May 19, 2024


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Kizi Games – Play Online FREE with Links


Always bored of playing the same games? We present you Kizi Games, a new platform to play free online games. Have fun with these games in many categories suitable for both children and adults. Here we show you a list of Kizi Games for you to have a good time.

The Kizi games shown here are the property of and the ones listed here do not require Flash to function, however there are others on the site that do.

Popular Kizi Games

Being an online platform, kizi games allow you to have a pleasant time from your browser, and best of all, they are free. Here are some of the most popular kizi games of the moment:

Klondike – Kizi Games

Do you want to live an adventure in the pure ranch style? With kizi games you can do it! Collect a lot of gold in Klondike and do all the tasks of your farm to make it grow. In this region of Canada, which by the way is very cold, you must feed your chickens, find great treasures and face great challenges. an action-packed life. Game for over 16 years. Play by clicking on the image.

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Mine Clone – Kizi Games

This game is a favorite in Kizi Games. Welcome to the world of Mine Clone! The Minecraft clone that will allow you to live your adventures in this new 3D world. Placing blocks and building, defeating enemies, and building your empire is your goal. Highly recommended game. To play it click on the image below.

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Helix Jump Advanced – Kizi Games

The classic game of the falling ball. Move the propeller with the keyboard keys while the ball falls until reaching the end. Can you get to the end without touching other colors? Recommended and with many levels. Have fun with this great of kizi games in the image


kizi games 2 – Kizi Games

Meet the classic kizi games: 2. Destroy your enemies by expanding your territory and controlling the territories of your rivals, be careful with your movements, since your worm is very sensitive and could crash with your enemies or with your own path. Try the multiplayer mode and challenge your friends in this fabulous adventure. To start, click at the image.

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Pac Xon – Kizi Games

The classic Pacman game has evolved! Now your mission is to lock up the ghosts by cutting off their path and eating the fruits that appears on your path. How many levels you can win? This is one of the best kizi games and is recommended for fans of Pacman and other classic games. As you complete levels, you will be able to access better prizes, if you don’t believe that, Play it.

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Knife Spin – Kizi Games

This is an addictive option of kizi games: Many knives on a rotating table. Break the wooden board by throwing your knives at the table. Break all the tables and avoid failing to throw your knives or you will lose the game. You only have three knives.

The board rolls infinitely, however I don’t think you want to spend the whole day here while you can try playing more kizi games. So have good aim and hit the table. To play, click on the image.

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Trollface Quest Horror 2

This is a horror and mystery game with Trolls. You will have to solve the riddles and scare or defeat your source of fear. Can you solve all the puzzles or be stumped by kizi horror games like this one? If you are brave and want to face your fears, start solving the riddles of the game, if you are that kind of person, we highly recommend this game. Boooooo


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Dynamons World

We present to you a new world of monsters, inspired by Pokémon. A new world full of magical creatures perfect for the collection of kizi games; creatures to which you will have to train so that their powers and abilities increase. By training your Dynamons, they level up, and by taking on your enemies, you become a great Dynamons master.

You can also capture your Dynamons to train them and make them level up, only instead of pokéballs you use floppy disks to store their data. Try it out and win all the items you find along the way, as well as your medals.

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3 Pandas

This is one of my favorite kizi games. Your 3 pandas that have been kidnapped by pirates on a distant island, and you must give them back their home. You will have to keep them coordinated to overcome each challenge that appears to take them back to their home: an island full of bamboo.

Can you make them overcome all the challenges that come their way? Can they beat the pirates who kidnapped them and the cannibals on their island? Will they come out unscathed? And other questions that you can answer once you are encouraged to play it.

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Connect Dots

Connect Dots is another of the mental kizi games and suitable for all ages. This game consists of connecting all the points to form a figure on the board. The goal is simple: connect all the dots on the board without lifting the pencil on the paper (or the mouse on the board). If you manage to connect all the dots without making any jumps, you go to the next level.

Can you connect all the dots in the figure without losing the sequence? Try it and show us a screenshot in the comments of your trajectories when solving these puzzles. Recommended for the whole family.

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Other recommended Kizi games

You will be able to directly enter the Kizi games platform and try the different options of kizi games available. There are over 100 games (and even many more) available, all of which are worth playing.

Kizi Games? More games on

Are you bored this quarantine? We recommend you play for free on Friv. Friv is a platform for free online games, where you will find the best free games. As well as the Kizi Games, we recommend you play on this site and enjoy countless hours of fun. In addition, there are games without Flash, which you can play even after users fret with questions like “When will Flash stop working?”


Kizi Games Safety Recommendations

When playing on, advertising can be a hassle, however, when kizi games are considered to be a free platform, advertising becomes a second term, so enjoy the platform and have fun.

However the safety factor if it is convenient to give attention. Always try to delete cookies from your browser before and after using kizi games, as well as taking basic measures like any other website, especially those that are http (and not https).

Also never enter personal information on the site, such as your name, surname, email address, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. If you receive an email from kizi games requesting that information, it may be a hacker, so you must delete that email immediately.

Kizi Games is a games platform and does not request personal information, and being free does not request money. Advertising (ads) is a third-party service and could contain some type of adware, so always try to eliminate cookies from the site always and should keep your antivirus updated.

Learn Games Development

Game development is a software industry that never expires. Every year several thousand games are developed in large technology companies and these developments are common on platforms such as Github, and it is even taught in universities.

Regardless of your knowledge, if you want to learn how to develop games (like kizi games), we invite you to take a look at the following game codes, totally free of charge and open source (Open Source).

Duck Hunt: A clone of the classic Nintendo game. Free to play.

Piano Tiles: Classic piano game. Press the key sequence as they fall from the screen, before it’s too late.

Goku game: Goku and Cell fight a battle in the world of Dragon Ball Z. Who will win?

Spider Solitaire: Play Spider Solitaire Card Games Online Free. Enjoy!