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DivxTotal – 10+ Alternatives working in 2021


The objective of this article is to show you several functional alternatives to Divxtotal to download functional videos and movies in the year 2021, as well as to watch movies online.

Divxtotal was one of the most used services worldwide to download torrents on the Internet. Until various internet service providers vetoed them. Therefore it is a difficult to access site today.

It is very important to indicate that the torrent download services or online videos shown here contain material (videos, movies, games, etc.) that violate copyright, therefore avoid downloading torrents without criteria.

Before downloading any torrent, you should verify that the multimedia material is not copyrighted before viewing or downloading it, to avoid penalties.

At BitCuco we discourage the use of platforms such as Divxtotal or any site that contains illegal materials. Our objective is only to show the different alternatives for readers with criteria.


Divxtotal – Functional alternatives in 2021

To download movies, videos or watch them over the internet. There are several alternatives to download torrent that work in 2021 to watch videos. Here is a list of the options you have to watch videos online.


divxtotal alternative

Before mid-2018, Mejortorrent was one of the best Divxtotal alternatives for downloading movie torrents. Its operation is very simple: provide a platform to download movies, documentaries, games, series, pdf and other resources.

The site emerged as one of the most important for downloads and in a short time millions of users were using the platform similar, however it has faced several blocks, mainly due to copyright problems.

Mejortorrent2 is a popular site, however many users have complained about downloading viruses and malware, due to torrents sent by other users due to P2P networks. However, other users did not care, as long as they downloaded their favorite videos.

To access the Mejortorrent site, you can do so through the direct site link. The site is mejorrtorrentt.org. We do not recommend its use, since many of its contents violate copyright, however you can access it at your own risk.


divxtotal alternatives

Cuevana is a site for online movies, videos, documentaries and torrents of series, documentaries, among other multimedia resources, an alternative to Divxtotal. It arose in 2009, where in 2 years of operation it had more than half a million users a day.

However, Cuevana’s site has had to change domain due to legal problems the platform faces due to copyright infringement on many of its content. Currently there are 3 versions of Cuevana that have emerged as a result of the frequent closures of the sites.

In the year 2021, the Cuevana3 site is still active, with the possibility of downloading movies, videos, series and other materials despite the fact that many of its contents violate copyright, therefore it is possible that in the next few months or years, close the site again.

To enter the website, click on the url to enter, which is cuevana3.io. We do not recommend accessing the site, but you can access it at your own risk.



EliteTorrent is a free torrent video download website, as well as other multimedia resources. Similar to Divxtotal, the website contains many premium movies and content at no cost to users, providing P2P downloads via BitTorrent protocol.

The EliteTorrent site was blocked for the last time in early 2019 by ISPs in Spain due to the fact that several of its contents contain illegal material (protected by copyright). Still, the site was restored in 2020 with a new domain, keeping an interface similar to the original site and even with a Chrome extension.

Even with its similarities, its illegal content makes the platform susceptible to being blocked in the coming months. However, in 2021, the site is still active and many users use the site regularly.

As with all torrent download platforms, user precautions are often insufficient when downloading content from EliteTorrent.

When dealing with P2P transfers, in the EliteTorrent system, as well as in Divxtotal, it requires a user who transmits and another user who receives the content. However, not all users who transmit complete content, but can send viruses, spyware or other types of malware along with the main content of the video.

To enter the EliteTorrent site, click on this link. The url to enter is elitetorrent.biz, however making downloads on the site in many of its contents are illegal. Therefore you can enter the site at your own risk.



Another site that is growing is PepeCine. This website is a good alternative to Divxtotal, where you can watch movies online, without the need to download torrent that could download viruses or malware to your computer.

PepeCine is a free website, however it requires users to register before viewing any video on the site; This is one of the differences against similar platforms and therefore does not provide privacy in the registration of its users.

The copyright issue for many of your materials remains the same with PepeCine, Divxtotal, and other similar streaming platforms. The website does not have such rights to such content, and therefore it could be banned in the coming months by major ISPs.

To see videos on PepeCine, you can click on the following link. The website can be found at the following url: pepecine.com. The use of the platform requires judgment and is at your own risk.



IsoHunt is another popular site for downloading games, videos, music, and other audiovisual materials. Torrent downloads is the method used by this platform to obtain such resources.

When torrenting, the same precautions as Divxtotal should be followed. The downloads use the BitTorrent protocol, and therefore users require a latent P2P connection with the one provided by the downloadable torrent.

In the above scenario, users who provide torrents could deliberately send you viruses and malware that could infect your computer, therefore you are the only one who should take this risk when downloading torrents, regardless of whether it is IsoHunt or another platform.

For fifteen years IsoHunt has been in operation, although changing the domains due to the problems it has had with the copyright of many of its contents. Therefore we do not recommend the use of this or any other similar platform.

To access the IsoHunt site, click on the following link. The valid website for 2021 is isohunts.to. Like other torrent download platforms, we do not recommend its use, however you can enter the site at your own risk and responsibility.



Another platform option for downloading movies is YTS.ac. This platform contains audio files, videos, movies, series, in Span ish and subtitled, with original quality.

Being an intuitive platform, YTS behaves like Divxtotal: It allows you to download the materials according to their genre or through a personalized search, as well as the torrents you require, according to your preferences on your system.

The system contains a lot of advertising, however you can block it from your internet browser, and many users choose to use YTS as it is a free platform. However, many of its contents violate copyright.

To enter the YTS system, its website is YTC.ac. As well as other platforms with illegal content, we do not recommend their use, however you can access the site at your own risk and responsibility.



A site with several years in operation is 1337x. The 1337x site emerged in 2007 and is a platform that works like Divxtotal. A download platform for torrent files, offering content from documentaries, first-run movies, series, HD, music, software, games and other multimedia materials.

With more than 3 million materials, the 1337x interface is very simple to understand, and you can access its content through searches or access its content by genre. For torrent users, they will not find many problems accessing the content.

Torrent downloads, as we have explained in previous sections, may contain illegal content, so it is important to exercise judgment before downloading any torrent so as not to infringe copyrights. Torrents can also be accompanied by viruses, therefore it is a risk that torrent downloading entails.

Even with all these risks, access to the 1337x site is on this updated website. We do not recommend it, due to illegal content.



The TorrentHounds site has changed domains several times to stay afloat for torrenting. It also works the same as Divxtotal by providing different multimedia resources: videos, movies, TV series, documentaries, video games, software, premieres and various genres of movies available on the site.

Some ISP providers have blocked access to TorrentHounds servers, however it is possible to access from another IP address or VPN. However, most of its contents infringe the copyright or rights that the authors contain over their films. For this reason we do not recommend the use of these platforms.

The current server is on the torrenthounds.com site and you can access this link at your own discretion and responsibility. The platform is very similar when downloading P2P peer-to-peer multimedia resources.



Torrents.me works in a similar way to Divxtotal to download torrents, and its operation in the search section is similar to other torrent platforms such as The Pirate Bay, that is, it contains a torrent search engine.

Existing torrents are classified according to their genre as well as content. You can download music, movies of various genres, applications, premium games, among other premium multimedia media. Many of your materials infringe copyright laws, and therefore your website and domain change relatively frequently, while retaining their content.

We discourage the downloading of videos or other materials without criteria, therefore you must be careful with the desired materials, to avoid possible penalties. From a security point of view, many of the torrent peers send malware together with the desired video, therefore it is not recommended to use it on virus-prone operating systems such as Windows, as well as not having an updated antivirus installed.

Divxtotal is considered an alternative to the platform, due to the similarity that exists in the download of torrents, however, no service of this nature is safe, that is, no service to download content using the BitTorrent protocol is risk-free.

To access the torrents.me site, click here. The website is active in the year 2021, however it could change the trend in the coming months due to the blocks caused by transmitting illegal videos.



If you are looking for a platform to watch movies online, VerPelisOnline could be an option for you. Its contents consist of television series, documentaries, training films and other streaming media, with the advantage of viewing them directly on the website, instead of downloading a torrent.

The platform contains quite substantial materials, similar to Divxtotal. Where you can see current content and content from past years, as well as new releases directly in your browser without the need to download any kind and it is completely free.

Even with all the benefits that the VerPelisOnline platform has, the system contains several resources that are considered a violation of the copyright of the owners of the movies, therefore it is not morally advisable to use this and other free streaming platforms to protected or premium content.

To enter the verpelisonline.tv site, click on the following link. To access the site, we remind you only view content not protected by copyright, to combat piracy.

HDFull, con enalces a Divxtotal


A catalog of HD movies and constant updates we have on the HDFull website. Through this platform, users can search for their favorite movies from the DivxTotal and EliteTorrent platforms.

Its interface is very simple and contains moderate advertising, in addition the site contains an easy to understand menu. It is a good alternative for those people who want to watch a movie for free, but do not have enough experience in the world of computers.

Despite their benefits, several of the materials contained in the DivxTotal and EliteTorrent sites are copyrighted, therefore even when they are free to view on the platform, they are illegal and you should avoid viewing them to avoid contributing to the distribution of material. illegal, therefore you should only use the platform judiciously.

To access the HDFull website, click on this link. The website is hdfull.co. Remember not to see illegal or copyrighted content on the site, to avoid any possible sanction.

Pelisplus – Similar a Divxtotal


Another service similar to Divxtotal with a large amount of content, we have Pelisplus, where this site contains films of various classifications and genres, with a great variety for users who search for their content here.

The Pelisplus site is free, however, like any of the previous platforms, the site is illegal in many of its contents due to copyright infringements, which is the cause of blocks, even if the site is active by 2021.

These types of networks are banned in many countries and it is not recommended to access them, however if you wish to enter the site, you can do so at your own risk. The site is located at pelisplus.me and you can access it through this link.

Other alternatives to Divxtotal


If in Divxtotal and other similar platforms you cannot find the desired videos or movies, or perhaps you do not want to take the risks that exist for content protected with copyright, or you do not want to download torrents to avoid the possible download of viruses or malware, you could try try any of the following options.

  • YouTube video downloads: Even though converting mp3 is limited to video owners, the platform contains legal or copyright-free material.
    • The contents are open for the visualization of the users in an open or private way. You could try to download YouTube videos that you own or with the permission of the authors of the videos, without incurring any violation of the law.
  • Find a legal streaming service: There are many legal platforms to watch movies, series, premieres, games and other resources without copyright problems at a low monthly cost. Some of these platforms are: Netflix, Clarovideo, Izzi TV, VeTV streaming or another similar platform.
  • Videos in physical format: It is an option that used to be highly popular in the 2000’s and years ago, however with the advent of digital movie formats, users have stopped using this option to watch their movies. However, many of the current digital films were once in physical format within an establishment, such as Blockbuster or Videocentro.

Divxtotal security measures

Divxtotal downloads we have shown to be torrent downloads. Torrents are downloads between two peers or users connected point to point, where they use a data transfer protocol called BitTorrent.

However, the BitTorrent protocol allows the download of .torrent files, which in the end have a concentrate of files that a user sends from one user of the network to another, however, the protocol does not have any security level, opening the door of possible file submissions with malware inside a legitimate container.

If you wish not to take the risk of downloading possible malware onto your computer, you should try one of the following three options:

  • Keep your antivirus updated.
  • Use an operating system that resists virus attack, that is, avoid using Windows or another vulnerable operating system.
  • Avoid downloading torrents.

Download Torrents at Divxtotal

To download any torrent in Divxtotal, you need to make a P2P connection with another user, whose video is found as a .torrent that can be downloaded. To do this, you must maintain a latent connection, with sufficient bandwidth, to avoid interruption and cancellation of the download from its start to its end.

Once the resource is downloaded, we highly recommend analyzing the file obtained from these sites with an antivirus, to try to avoid a possible infection of your computer, or to take any of the measures mentioned in the previous section.

Last words

To download torrents, you can use platforms like Divxtotal, MejorTorrent or other platforms like the ones listed in this article. It is very important to take security measures to avoid any surprises.

Downloading torrents is a risky activity for computers and could infect your computer with spyware or malware, therefore you should take the necessary precautions when using torrent platforms.

In general, you should avoid downloading illegal or copyrighted materials from free platforms without the authorization of the author of the video, or by paying the usage fee that exists on paid streaming platforms.

This article contains some streaming devices to legally stream your content, and even watch movies online. Perhaps you could consider a subscription option to streaming platforms over your existing smart TV or television service and avoid buying a new device.

Some of the options are Netflix, Clarovideo, Disney, HBO, and other services and channels to hire, where most of these are paid subscriptions, however it is worth seeing their plans to access a large amount of content on each of your sites.