatives in the future of this site, we do not recommend their use, as well as any of the platforms that encourage piracy. So access to any of them is at your own risk.

Other blocked sites from Series Pepito

The original website was, officially closed in 2014.

That same year, other similar websites were also closed, among which were:, and magnovideo. All sites under the same problem: copyright infringement.

A year later, in 2015 another website emerged, but with a different domain called, a site that remained active until at least 2017. Which was closed in the same way as the previous ones.

SeriesPepito’s Categories

Within the main website, there are the following categories:

  • Releases: New chapters presented of different films of various kinds.
  • Recent chapters: Presents the episodes of the last season of SeriesPepito, which contains various series from the United States and Spain, as well as subtitled into Spanish (Castilian and Latin Spanish).
  • Latin Spanish: There are some series that are entirely in Spanish and focused on Latin American audiences, including Mexico and Argentin a.
  • Castilian Spanish: Contains series that are more suitable for a Spanish audience, due to the Castilian language.
  • Subtitled: These are films in English that contain subtitles in Spanish, although they are not necessarily a literal translation of the audios of the film.

Alternatives of SeriesPepito

There are several different websites, which offer services very similar to this website, among which we will show them below, without recommending any of them.


series pepito

The grantorrent is a website that has proven itself as a solid alternative to SeriesPepito. With diverse contents of several genres and languages, it has been a favorite choice of several users.

GranTorrent contains a range of diverse genres, including Family, Novels, Comedy, Educational, Action, and other similar genres with a wide variety.

The website has also had several fragmentations throughout its history, due to copyright infringement. Some of these fragmentations are the following:

  • (Link): It is a website that is still active for the year 2021, which contains several premieres in high quality format, as well as torrents that can be downloaded for free.
  • (Link): Another great torrent schism, available for the year 2021. Used by many users in times of pandemic, without offering security guarantees, in the same way as previous sites.
  • GranTorrent clone website, shown as an alternative to download Torrent in high quality format, for example DVDRip, HDRip or MicroHD. Resources entirely in Spanish.
  • Official channel of GranTorrent, which offers a communication service via Telegram of the platform.

Even with all the alternatives of the websites described above, we do not recommend their use due to copyright infringement, so access to the above websites is at your own risk and discretion.


seriespepito alternatives

The Best Torrent website is one of the most relevant websites for many users of the topic of online video downloads. It is a site with a wide variety and community, like SeriesPepito.

Even so, the MejorTorrent site has not been exempt from problems, on numerous occasions it has been closed due to the violation of copyright of the films, however users seem to adopt the new domains that are emerging according to the demand it has and that still has the site to this day.

Site users continue to find the new domains, which in 2021 have detected at least the following:

  • (Link): Site to download divx series, torrent files with the bittorrent protocol, among other resources. It is shown as the main one, although it is a derivative of the original.
  • (Link): MejorTorrent site of recent creation, however it shows contents very similar to the previous platform, also to SeriesPepito.
  • Its interface is a clone of the original MejorTorrent platform. When the above sites don’t work, this is an alternative platform.
  • Recent domain and with the term vip as part of the domain name, which also indicates the availability of HD resources, however in content it is similar to the sites shown above.
  • Otro dominio, con similar diseño e interfaz de usuario, que contiene videos diferentes, de acuerdo a la disponibilidad de recursos P2P del protocolo BitTorrent.
  • MejorTorrent2 site, which contains a large number of resources to download with BitTorrent or Utorrent protocols.

Although there are several existing resources to download with MejorTorrent, we do not recommend the use of any of them, since almost all their contents are pirated.

Contents of MejorTorrent

Similar to SeriesPepito, in MejorTorrent you will find a wide catalog of videos and other audiovisual resources. Some of these most relevant resources are the following (ordered from highest to lowest according to the average amount of resources)

  • Series Episodes.
  • Films.
  • Music in MP3 format.
  • Series episodes in HD format.
  • Games for PC.
  • Movies in HD format.
  • T.V. series.
  • Varied topics: Documentaries, Programs, Video clips, Sports and other topics.

The above resources can be searched directly, or through a search bar. Where the latest torrents, a contact form and a help section are also displayed.

In total, on average, there are 60 thousand torrent resources simultaneously. Without guaranteeing the amount of them available in MejorTorrent, as in SeriesPepito in a certain time.

The contents of MejorTorrent are almost entirely copyright infringement, therefore we do not recommend their use. Users are solely responsible for using these platforms.



VidCorn is another quite popular site to watch free movies, with the same dynamics as SeriesPepito and other similar sites in the same category.

The website has experienced several crashes due to illegal video downloading, but like all other options, it has resurfaced with a different domain each time. Among the most common domains are the following:

  • (Link): The Vidcorn domain does not mean that the site is hosted in Tonga, but an alternative domain that has emerged due to the previous blocks.
  • (Link): It is shown as the official VidCorn website, however it is not a guarantee that it contains the same Videos as the original. Of course, its contents are very similar to those, in categories, such as languages: Spanish, Castilian, Latin and subtitled.
  • Another alternative domain that contains Vidcorn movies, without this being considered as the official website. Functional in 2021.

However, as happened with SeriesPepito, these domains may change due to locks in the coming months, or even years.

Even when a new site comes up from VidCorn, none of these sites is recommended, as they contain illegal materials and due to the use of BitTorrent protocol, download viruses on your computer or harmful software.

Access to any of the above websites is at your own risk, the information is displayed exclusively for judicious readers.



PepeCine is not the father of SeriesPepito, nor of PeliculasPepito, however it has been a very favorable option for users in Spain and elsewhere who want to watch movies in Spanish for free.

The website is not without its problems, since the Pepe Cine site is a gold mine for pirates, especially for those who like to watch television shows and series registered on premium channels.

Due to the above, there are many sites derived from PepeCine, which, although they have a different domain, have the same purpose and very similar interface, as shown in the original website.

Some popular PepeCine websites are:

  • Pepecine website, replacement of original after initial crash. It allows you to watch movies online for free in Latin Spanish.
  • (Link): Alternative to SeriesPepito that contains the latest releases of Pepecine, as well as movies and online series in high quality format in Spanish and with subtitles. Available in Spain and Mexico.
  • Another online movie website, premieres and with emojis within its metadata in search. Like the previous ones, its UI UX design is very similar, as well as the operation and contents.

As many of its contents constitute copyright violations, Pepecine’s websites are normally blocked by law in various countries around the world, therefore we do not recommend any of these sites.



The house of movies, which in English is PelisHouse, is another alternative that exists on the SeriesPepito site.

Their genres are varied, both in Latin, Spanish and English languages with subtitles, as well as mixed genres for all kinds of tastes and content via torrents.

Some of the genres are shown as action, adventure, animation, warfare, highlights, among others, among which the most viewed movies, audios, series, and even several popular Marvel ones stand out.

Like the other sites, it can bring security problems when downloading torrents, for example downloading harmful software for your computer, and even more so if you are not careful and click on the ads, as well as the external servers that are displayed.

They also do not have legitimate copyright in their content, therefore it is likely that the site or sites will be blocked at some point, according to the laws that exist in different jurisdictions.

Some of the existing websites in 2021 of PelisHouse are the following:

  • (Link): Free online movies that are shown by years, for example 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. In HD format and various languages and languages.
  • It is not exactly PelisHouse, but as with the protocol, PelisMart is part of the same club.

Each of the sites listed above, even though they are owned by PelisHouse, do not have the copyright of the movies, so do not use them. Your link is here.

SeriesPepito Security Measures

The SeriesPepito site is directly related to content that is obtained via torrent. Remembering a little about the operation of the torrent protocol, fragments of the file are obtained from various servers.

Because the different servers are external to the website, the main site has no control over the files that users upload through the Bittorrent protocol.

The above exists a high risk of downloading unwanted files, even different from those advertised through their catalogs. This is not just limited to unwanted software, many users report downloading viruses, malware, and other harmful software that directly damage their computer.

Some of the measures that users have taken to avoid contagion on their computers is the use of antivirus, avoid downloading files from some external servers with low reputation, or avoid their use.

Of the previous options, the only totally safe one is the last one shown.

Conflicts of Law in SeriesPepito

The conflicts of law are mainly due to the violation of copyrights of the owners of the films, this includes discography, television studios and productions.

By not having copyright, the contents are illegal, which is a direct cause of blocking the site on numerous occasions, including different domains with different ips.

Even though there are active SeriesPepito sites in Spain, Mexico and other jurisdictions, users should not use these services. Even though there are some ways to break security systems like VPNs.

Therefore, its use is not recommended, not even when it changes domain or user interface.

Languages available in SeriesPepito

Because it is a website focused on the Spanish-speaking audience, the existing languages are Spanish, Castilian, Latin, and movies in English with Spanish subtitles.

There could be other resource languages, according to the availability of the torrent network, without this meaning that they have to be shown like this all the time, nor as a recommendation.

Films in Spanish are usually dubbed, therefore there are not many lexical errors, although there are differences with respect to subtitles.


As we show throughout this article, SeriesPepito is another option that users have taken to watch movies online.

However, the website presents severe security damage in the case of the Bittorrent protocol, where external web servers usually contain adware and possible virus downloads.

They are also a source of copyright infringement, since the contents are not authorized by the owners of the movies, songs or other multimedia resources.

Therefore, free movie download platforms are not recommended, avoiding paying the necessary rights according to the production of the movies.

To avoid this type of infraction, the ideal is to use payment channels or another type of legal video transfer, that is, streaming platforms that allow users to watch movies completely without risk.

Some of these legal platforms are the following: Netflix, HBO, amazon, AMC, among other actions that vary according to the existing providers in different countries, for example Spain, the United States and Mexico contain different providers than those in speaking countries. not Hispanic.

As additional information, you could consider taking advantage of your free time reading books, for example we show you in this article a platform to download books in PDF format.