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VidCorn – 10+ Alternatives That Work in 2021


VidCorn is a site that has survived site crashes to be able to download torrents on the internet. However, this site is not without risk and may soon be down.

Although this site has proven to be an option for torrenting, it is not the only alternative that exists to perform such resource downloads. Below we show you a list of different options that work in the year 2021.

Before continuing, it should be clear that most torrents are copyright infringements, for this you should avoid downloading torrents judiciously. The best way to avoid illegality when downloading torrents, you must rectify that the desired resource does not have copyright before any download.

Still, we do not recommend the use of VidCorn, or other similar platforms, due to the tedious process of finding legal videos on these platforms.

VidCorn – Functional Alternatives in 2021

The objective of this article is to show you some functional alternatives to VidCorn that you can use to download video torrents for free, in addition to the fact that they are currently functional.

The Pirate Bay – The Pirate Ship

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is a functional alternative that has most survived through the years. Sailing ship in September 2003, it has sailed as a place where hackers take refuge to download torrents using proxies or VPNs.

Through the BitTorrent protocol, as is done with VidCorn, users download various materials, such as videos, playlists, games, etc. Everything is done according to the existing seedbeds at the time of the downloads.

Despite the fact that The Pirate Bay has received numerous legal complaints over the years, the site is still afloat. The most serious complaints were related to the platform closures in 2014 and 2018.

However, the site has had constant server changes, due to closures and legal conflicts that the platform has had. Still, the site currently continues in 2021.

Its contents, being mostly illegal, is the reason for not recommending this service. However, you can access The Pirate Bay site by opening their page, which is thepiratebay.org. You can open this site at your own risk.

Gnula – Similary to VidCorn


Gnula is a platform similar to VidCorn to download movies in torrent format, with the option to watch them online both in Spanish and with subtitles.

The Gnula site has an application available for Android to facilitate the use of its users, as well as a very simple to understand web platform. Its contents are very broad, and of various genres, such as: comedy, action, suspense, family, romantic and other genres.

Currently, the Gnula platform is broken down into two main websites: www.gnula.com, to view videos directly, and gnula.li, to view videos on the platform and also to download torrents, as with VidCorn.

To enter the Gnula site, click on this link. We remind you that most of the contents of the platform are an infringement of the copyright of the films, therefore you agree at your own risk.



Another website that allows you to watch movies directly in your internet browser is Repelisplus. Unlike VidCorn and the EliteTorrent site, their main focus is not on downloading torrent resources.

Repelisplus is an easy-to-understand platform, being intuitive in its search bar, which helps you to have easy access and to locate your videos in a simple way.

Another advantage of the platform is in terms of the variety of its content. Repelisplus contains movies of all genres, for example: action, romantic, horror, action, children’s, among others.

In addition, Repelisplus has an app available for mobile phones with Android systems, which allows you to access the content from your device, for example cell phone or tablet.

If you want to enter the platform, or see alternatives to Repelisplus, for the vip version, or for the traditional version shown on the site.

Even though the platform has its application available on the Play Store, many of its contents are illegal and violate copyright. Entering Repelisplus you do so at your own risk and responsibility.



MejorTorrent being a highly popular platform, it has faced constant shutdowns of its servers for offering illegal content, the most notable being that of July 2018.

After that, it didn’t take long for MejorTorrent2 to emerge with similar names and characteristics: Their names are MejorTorrent1 and Mejortorrentt (with an extra “t”).

The operation of both sites is similar to that of the original MejorTorrent and VidCorn: Allow downloading of movies, series and premieres, in normal quality and in high definition HD.

One advantage of the site is that being highly popular, it has a highly active community, where there are many torrent seeds every day and with new content every day, with a total of 50 thousand torrents available on the platform.

Both the interface of MejorTorrent1 and MejorTorrentt is very simple to use, as well as the instructions for use and warnings, for example: it is expected that each of the downloads made on the site will be returned, as a collaboration whose registration has no cost .

Several of the contents of MejorTorrent1 and MejorTorrentt have been flagged as a copyright violation, therefore if you use any of these platforms, VidCorn, and any other similar platform, you do so at your own risk.

To access the site or see some Mejortorrent alternatives, or go to the MejorTorrentt site, click on the link shown, or for more information, click on the article.



The Cuevana site is a platform in Spanish, which allows you to watch online movies, documentaries, and other genres, as well as download torrents from multimedia resources, an alternative to VidCorn.

Cuevana emerged in 2009, with more than half a million users in less than 2 years of operation, however, the site has had to change domain due to legal problems faced by the platform in its existence.

Due to the copyright infringement that many of its contents have, several versions of Cuevana have emerged caused by frequent closures on its sites. However, in the year 2021, the Cuevana site is still active, but now in version 3.

As many of its contents violate copyrights, as happens with VidCorn, we cannot guarantee that the site will remain active in the coming months or years, however, it is currently an option that you can take, at your own risk.

The site is located at cuevana3.io and you can enter this link. It also has a registration section. We do not recommend entering the site, but you can access it at your own risk.

DivxTotal – Similar to VidCorn


When hearing about DivxTotal alternatives, many users link it directly to torrenting. It has a certain variety of content accessible to users for free.

DivxTotal is another site that has faced legal problems, and for this reason it has changed domain and servers several times, keeping its services free, at the cost of a lot of publicity.

As it is a popular site in Spanish, DivxTotal has been blocked on several occasions, the last of which was in February 2018, when the site was closed for the last time by justice, creating a barrier between users and the site.

Even though the use of DivxTotal is an illegal platform because many of the contents infringe the copyrights of the films. Similar to VidCorn, many people use it to search for free movies, for example HD series, premieres, and a wide variety of TV shows.

The recommendation and alternative for this type of non-recommended platforms is to look for legal platforms, such as Netflix, Clarovideo, HBO, Disney, TV Azteca, etc.

To access Divxtotal go to the website shown in this section. The site link is divxtotal.la, and you can open it at your own risk. For more information, as well as some alternatives, see the link above.



Another website that contains cinema films, classified by genre, film or actor is PepeCine. It differs from VidCorn in that its contents are streams to be shown online, with user registration prior to using the platform.

Some of the genres that exist within the site are: animation, adventure, science and fiction, comedy, crime, documentary, family, mystery, in addition to music, and other audiovisual forms.

As it consists of an online video site, PepeCine does not focus on downloading files, however, as with any torrent platform such as VidCorn, it is recommended to have your antivirus updated at all times.

The site continues to be active in 2021, whose site is at pepecine.com, however, as many of its contents infringe copyright, the platform may stop being active soon.

DonTorrent – Como VidCorn


As its name implies, DonTorrent is another alternative to VidCorn, which provides a platform without so many ads, which allows you to enjoy the diverse content that exists on the platform.

Its video content is varied: HD movies, documentaries, 4K movies, of various genres and classifications. As DonTorrent is a varied platform, its contents are not only limited to movies, it also contains music, friv 2019 and apps in torrent format.

An advantage of DonTorrent is to contain visibly less advertising. Which causes less interference and inconvenience to the users of the platform. In addition to providing a very clean interface.

Like other Dontorrent alternative platforms, the site continues to be active so far, but we do not know if it will continue to do so soon, as the platform infringes on copyrights in many of its published content.

As downloading torrents can be dangerous at the software level, to prevent a possible virus infection on your computer, you must keep your antivirus updated in the latest version, the use is due to the fact that the BitTorrent protocol does not verify that the files sent are free of viruses .

Access to DonTorrent is in this link. You can access the site at your own risk, as well as in the use of any of these free platforms.

TorrentZ * TorrentZ


TorrentZ (squared) is another platform to download movies via torrent. It is an updated version of the original TorrentZ (hence the term “quadratic”), as an alternative platform that contains documentaries, games, premieres, etc.

The original site was closed in 2016 due to serious copyright violations in many of its content, however the site retains its original interface, resulting in users migrating from one platform to another without further complication.

The TorrentZ2 site consists of a torrent transfer platform through P2P, that is, two users, a sender and a receiver, must be connected to perform the transfer using, like VidCorn, the BitTorrent protocol to perform the transfer.

Even though the site is active today (2021), the site could soon be blocked due to copyright infringement, the same risk that VidCorn and any platform that contains illegal material presents.

The contents of TorrentZ2 can be downloaded directly from its website here. The url is torrentz2.eu. Opening the site and using the platform is at your own risk.



Website: https://1337x.tw

The 1337x site is an old platform in the sense of torrent downloading, which has been operating since 2007. It is a platform that works very similar to VidCorn, for downloading content via torrent.

Its 1337x contents are extensive and diverse, for example: documentaries, HD movies, applications, games, among other multimedia materials, all downloadable through torrents.

Even though its popularity is high, with more than 3 million available resources, it is a platform that is not recommended, because it allows downloading materials with copyright infringements, however, you are responsible for using it.

The content division is based on genres, to be more intuitive to use, as well as containing a personalized search bar, for those who wish to carry out a more detailed search, or more personalized according to their interests.

When downloading any torrent, as we have explained in the previous platforms, they may have illegal content, therefore you have to exercise discretion and care before downloading any torrent to avoid violating copyright.

Still, torrenting is not a recommended activity, since in addition to the illegal part, the seedbeds may contain hidden viruses and malware, in such a way that the receiving users cannot see the content to be downloaded until it is already found. On your computer.

Even with the risks of using any platform, GranTorrent alternatives and others, access to the 1337x site is available on this site. You can enter the site at your own risk.

Other alternatives to VidCorn

download videos

Since VidCorn and other similar platforms, like the ones we show you in this article, contain illegal materials, as well as being subject to blocking, you can try any of the following legal alternatives to access videos:

  • YouTube: The platform where there are many ways to convert mp3 videos, being the most popular and known worldwide. It is a totally legal platform in the United States, Spain and other countries in the world. Even though the platform is completely legal, you must follow its terms of use to avoid incurring an infringement.
    • You cannot download YouTube videos, unless you are the author of the content you need to download, or the download is authorized by the author.
  • Netflix: It is a worldwide streaming platform, with many totally legal contents. Many users have a subscription to the platform, which is not free, but relatively cheap.
  • Clarovideo: Another platform included in the Telmex packages, with a significantly lower number of videos than Netflix, however the subscription is cheaper. Its premium content has an additional cost.
  • Vimeo: Alternative video platform, similar to YouTube, but lower in number of videos. Its contents are accessible for free, although uploading videos has a limit according to your plan.
  • Facebook Watch: Facebook’s video viewing platform. It contains many short videos, as well as other content that users of the platform upload, however the content contains a lot of advertising despite its popularity.
    • You cannot download videos from Facebook, unless you are the author of the video, or with the authorization of the author.

By using any of these platforms to download videos, you avoid using the BitTorrent protocol, as well as the use of other means such as VidCorn to download streaming videos.

When using legal platforms there are many benefits:

  • Potential malware download is avoided.
  • You prevent the spread of pirated material (piracy)
  • You use stable platforms, without risk of blocking or closing your subscriptions, accounts and thus continue enjoying your favorite movies.

Security Measures for VidCorn and Similar

The use of VidCorn, as well as any platform that uses the BitTorrent protocol, can bring potential security problems to your computer.

In Spain it is illegal to download torrents, since being P2P networks with contents that do not have the authorization of their owners, the shared contents are usually a violation, even when they are not saved on a server.

Providing a platform for torrenting, or using material that contains copyright violations, is a civil offense as it is carried out on a non-profit basis, however in some cases cases have been documented. criminal.

Regarding the security of these websites, downloading torrents from VidCorn, The Pirate Bay, and other similar platforms carries the inherent risk of downloading malware-infected material. This is because not all distributors are honest in only submitting requested material.

For this, it is recommended to keep your antivirus always up to date, use an operating system that does not get infected, or avoid downloading torrents permanently and not take the risk.

Torrent download process

In the case of VidCorn and other similar sites, the number of seeds means the number of torrents available for download.

Each seed is a user available to submit a video. Each video consists of a set of files embedded in a .torrent file. As the file is generally large, users must have enough bandwidth to have a successful download.

Each site has its own instructions for downloading, however security measures should always be taken, for example, there are some platforms that ask you to disable your antivirus or firewall to download, thereby putting your computer at risk. We do not recommend it, but there are sites that do not allow downloads without deactivating it.

Final Thoughts on VidCorn

Even though VidCorn is not the main activity, torrenting is an illegal activity in many countries. If you want to comply with the law, you should avoid doing this type of download. However, copyright applies in almost every country in the world, so this type of site is not recommended.

In terms of accessibility, some sites belong to the deep web, therefore their access is impossible without a proxy or VPN. Despite containing many illegal content, many of these sites are blocked for an indefinite period of time.

Regarding security, numerous cases of spyware, malware, adware and other types of malicious software have been reported by the use of sites like VidCorn. To avoid this, the only safe way is to use legal streaming platforms.

Recommended reading

As using platforms like the ones shown above is illegal in most countries for their content, we recommend you better watch movies on YouTube, or request a subscription movie provider.

Some known in Mexico are movies on VeTV, series on Izzi, television on Blue Telecomm, and other global ones are Netflix, HBO, or other similar providers

There are even streaming devices, linked to their websites, that allow you to have a pleasant experience.

If you want to know other alternatives to VidCorn, we invite you to know the Evaluations section of our site, in addition to finding different providers of these services, perhaps you could find a better alternative for your entertainment, legally and without blockages in the medium or long term .