April 17, 2024


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Lectulandia: Sites to Download ePub and PDF Books


Hello friends, this time I will share a website called Lectulandia, where you can search and download your favorite books in PDF and ePub formats.

In this article I will show you what Lectulandia is, some of its features, such as easily downloading books in Lectulandia, and I will also leave you some alternatives to this page so you can go check them and choose your favorite.

If you are searching audio books or videos, you could check this article.

What is Lectulandia?

Website: https://lectulandia.me/


One of the most visited sites by lovers of electronic books, since it is a site with an excellent virtual library, it has many authors and genres, in addition to having a pleasant appearance and easy to use, all these characteristics have made that users have ranked it as one of the best sites to download e-books.

Lectulandia, is a website focused on electronic books, where we can find a huge virtual library with more than 70,000 books in formats such as PDF and ePub.

It has different types of genres, among them we can find books on art, culture, cinema, classics, economy, fantasy, horror, technology and much more, it has more than 25,000 authors so you should not worry about not finding your favorite author .

Characteristics of Lectulandia


This wonderful website has a very user-friendly design, one feels comfortable and easy to find our favorite book.

Many think that in order to access the books and download them for free we need to register, but it is not like that, just by accessing the site we will have access to all the books for free, but if you want to register we can do so, with this registration we can comment on any book so that other users can see those comments and in this way help others to know different opinions about the book.

In its main section we will find a navigation bar where we can log in if we have already registered or search for a book or author using its search button.


We will also find a box with 3 options, the first of authors, which we can search for different authors by selecting a letter, in the second option “genres” we will find all the genres in alphabetical order and finally in the third option we will have the series and sagas.


After this we will find all the news and recommendations that, thanks to the users, Lectulandia can make in this section in addition to the most read books of the week, the most read of the month and the most commented on.


How to register in Lectulandia?

Registration in Lectulandia is very simple and the best thing is that it is totally free, you do not need any type of credit card or anything like that.

The first thing we will do is enter the official site and we will go to the option “enter” that we find in your notification bar.


Once entered into that section we will notice that it shows us a login so that users who are already registered can log in with their accounts, but in this case we will click on the “register” option found at the bottom.


Now the site will ask us for a username and our email.

After this it will take us to another tab where we will finish our registration by entering a password so that we can finally reload the page and now we can log in to Lectulandia.


How to download books in Lectulandia?

Now if we will move on to what everyone wants to know, which is how to download books in Lectulandia, it is very simple, previously we saw some of the features that this website has and we saw how its different sections are composed, once We have analyzed this, we can look for a book that we have in mind.

Once we find the desired book, we notice that selecting it opens a new tab where we will see all the characteristics of the book, such as its cover, its title, author, genres that compose it and a small review of what the book will be about.


We can also see the different download buttons, but be careful with this since the buttons that are just below the genres are advertisement buttons that seek to trick the user into clicking them and leading to misleading advertising.


The buttons that we will use to download our book either in ePub or PDF format are those that are just below the cover of the book.


We select any of these buttons depending on the format we want and we will see that it takes us to a new tab where we have to wait for the download page to load completely, in the same way in this part we must be careful, since we must not press any of the buttons that appear to us, since they are only misleading advertising.


Once the new tab is loaded from Lectulandia we will see that the server is called Netload and right next to it appears the title of the book that we want to download, we press the “download” button that is green, the blue button should not be pressed to nothing (mobi format).

Once this is done we will notice that the download of our book will begin and in this way we will be able to enjoy it on any of our devices.


Lectulandia alternatives to download free books

Besides Lectulandia, there are other alternatives to download free eBook books. Some of these alternatives are:

  • Libros Gratis xyz: It has a wide catalog of ebooks to download, of various genres.
  • EPub Books: You can download books in ePub and PDF format.

If Lectulandia was not much to your liking or you simply would like to know other websites where you can download your favorite books electronically, below I show you 3 alternatives that you can go on to review so that you have more than one option to get your favorite books.


Website: https://bajaepubgratis.com/

What is Bajaepub?


Bajaepub is another website focused on downloading electronic books in ePub format, where we will find a wide variety of books for all audiences totally free. All books are hosted on external servers.

The page has a very clean and clear platform, very focused on its purpose. We will find books on different topics, for example: Novels, Sports, Terror, for Android, for IPhone, for IPad, for Kindle, for Papyre, science, stories, comics and many more topics.

This website has the interaction of social networks where the user can place an order or clarify their doubts about how to download ePub for free, that is, about how to download books in ePub format for free. You can also leave your comments or requests via chat on the right bar of the page.

Bajaepub Features

For many when they know this site they will not be very pleased with its interface since it lacks a bit of design, but that does not mean that it is not a good page to download electronic books, on the contrary, it is an excellent page where without a doubt you will find your favorite book. A good alternative to Lectulandia.


In its main section we will notice that it has a search bar where we can write any title or author.

In the left section we will see the number of books it currently has, its social networks, authors, genres and series, all ordered alphabetically. Going to the right side we will find the books recommended by the Bajaepub site and the latest added books.

How to download Bajaepub books?

Once we know the characteristics of the site, now we will download a book. Downloading books in Bajaepub is very simple.First we will look for a book that we like in its different sections and once we have found it we will select it, we will notice that it opens a new tab with all the information regarding the selected book, we will find the cover of the book , the title, synopsis, author, publication date and the categories that relate the book.


To download it we will press the blue “download” button, beware none of the other buttons is to download the book, those are misleading advertising that only opens advertising. Once we press the download button, the server page that contains the book will open, we will press the button that says download now and the download of our book will automatically begin, ready to enjoy it.



What is Espaebook?


Website: https://www.espaebook2.com/

The Espaebook digital book website has become very popular in recent years thanks to the fact that today many people prefer to download ebooks. This platform was created as a virtual library with an excellent catalog of titles of all genres.

Many readers who have used it have made excellent comments saying that it is a great tool to download free digital books. Among other reasons, it gained popularity thanks to its simple design with a friendly interface and the more than 60,000 free books in ePub format. Another alternative to Lectulandia.

With Espaebook, users have the possibility of accessing a large number of titles in the public domain quickly and comfortably. All this at no cost, but if you wish you can make donations to the site so that they can continue to update the content and improve the site a little more every day.

Espaebook Features

As I mentioned before, Espaebook has a simple and friendly design, on its main page we can see that it has a small navigation bar with different options such as “complete list of books”, “news”, “tutorials”, “discussion forums ”And“ log in ”, it also has a search bar where we can search for any title or author, followed by this we will find the most read books.


We will also find a small section where we can search for an author, genre or series by selecting a letter. We can find the latest books added, the most read of the week, of the month and of all time.


How to download books from Espaebook?

Now that we have seen the characteristics of this website and we already know how it is made up, we can choose a book or look for one to proceed to download it.

Once we select the book that we want to download, we will notice that a new tab opens with the information about the book, such as the cover, title, author, its categories and a review of what the book will be about.


To download the book we must press the blue button that is just below the title, the supposedly buttons that are below the review we must not pay attention to them since it is only misleading advertising. Once we select the button it will redirect us to a page that is where the book is housed, in it we will notice that it shows us the title of the book that we are going to download and a “download now” button, we press it and voila, the download the book.



Website: https://epublibre.gratis/

What is Epublibre?

Epublibre is one of the sites together with Lectulandia with the most visited virtual library in Spain. It has over 38,000 books in all genres with over 20,000 new titles organized by authors, firsts, and collections. Which, competes very closely among the most important book portals in the world.

Its library has many categories such as action and adventure, art, film, photography, biographies, diaries, real events, science, technology, medicine, comics, manga, economics, among many other genres. The main format that this site has is undoubtedly ePub, but some of the books can be found in formats such as PDF and MOBI.

Epublibre features

When accessing its official site, the first thing we notice is its excellent minimalist interface and pleasing to the eye with a simple but functional design. In its main section we will see a search bar, where we can find any title or author, we will see the top of books, the latest books and finally a section with genres in order to find books with a specific genre.


In the left side menu we will find different options such as genres, authors, publishers, all and websites.


How to download books on Epublibre?

To download a book from this excellent website, it is very simple, first we will have to look for a book or choose one of its different categories, once selected we will notice that it opens a new tab with all the information regarding it, we will see what it shows us the cover, the title of the book, the author, the publisher, genre and publication date


Just below this information we will see 3 different buttons with the different formats in which we can download the book, we will select one of these buttons and we will notice that it sends us a message that we must register in order to download it, once registered we will return to the download page and that’s it. we can now download our book easily.

Conclusions – Lectulandia

As you can see, there are several options and alternatives to Lectulandia to download books in ePub and PDF format.

However, you should avoid downloading copyrighted books and only focus on downloading those that are in the public domain to avoid copyright infringement.