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CineTux – Alternatives That Work in 2021


CineTux is a very popular website to watch movies online for free. However a few months ago it faced a shutdown and had to change its domain. The purpose of this article is to show you some alternatives that will work in 2021.

Although the site has changed domain on numerous occasions, at this time, in the year 2021, the domain is functional.

However, because the site has faced some blockages over time, due to copyright infringement for several of its contents, we show you some functional alternatives to watch movies online at no cost.

Among the alternatives that we show below, some of them require a proxy or VPN to work, it all depends on where you are. For example, some Cinetux alternatives might be blocked for Spain, but not for Mexico.

Even if the site enjoys high popularity, the site could be closed on its current domain, or blocked for certain countries. This is impossible to determine, and it all depends on the complaints of copyright infringement.

Due to the illegality of their contents, we do not recommend the use of these platforms, however users are free to access Cinetux and other similar platforms at their own risk and responsibility.

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CineTux – Functional alternatives in 2021

As Cinetux is a platform to watch free movies online, its contents are available as long as there are no blocks. If there are crashes, some users consider the following options for watching movies:

Note: We do not recommend the use of similar platforms because it contains films that violate copyright, so the information below is purely informative.



eFilm seems to be the only legal alternative to those shown below from Cinetux, with the drawback of its limited availability, since the service is only available in some regions of Spain.

However, the eFilm platform is quite useful, since it allows you to access many movies for free with the only requirement of having your active public library card to be able to access the site and its contents.

Some of the existing titles are available on the eFilm platform under a form of access via loan. In this way you can access many movies, television series, Pixar shorts, among other resources on a legal platform according to the site.

The loans in eFilm have a duration of 48 hours, enough time to enjoy the audiovisual content that you request on loan. So also with access to the search bar and playlists of your favorite videos.

You can see the searches by genres, with contents similar to Cinetux: premieres, comedy, cooking, children’s, action, suspense, old-fashioned films, among other genres, as well as by author.

The contents of the eFilm site are divided by availability, for users in the following regions and municipalities:

Catalunya, Torrelodones, Guadalajara, Murcia, Madrid, Canary Islands, Navarra, Castilla y León, Barcelona, Salamanca, among other city councils in Spain.

Access to the eFilm website can be found at this link. The url of the official website is Despite the legality shown on the eFilm site, we have no evidence of the legality of its contents totally or partially, therefore we cannot recommend it.

Divxtotal has been a favorite option for many users, including those of Cinetux. Its functional website in 2021 is, this url being the last one that exists and that has not been blocked by law.

The DivxTotal site allows the downloading of movies in torrent format, where through the BitTorrent protocol, users can transmit to each other the resources that exist on the platform. Each resource is sent through a seedbed that contains users connected in a P2P network.

Although many of the contents of DivxTotal present violations of copyright, the site has emerged several times with different domains, with the aim of overcoming each block that has been presented, however, that does not mean it stops being illegal in many of its contents.

The DivxTotal platform contains videos of various genres and categories, such as documentaries, series, humorous, reality TV, big screen and other genres that allow to have variety for those who are passionate about watching movies, wide variety such as Cinetux.

Despite the advantages that some users find, the DivxTotal site can have severe security problems for your computer, since torrenting can bring viruses or malware with it and infect your computer.

To access the download site, click on this link. Access to this site is at your own risk.



TorrentZ ^ 2 (TorrentZ squared) is another alternative platform to Cinetux to download movies through torrents. It is a new version of TorrentZ, which works as a platform to download different multimedia resources, such as: games, premieres, etc.

Although TorrentZ was permanently closed in 2016 due to serious copyright violations, the new site emerged as a replacement for the original server, allowing easy migration of platform users.

The TorrentZ2 site consists of a platform for torrent transfer between pairs of users, a sender and receiver, which must be connected during the period in which the torrent is downloaded. The resource is acquired with the same protocol.

In the year 2021 the site continues to be active, although it is not known for how long, since this type of platform is continuously blocked for copyright infringements, therefore we do not recommend the use of TorrentZ2, or Cinetux, nor from any other similar platform.

The contents on TorrentZ2 are easily downloadable from the website shown here. The current url is Accessing the site and using the platform is at your own risk.

Note: Viruses and malware are a latent risk when torrenting.



Gnula is a set of platforms similar in content to this site, however depending on the platform, it is possible to access various content, both online and downloaded through torrents, resources entirely in Spanish.

Each of the Gnula sites contain various content, such as Cinetux, both movies, series, prerecorded newscasts, action movies, children, romantic movies, among other genres. In addition to allowing platform users access for free, and in some cases, without registration.

Some of the busiest sites on the Gnula platforms are the following:

  • Platform that is shown as an updated version of Gnula, however it is another site that has emerged as a result of blocks for copyright infringement.
  • Blog Gnula to watch movies online, as well as movie premieres, is in second position in the search engine at the time of writing the note.
  • A third site for Gnula, movies in Latin Spanish and subtitled, is said to be a site without intrusive advertising.
  • Android application to download Gnula movies.

Even with this variety of Gnula sites, it is not known for sure how long each of these platforms will last. In the fall of 2020 they are in force, however it is not known if they will close or block any of them in the coming days, months or years for the cause of sharing content that infringes copyright.

To enter any of the Gnula sites, enter the desired url that we specified among the previous options. We do not recommend the use of any of these platforms, or Cinetux. Accessing the site is at your own risk.



The SerieZ website is similar in video resources. However, the site still lacks a lot of movie film content.

The SerieZ site is focused on video resources with continuation, for example: television series, films with several episodes, documentaries, soap operas, among others. In this type of multimedia media there is a greater diversity of content on the site.

The site has a lower amount of content compared to other sites such as Cinetux, however, users can access the content for free.

Although the site is still valid in 2021, it is not guaranteed that it will continue in force in the coming months or years, since due to copyright infringement in many of its content, the site has become a platform with illegal content , susceptible to being blocked by law, as well an other similar platforms.

To access the website, click on this link. Accessing the site and making use of its contents is at your own risk.

VidCorn – Similar to Cinetux

The VidCorn alternatives site is another option to Cinetux that has faced some crashes due to copyright infringement, however the website is still active in 2021, although with a different domain than the original.

Within VidCorn there are various movie content in an accessible way divided by catalogs. Each catalog contains different categories, in which users can search for their favorite movies, mainly from cinema and television.

The VidCorn site does not require mandatory registration to provide the download of its multimedia content, where each content can be viewed online, or downloaded through torrent format.

In terms of security, VidCorn contains several movies that violate copyright, therefore the site is illegal. There is also the risk of downloading files hidden in the torrent that can be harmful to your computer.

In terms of availability, there is no defined term that the VidCorn site will be active, like CineTux, these platforms tend to be blocked frequently, due to the illegal content displayed on these sites, and we do not recommend them.

The url of the Vidcorn website is divided into two: and, you can access the site at this link. The entry and use of this platform is at your own risk.


Mejortorrent is an acceptable alternative to download movies online. The Mejortorrent2 site allows users to compare the videos that exist in the catalog.

Mejortorrent sites are a set of platforms that, like Cinetux, allow users to access a varied amount of content, a platform that allows the downloading of movies of various genres, for example, comedy, family, children, horror, old movies , etc. Also series, premieres, games and even books in torrent format.

This set of Mejortorrent platforms is mainly based on two platforms:

  • Mejortorrentt (with double t): Main platform, active in 2021, to download torrent files, both movies, series, premieres, among other resources.
  • Mejortorrent1: An alternative platform for Mejortorrent, where it also contains the same content as the original site, as well as the site with a double “t”.

The Mejortorrent site has emerged since the launch of the original platform as a widely used site for downloading torrents and in a short time the original site managed to obtain several million users who used the platform frequently.

Unlike CineTux, Mejortorrent has faced numerous crashes, derived from copyright infringement. Main cause of the closure of their platforms. However, the site is still illegal, only that it has changed domains.


Both sites, Mejortorrentt and Mejortorrent1, are active in 2021, however that status cannot be guaranteed in the short or medium term, a condition that could be reversed with blockades for some countries, or definitive closures of the sites.

Additionally, these sites can download viruses to your computer due to the torrents that are downloaded. Users who use the platform must take their precautions in order to avoid infecting their computers.

Access to the MejorTorrentt site, you can do it through the link shown at the beginning of the section. The url of the site is located at We do not recommend its use, however you can enter the site at your own risk.



YTS is another Cinetux alternative. In addition, YTS is another site, perhaps less known, however it is active, constantly updated and free. In this site you will find multimedia resources, movies, series, premieres, and other videos in Spanish and with subtitles.

This platform is very easy to use, because YTS allows you to download movies through torrent files. Such files are easy to search thanks to the existing bar on the site, or you can find some recommendations from the site in each of the available genres.

A disadvantage of the YTS site is that it contains a lot of advertising, however it is possible to block advertising from the browser options. Also many of the contents of the platform violate copyright, therefore that makes it an illegal platform.

The website is active in the fall of 2021 within this link. As with CineTux and other platforms with illegal content, we do not recommend their use, you can still enter the site at your own risk.

Ojomovies – Similar a CineTux


Ojomovies is another platform, within which you can watch videos online, by registering in a very simple and fast way, with just your email.

Navigation is very simple, however it still lacks some important content, as the site is younger. The platform is displayed by genres and sub-genres to maintain a simple way of access to content by users.

Even though the Ojomovies site is less popular than CineTux, there are many new fans who are adopting this site to access its content. To give an example, the number of followers on Facebook of Ojomovies is around 2300.

It also contains an option to show the most recent updates, as well as content recommendations for most users. Some of the content is more popular, and is displayed from the homepage, however updates are frequent and could disappear in a matter of hours.

As in Cinetux, Ojomovies has shown to have several titles that violate the copyright of the films, therefore the site could stop working within an uncertain time, this due to this kind of content presented.


We have another alternative in, another site for downloading resources via torrent. As in The Pirate Bay, with you can search for movies using a very intuitive bar.

The torrent that exist in are of a great variety, similar to that of CineTux, since they exist of several genres, as well as other types of resources, for example, music, applications, games, TV series, among other torrents within their seedbeds.

As some of its contents are a violation of the copyright of the authors, the site could be blocked and they would then change domain, normally preserving the interface to preserve their users and the server migration preserves the contents.

Even without recommending it, you could access the site of this platform located at from here. The website is active in the year 2021, however it could be blocked without giving an estimate in time.

Infected computers derived from torrent downloads on platforms such as have been reported, since some torrent hotbeds contain viruses hidden in the .torrent files that include the video, therefore it is not recommended to use it in traditional operating systems such as Windows.

Other alternatives to CineTux


Because CineTux and other alternatives sometimes do not contain the desired videos, or if you do not want to take risks associated with copyright infringement, or downloading harmful software, you could access any of the following options to download or watch videos legally.

Some of these alternative legal platforms to download or watch movies are the following:

  • YouTube: Second place on Alexa. It is a highly popular platform that allows you to view legal and non-copyrighted material. The platform is open and will continue to be, providing access to most videos publicly. It is a free platform, and some users even use it to monetize their videos by making them viral.
  • Netflix: Highly popular and world famous movie platform. Its contents are extensive and can be enjoyed without blocking by the whole family. Your subscriptions are based on the number of devices connected to the available service, which is usually Smart TV.
  • Other Alternatives: There are other additional platforms, as well as free and pay TV channels to watch TV channels, series, premium content (or pay), totally legal. Some of these available platforms are: HBO, Disney, Fox Sports, Hulu, among other channels.

CineTux security measures

The CineTux site requires registration of its users to provide the desired content.

As preventive measures, when registering, each user must take the following measures to guarantee a secure and confidential registration and access to the site, applicable to other websites.

Use an encrypted connection: Verify that when registering and before entering, the protocol used is https, that is, with an SSL security certificate to allow you a secure entry.
Avoid reusing any passwords that you have used for another website, this includes email passwords and session keychains.
Use a strong password in your registry, avoid dictionary words and number sequences like “123456”.
Delete your browser cookies before entering the CineTux site and after ending your session. Do not leave your session started and less on a public internet.
Do not use sensitive information neither in the username nor in your password. The password entered on the site could be stored clearly within your database server.

Video downloads at CineTux


As CineTux is a platform for watching online videos, you don’t have the direct option to download videos. To do this, you will have to look for an alternative option such as those shown in the article.

Even though there are some useful methods to download movies, if the video contains intermediate advertising, or has cuts, it will not be possible. Only this method is useful if the streaming is continuous, of good quality, and with sufficient bandwidth.


CineTux is another additional platform to watch movies in your browser. However, some users prefer to view the videos directly in a player application. If this is your case, you could consider a platform for downloading torrents.

Downloading torrents is a risky activity for computers and could infect your computer with viruses or malware.

Fortunately, platforms for watching online videos do not have this problem, since the problem occurs when torrenting is downloaded, whose hidden content could present the problem.

It is not advisable to use these platforms, since they contain materials that infringe the copyright of the films, platforms that even when they are active in 2021, could face blockages in the coming days or months, which is why none of these platforms are exempt.

Even though most legal platforms are paid, there are some that contain open content, it all depends on several factors, such as the age of the film (old films) or copyright protection.

Briefly, we will show you some legal alternatives, which could help you watch your favorite content and movies, as well as show you other alternatives available for your Smart TV.

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