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GranTorrent – 10+ Alternatives That Work in 2021


The GranTorrent website is a popular website for downloading movies, videos, series and other audiovisual media mainly focused on entertainment.

Although there are many alternative websites for downloading videos, these sites are normally closed due to constant copyright infringement on many of their materials.

For this we show you a list of functional alternatives for the year 2022, which allow you to download in the form of torrents, live streaming, streaming, etc. However, we show it as an informative article and not as a recommendation.

GranTorrent – Functional Alternatives in 2021


Here is a list of alternatives to download movies, videos, documentaries, series and other resources.

The websites that we show below contain illegal materials, since many of their contents infringe copyrights and we do not recommend them, however you can access the sites at your own risk.

EliteTorrent – Similar to GranTorrent


One of the platforms that is currently considered a very popular alternative is the EliteTorrent website, with a very simple and light design, with a search bar.

This website has been widely used by those who want to download movies for free, where it has a wide variety of content to download in torrent format.

Despite the variety of its contents, many of its contents constitute a violation of copyright, therefore its use is not recommended, as well as the platforms listed in this publication.

However, you can access the site at your own risk. The current website is, functional in 2021. For more information, you can see the review of the link.



Zooqle is a similar website that allows you to download movies via torrent files. It is important to show the reader that torrent downloaded, Zooqle and other platforms could download viruses to your computer, and only you bear that risk.

The Zooqle platform contains a search engine that allows you to search for a specific movie, or you can search for it according to the existing seedbeds at the time to download.

Like GranTorrent, Zooqle contains many films that are copyright infringement, therefore it is likely that in the coming months or years they will close the platform, without a set deadline.

To enter the Zooqle website, go to the site. If you cannot access the site, it is likely that it has been blocked and you will have to find another alternative. Accessing the site is at your own risk.



The Gnula website is a platform to watch movies online in Spanish AND with subtitles, which also has the option to download them as it is done.

Gnula has several features, as well as an application developed for Android to make it easier for its users to use, with very varied content, for example comedy, action, suspense, horror, romantic and other genres.

The Gnula website is mainly broken down into two main websites:, for watching online videos, and, for watching online videos and also torrent downloads, such as GranTorrent.

To access the Gnula website, click on this link. We remind you that most of the content infringes the copyright of the films, therefore when entering, you access at your own risk.



Another torrent download website is at DonTorrent, it is an ad-free, invasive option for those who enjoy watching content without distractions.

With HD movies, HD series, documentaries, 4K movies, music, games, applications, among other types of torrent available for download, according to the availability of P2P users on the DonTorrent network.

Like GranTorrent and other torrenting platforms, the site is still active for now, but we do not know if they will block the platform in the near future due to copyright infringement of published content.

Additionally, you must take your measures to prevent a virus or malware infection on your computer, derived from the use of the BitTorrent protocol by malicious users. Keeping your antivirus updated to the latest version is a good measure.

To access DonTorrent, click on the link. You can access the site at your own risk, as well as for the use of any of these platforms.


A famous website that allows you to watch movies online is Repelisplus.

Its interface is simple and contains a search bar for easy navigation and to locate your favorite videos. Repelisplus contains a variety of genres in its films, for example: suspense, family, horror, action, among other genres.

Repelisplus also has an application available for Android devices, which allows you to view your content directly on your cell phone or tablet, if you need to enter its website.

To enter the website, click on the link to see about Repelisplus alternatives. If it doesn’t work, you can try the direct site. Although the platform even has an application on Google Play, many of its contents are illegal and infringe copyright.

Therefore, entering Repelisplus and other similar platforms, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.



Another version other than GranTorrent is Pel isPlus, with the same function of watching free movies, but with a different purpose, since its objective is to provide a platform for streaming HD movies online, and not for downloading torrents.

Currently the PelisPlus site in 2021 is active, however that does not guarantee that it will continue in the coming months, since like the previous platforms, several of its contents are illegal, therefore the authorities close this class of sites Web.

The PelisPlus site has featured several spin-off websites, a product of the split caused by the occasional shutdown of the platform. Currently there are the following fully functional domains: Website to watch HD movies in Spanish and with subtitles. Platform that provides movies and audio in FULL HD and other audiovisual media. Website similar to Pelisplus, but focused on streaming high-quality videos.

To access any of the websites described above, enter the desired domain in the navigation bar of your internet browser. Remember that accessing any of these websites is done at your own risk.



Being another online movie website, Pelis24 has emerged as another free GranTorrent alternative, where you can watch your videos without interruptions or interruptions.

The Pelis24 site has faced a surprising schism, to the extent that there are four main domains for use by users. The closure of these sites is usually caused by the copyright infringement of the published films.

The main Pelis24 websites that appear in search results are as follows: Pelis24 website that claims to be the official site. It allows you to watch free movies without cuts in HD, full movies, as well as premieres of various genres. Alternative to Pelis24 that contains premiere movies (cinema quality), as well as HD movies, audio, and other subtitled videos, without cuts. Allows you to download your videos directly to your Android, iOS or personal computer. Waters with viruses! Another alternative Pelis24 site in Spanish, Castilian and with subtitles. Your resources are hosted on multiple servers.

To access Pelis24, simply click here. You could also try entering the alternatives by typing the url in your navigation bar.

However, the sites contain illegal material, and therefore, you can enter at your own risk.



One of the most popular websites, but also fragmented due to closures, is BetterTorrent. The site allows downloading of free videos and movies through torrents.

Even with everything, BetterTorrent alternatives to the original have come out, which was closed by the cyber police a few years ago due to copyright infringement in many of its contents, however the site has emerged using new domains, among the most popular domains. Popular are the following:

  • BetterTorrentt: Website derived from the original BetterTorrent, you can say a clone, since its interface is the same. It allows you to download torrents using the BitTorrent protocol, for movies and series. His website is Alternativa del sitio web.
  • BetterTorrent1: Alternative to the BetterTorrent website. Website with the same interface as the original from 2018, as well as content, series, movies in torrent format. The site is better

Even with these alternatives, the BetterTorrent website is even more popular than GranTorrent. However, it is ambiguous, since these websites are occasionally closed, due to the fact that a large part of their contents violate the copyright of multimedia resources.

For more information on the site, as well as functional alternatives of BestTorrent effective in 2021, see this link.



If you are one of the connoisseurs of the world of streaming platforms, DivxTotal is a platform that you have surely heard. It was once a very famous platform, but with some differences.

The DivxTotal3 provides a streaming platform, to watch online videos of various genres. However, several of its contents are copyright infringements, therefore the site has been closed by the courts on at least one occasion.

To see more about DivxTotal alternatives, as well as other topics, click on the link article.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay, The Pirate Ship, or simply The Pirate Bay, is a popular alternative. The ship was afloat in 2003, as one of the oldest sites to download torrents of videos, music, etc.

The Pirate Bay has remained afloat despite multiple lawsuits for sharing a lot of copyrighted content, which is why they have shut down the site several times. However, the site has re-emerged each time.

Even with this, we cannot guarantee its operation in the coming days, months or years, since these platforms are closed due to the violation of copyright in many of their contents.

To access ThePirateBay site click here. Entering the site and making use of it is at your own risk.

Other alternatives to GranTorrent

There are other alternatives. The following alternatives are completely legal and you should have no problem using the following platforms:

  • YouTube: World’s most famous platform. Despite containing 100% free materials and without copyright restrictions, they do not contain much of the movies that exist on the other platforms.
  • Netflix: Subscription platform that allows you to access a large number of movies, series, family videos and premieres, with a wide variety of genres, as well as for different types of public.
  • Clarovideo: A cheaper platform than Netflix, therefore it also lacks many videos, although its contents are important, it belongs to Telmex.
  • TV Azteca: Free online television channel, which contains broadcast television channels from Mexico, some examples are Azteca 7 and channel 1.

The legal use of these platforms at this point consists of exclusively viewing them online. However, if you are the owner of the video, or with the explicit permission of the author, you could download videos using one to download youtube to mp3.

Safety measures when using GranTorrent

The use of this platform requires special attention, since the use of the BitTorrent protocol allows the senders of the seedbeds to send files, therefore some of the users in a malicious way could send viruses, malware or spyware.

To do this, before downloading any torrent from this platform and other similar websites, some basic security measures must be taken into account to avoid possible damage to your computer:

  • Avoid downloading torrents from untrusted sources.
  • Before starting and after torrenting, delete cookies.
  • If you are going to use Windows to do your downloads, always keep your antivirus updated, or use another operating system such as Linux.
  • If you don’t want to take chances, just don’t download torrents.

Use of platforms


Additionally, platforms such as GranTorrent, PelisPlus, The Pirate Bay, and others similar, are illegal because many of their content violate copyright, therefore their use is not recommended.

If you use these platforms, you use them at your own discretion and responsibility, since it is very difficult to distinguish between a product protected with copyright, from one that is not. That is why these platforms have frequent problems with the law.

If you do not want to take any risk, use only legal platforms, there are both free: for example YouTube, or through subscription: HBO, Disney, El Canal de las Estrellas and other streaming platforms with paid content.