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PepeCine – Alternatives that work in 2021

pepecine alternatives

PepeCine is a website that has proven to be trusted by users who want to watch movies online. Totally in Spanish allows users to access a large number of videos of various genres on a single website.

On some occasions the Pepecine site has been blocked due to the continuous infringement of copyright in many of its contents, therefore users look for alternatives that allow them to access a greater number of videos despite the site closures.

In this article we show you some alternatives to watch movies online, which in 2021 work, both directly, and through proxies or VPNs such as 192.168.o.1 or 192.168.l.254.

However, despite the availability of content and being free, many of the services indicated here, as well as their content, contain copyright violations, therefore they fall into the category of illegal activities.

It is important to show the reader that we do not recommend the use of Pepecine, or any of these services, however users are free to use these platforms, as long as they have criteria and under their own responsibility.

Since we do not recommend the use of these platforms, the contents shown here are merely informative: List some alternatives that exist in the internet world.


Pepecine – Functional alternatives in 2021

Pepecine is a platform to watch movies online, however even when its focus is not downloading movies, there are several alternatives that allow you to access the content, which we show below:



Website: efilm.online

eFilm is an alternative to Pepecine with availability in Spain, since according to the site it is a legal and free platform that falls into the category of streaming audiovisual loans.

Users can enter the site and its contents with only the requirement of having their public library card, where they will be able to access files of contents, among which there are movies, series, shorts, etc. legally and free of charge.

As a good alternative, it has a minimum loan period of 48 hours, as well as films in original edition, subtitled or dubbed in Spanish. By using your card, you can access several simultaneous loans, as well as access to playlists and personalized searches.

Custom searches can be done by director, actor, movie title, or across genres (as in Pepecine). Where you can see premieres, classics, fiction, drama, tutorials and other Spanish films.

According to the site, the availability of its contents is available for the following regions:

  • Catalunya, Torrelodones, Guadalajara, Murcia, Madrid, Canarias, Navarra, Castilla y León, Barcelona, Salamanca, and other regions of Spain that can be clearly seen on their website.

The url of the official site is at efilm.online. Although the eFilm site is shown as a legal platform according to its site, we have no evidence that it is so in whole or in part, therefore we cannot recommend it.



Website: seriez.co

SerieZ is a website comparable to Pepecine in terms of online access to the site’s videos. However, the amount of its contents is significantly lower, especially in the part of the films.

Being a site with little publicity, SerieZ gives you the option of accessing a great variety in terms of small screen content, that is, television programs, series, documentaries, and all the videos that have seasons.

Even with all the benefits that the platform presents, its use is not recommended, since several of its contents infringe the copyright of the films, however, you are responsible for accessing and using the SerieZ site, just like others similar platforms.



Website: www.mejortorrento.net

Mejortorrent used to be one of the best Pepecine alternatives to access movie downloads. Through BestTorrent2, the site provides a favorite way for users to access the content of the site, a platform for downloading videos of various genres, as well as series, premieres, games, books and other torrents.

This site emerged as one of the most important due to the download of torrents and in a short time the main site had several million users who used the platform.

The main site has had several schisms, due to the fact that several of the contents infringe the copyrights of the films and other resources. However, despite blockades in several countries, there are at least two Mejortorrent sites that remain active in 2021: Mejortorrentt and Mejortorrent1.

Both Mejortorrent and Mejortorrent1 have an interface similar to the original platform, which allows a practically transparent migration for users, except for the domain name.

Even with everything, this class of sites can download viruses to your computer, derived from the BitTorrent protocol, therefore users who use the platform normally take their precautions, in order to avoid infection of their computers.

Access to the MejorTorrent1 site, you can do it through www.mejortorrento.net. We do not recommend its use, since many of its contents infringe copyright, however you can access the site at your own risk.



Website: www.megadede.la

Last days of Megadede! This was announced by the platform on September 16, 2020. So if you are lucky, you could still access its contents for a few more days.

In what are pears or apples, Megadede is a platform with great similarity to Pepecine. Its similarity is due to the fact that it is a platform that allows you (or allowed, if when you read this option you no longer have access), watch movies online by going through a short registration form.

Registration in Megadede does not provide the necessary privacy, since being an ephemeral site, this type of platform usually has a short life span, mainly caused by blocks from sharing content that violate the copyright of the owners. or creators of the videos.

Even when it is a free online streaming site, we do not recommend it, like Pepecine and other similar platforms, due to copyright infringement, however you can access the site at your own risk. The website is www.megadede.la.



Website: isohunts.to

IsoHunt varies in targets to Pepecine. While this site focuses on watching online videos, IsoHunt is a site focused on downloading torrents to obtain various resources, not only movies and other audiovisuals, but also books, games, applications, among other torrent.

According to Wikipedia, IsoHunt contains more than 1.4 million torrents available in its database, as well as more than 16 million pairs for downloads on the site.

The original site isohunt.com had legal problems, for this reason after an agreement of 110 million the original site was closed. However, the site has resurfaced several times with different domains, where for now the current domain is isohunts.to.

The closure of this type of sites is due to the violation of copyright of the film producers, therefore we do not guarantee that the IsoHunt, Pepecine and other similar sites will continue to function in the coming months or years, at least with the domain current they have.

Downloading torrents is a risky activity, numerous cases of computer infections with malware derived from torrent downloading have been documented. The preventions carried out by each user are based on a good antivirus or an immune operating system.

To access IsoHunt, click on isohunts.to. Like other torrent download platforms, we do not recommend its use, however you can enter the site at your own risk.



Website: torrents.me

We have another alternatives with Torrents.me, with the additional advantage of allowing you to download torrents of the movies. The operation is very intuitive, since it allows you to search for torrents through its own search engine.

The torrent of Torrents.me contain a lot of variety, similar to that of Pepecine, for example there are films of various genres and qualities, music lists, various applications (for example games and other software), television series, etc.

As many of its materials infringe copyright laws, the site is constantly blocked and its domain changes, usually keeping its interface and content for ease of users when migrating from platform.

As many of its contents are illegal, like those on Pepecine and other free platforms, it is not recommended to download materials without criteria, since they could infringe the copyrights of the films.

Even without recommending it, you could access the torrents.me site by clicking here. The website is active in the year 2021, however the condition could change soon due to constant blocks.

Note: There are security flaws in Torrents.me, many of the torrent hotbeds contain malware hidden in the .torrent files that come with the video, therefore it is not recommended to use it on operating systems weak for viruses.

Cuevana – Similar a Pepecine


Website: cuevana3.io

Cuevana could not be missing from the list. It is an online movie site quite similar to different interface. The contents of the site consist of videos, documentaries, comedies, premieres, TV shows, among other resources.

Cuevana was born in 2009, as an online streaming alternative, and is a direct influence for the Pepecine site and others, which from the beginning was highly popular, reaching more than half a million active users in 2 years.

The original Cuevana site has changed domain on several occasions, where each time it has been closed the version has been modified, to be displayed as well as a different website, but the interface is very similar, since it is only It is a new version of the product.

The domain changes are mainly due to the legal problems the site faces for violating copyrights in many of its videos. Reason why we do not recommend the platform and it could be closed in the next days, months or years.

Currently the current site in 2021 is Cuevana3. This site is an alternative to Pepecine with varied and similar content, but not the same in many cases. Since it does not focus on torrenting, the risk is lower, but not zero.

To enter the Cuevana3 site, click on the link. The url to enter is cuevana3.io. We do not recommend accessing the site, but you can access it at your own risk.



Website: www.elitetorrent.fm

EliteTorrent is a website similar in logic to Pepecine in providing videos for free, however its approach is totally different. Rather than relying on online movie viewing, the site focuses on P2P video downloads using the well-known BitTorrent protocol.

Although the EliteTorrent site has survived several crashes, its content source contains many materials that violate copyrights. Derived from the above, the site closures are latent, the last site closure being in 2009.

The site has emerged on numerous occasions, so much so that in 2021 the EliteTorrent site continues to be active, although with a different domain, where it retains the same interface, and containing improvements, for example, extensions for the browser.

EliteTorrent downloads can be risky for the computer, since they can have hidden malware, adware, spyware, and even some ransomware, for this the users do not realize the content sent in the seedbed, until it arrives to infect your computer. The same risk occurs for all torrent, even downloading legal content.

To enter the EliteTorrent site, click on www.elitetorrent.fm. The link to access in 2021 is elitetorrent.biz. You access this site, Pepecine, Cuevana and any similar platform at your own risk.


Website: vidcorn.me

The VidCorn corn video site is a popular alternative that has survived numerous crashes, and continues to overcome its own hurdles, at least for now.

Within the website we can find a catalog of numerous contents that exist in film and television for free, for example series that exist on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or another video streaming platform.

VidCorn does not require a subscription to allow you to download its contents, unlike Pepecine that does require registration, but not to download, but to view its contents online.

The VidCorn site definitely contains various titles that violate copyright laws, therefore it is not recommended to use it. Additionally, there is a high risk of downloading malicious software onto your computer when using these platforms to download torrents.

Torrents are .torrent files that many times could hide a virus that could infect your computer, therefore it is another inherent risk of torrent download platforms, however the risk is lower on platforms to watch online videos.

In terms of continuity, we cannot give a deadline that the VidCorn website will be kept online. Normally these websites block them due to copyright infringement, but as of 2021, the website is still active.

To enter the Vidcorn website, go to vidcorn.me.



Website: www.ojomovies.com

The Ojomovies site is similar to Pepecine in the way of watching videos (online under registration), although the navigation is still very simple.

With a moderate amount of content, the platform has been active since 2017, dividing its content by categories and subcategories. As well as maintaining bar searches and a list of users.

Although the Ojomovies site is visibly less popular than other similar websites, the community continues to grow, so much so that the number of followers on Twitter and Facebook has surpassed 2.3 thousand fans.

It also contains a menu option for recommendations, for users who do not know exactly what content is appropriate for them to see. This option is different in name from other similar sites, implying as featured (or featured).

As with Pepecine, Ojomovies contains several films that infringe copyrights, therefore the site is not guaranteed to work in the short, medium or long term, although at present, in 2021, the website is still active.

To watch movies on the Ojomovies site, just enter this option. The site is www.ojomovies.com. Accessing the site is at your own risk.



Website: yts.mx

If you are looking for other alternative options, YTS may be another viable option for you. On this site you will find audio resources, original quality videos, movies, series, in Spanish and dubbed.

The site is a fairly easy platform to use, YTS behaves a little differently than Pepecine, since it allows you to download the videos through torrents, where it is easy to locate them based on their gender or through a search.

YTS contains a lot of advertising, but many users are not so bothered by that, since it is a free platform, or they block popups by their internet browser. It is also a platform that violates the copyright of many movies, therefore it is not legal.

To access YTS, click here. The website in 2021 is YTC.ac. As well as other illegal platforms, we do not recommend their use, however you can access the site at your own risk.


Website: www.1337x.tw

Another website focused on torrenting is 1337x. The site already has some years, since 2007, in providing a torrent download platform.

With the 1337x platform, users access a variety of content, from documentaries, premiere films, television series, music, applications, friv 2020 and other materials.

With more than 3 million materials, 1337x is very simple to use, and users access its content via search or through genre ratings. For Pepecine users, they won’t find much difficulty.

1337x torrent downloads could contain illegal content that infringes the protection of copyright rights in several of their content, so we do not recommend it. In terms of security there are also risks or viruses, therefore it is a risk that you can infect your computer.

Access to the 1337x site is located on this updated website. We do not recommend it, but you can access at your own risk.

HDFull, with links to Pepecine


Website: hdfull.so

If you are looking for HD movies with constant updates, you can access the HDFull website. Through this platform, users can search for their favorite movies from the Pepecine, Vidcorn platforms, among others.

Its interface is simple, with moderate ads and a simple menu to display. It is an alternative like EliteTorrent for people new to computing, but who want to watch a movie for free.

Several of the materials contained in the HDFull site have been shown, with copyright infringement, therefore they are illegal and are not recommended, which is why these types of sites are blocked with relative frequency.

To access HDFull, click on this link. Access is at your own risk.

Other alternatives to Pepecine


As Pepecine and other alternative sites do not contain all the desired videos, or if you do not want to take the risks due to mistakes made by copyright violation, or if you do not want to download torrents to avoid the possible download of Trojans, you definitely need a legal platform.

Some of the legal platforms to download or watch videos are the following:

  • YouTube Videos: With YouTube, it is possible to view and convert mp4 videos, it allows you to view legal or copyright-free material. Being open for most of its videos, you can watch videos of various types, even tutorials and those that do not belong to a streaming service.
  • Netflix: Most popular video streaming service worldwide. Its contents are available in practically any country in the world and in many languages. A subscription is required to access their services.
  • Other Alternatives: There are many open television platforms and channels to watch movies, series and other media without the risk of falling into illegality. They are usually paid platforms, although there are some that are free. Some of these platforms are: HBO, Disney, Fox Sport, Clarovideo, Amazon Prime, Izzi TV, VeTV streaming, etc.

Security measures Pepecine

Like any registered online site, Pepecine requires user input to access its content, where it uses the http protocol to maintain an encrypted connection.

Even when there is a secure connection, the client must be kept in a safe environment to avoid the theft of your password and especially the infection of your computer by indirect means. Fortunately, this site does not focus on torrenting, which reduces the risk of infection on your computer.

There are some basic tips to avoid infecting your computer:

  • Keep your antivirus updated.
  • Avoid repeating your password from any other website on Pepecine, including your personal email.
  • If you go to a public website, avoid using the password manager and delete cookies before and after each session.

Video downloads in Pepecine

As Pepecine does not focus on torrenting, you should look for an alternative that provides you with the option for downloads.

There are some methods to download movies, but unless the site provides you with the video as a single resource, it will not be possible (for example, videos sectioned with advertising, among other similar options).


If you want to download torrents, you can use platforms like Divxtotal or MejorTorrent. While this site and other options allow you to watch movies online, without even sponsoring downloads.

Downloading torrents is a risky activity for computers and could fill your computer with spyware or malware, however Pepecine does not have this problem. Still you must access from a secure environment due to the password.

It is not advisable to use these platforms, since they contain illegal or copyrighted materials without authorization, which in this case could face blockages, as well as we discourage the use of these platforms, unless they are legal and have the appropriate authorization.

Many of the legal platforms are paid, however some contain free content, that depends on several factors, such as the age of the film or protection of the author.

If you want to know some legal alternatives, we recommend the following contents to watch your favorite movies, as well as some other alternatives, including your Smart TV.