April 17, 2024


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EliteTorrent – Sites blocked by law


EliteTorrent used to be the second most popular torrenting site on the internet after Mejortorrent site. However the site has currently been blocked due to copyright infringement.

Don’t use it

Say no to illegality! Avoid using this and other platforms that provide content that violates movie copyright.

As this site frequently changes domain, normally its new sites are closed due to copyright infringement they have, as well as existing blocks in Spanish law and copyright.

It is very important to note that most torrents contain copyright violations as they provide premium content for free, which is an illegal activity, and should be avoided.

For this it is better to avoid downloading torrents without criteria. Before considering downloading any torrent, you should verify that the video or resource is not copyrighted to avoid violating the law.

EliteTorrent – Illegal Platforms to Avoid

The use of these platforms is illegal, and therefore we only recommend the use of legal platforms such as Netflix, Disney, HBO, among other similar platforms, which do not violate the copyright of the resources.

Here is a list of other platforms that you should avoid, to help you avoid copyright infringement.



MKVCage is a platform to download videos and movies through torrents and also directly. It is currently a very popular website, in such a way that it has become one of the favorite alternatives to EliteTorrent.

The website has faced several closures throughout its history because here much of its material is content protected by copyright, which constitutes a violation of copyright laws.

Many users use the service through an anonymous Internet browser such as tor, to add privacy to content downloads. However, that does not make it immune to frequent website closings and domain changes.

To access the MKVCage website, click on this link. You can enter the site at your own risk.



The SeedPeer website is another platform for downloading videos, movies, series, and other resources from the Internet. It is another of the EliteTorrent alternatives for downloading multimedia resources.

SeedPeer focuses on providing users with an intuitive platform, with a search engine to facilitate access to the movies you want. In its search bar you have two desired results and according to the category you require.

Furthermore, this platform not only focuses on movies and videos, but also on books, music, games and other applications. All downloads are done using the BitTorrent protocol, where downloads are made in pairs, that is, the one that provides the download and the receiver must be connected.

It is considered an easy-to-use platform with a fast learning curve, whose function is the same, however many of its contents are illegal and therefore the platform could be penalized in the coming months or years.

To access the SeedPeer website, you can enter through this link. You can enter the site at your own risk.



BetterTorrent has been one of the most common platforms for downloading premium videos and other audiovisual materials, a good alternative to EliteTorrent.

Although it has been very successful throughout its history, the BetterTorrent platform has faced many closures due to copyright problems of many of its films. However, the platform is still alive although in exchange for domain on several occasions.

Currently there are two versions of MejorTorrent quite popular and very similar to each other: MejorTorrentt (with a double “t” at the end) and MejorTorrent1. Video searches on both platforms are the same, as is their interface.

Despite multiple copyright complaints, the website is still active (albeit on another domain) and many users turn to services to download their favorite videos. Downloads are made by torrent, using the BitTorrent protocol.

To get more information about MejorTorrent, as well as some alternatives from the website, get to know them in this BestTorrent review.

You enter the MejorTorrent website, as well as any of its versions, at your own risk.



DivxTotal has been another favorite alternative for users. This platform, similar to EliteTorrent, has been a fairly popular service in Spain, however it has become a difficult-to-access site lately.

Because the site has been blocked numerous times, various alternatives have emerged for free video and movie downloads. The blocks of sites like Divxtotal, among others are mainly due to copyright infringement.

Even with those copyright violations, websites like DivxTotal re-emerge as the site owners buy another domain with a similar name and transfer the full information from the server, allowing another similar site to emerge almost immediately. to download videos.

Downloading videos in DivxTotal is very intuitive, in addition to allowing you to watch movies online. For more information on the website, you can check out this Divxtotal review.



Torrentz2 is a website similar to EliteTorrent. Its interface is very simple and intuitive for novice users thanks to search.

The Torrentz2 website works again from a meta search in various media, that is, a search engineering that allows locating the videos desired by the user in torrent format.

Because torrents are a transmission of files directly from user to user, this and other platforms defend themselves by arguing that they do not store any copyrighted material on their servers.

However, the transmission of videos, films and any other protected material without the authorization of the author is a violation of their rights. Therefore these websites like Torrentz2, and other similar ones tend to be blocked relatively frequently.

Torrentz2.eu is the current and functional version for the year 2020, and it provides a connection with the portals that currently works. And also its files are verified in terms of security, but many of its contents are illegal.

To access the Torrentz2.eu site, click on the following link. You can access the site at your own risk.



YST is another alternative to EliteTorret. The site has changed domains on several occasions due to numerous copyright infringements, however the site is currently active on the YTS.ac. domain.

YST is another platform for downloading videos that has the advantage of organizing its contents by genre and also with the option to search for them in a personalized way.

On the site you can download video torrents for free, however the site contains a lot of advertising, however its catalog is extensive in content and that is why many users turn to the YST site to download.

Users must maintain a persistent connection for the duration of their download. The BitTorrent protocol requires that both parties, sender and receiver, maintain a continuous connection as the movie or resource is downloaded.

Like any torrent download platform like EliteTorrent, the YTS system has not been without security issues.

When downloading a torrent, because it is a peer-to-peer download, the sender could maliciously send viruses, malware, or spyware.

To avoid security problems, we recommend that you keep your antivirus updated, or use an operating system that is immune to viruses.

To access the YTS site, click on the following link. Entering the site you do it at your own risk.



If you are looking for a site that allows you to download torrents with another level of security, Torrent9 is a good alternative to EliteTorrent.

As it is a platform that does not have blocks for the year 2020, it is an alternative option for downloading video or movie torrent, it allows you to download from practically any IP without using a VPN.

In the same way, users must take their additional security measures, such as using a good antivirus before proceeding with any download, since downloading torrents is a risky activity and can carry viruses or some type of malware .

To access the Torrent9.cz platform, click on the following link, under your own responsibility and without guarantee that the site will continue to be the same in the coming months, since having content that violates copyright, could close the platform coming soon.



DonTorrent is another alternative, with the additional advantage of having a very clean interface and no extra advertising.

The DonTorrent site has premium content and releases similar to those of the EliteTorret platform, in which 4K movies, HD movies, series, HD series, documentaries, Music, games and software stand out in a totally free environment.

The DonTorrent site is of high quality for users according to various opinions, however there is no guarantee that the site will continue to be active in the near future due to the fact that many of its contents are an infringement of copyright.

The security measures when using the BitTorrent protocol must always be present when downloading torrents from DonTorrent, and the like to avoid an infection on your site or personal computer.

As a speed recommendation, you must have a good bandwidth if you plan to make several downloads on the site, however it is not essential to download.

To access the DonTorrent site, click on the following link at your own risk, as well as any use of the platform under the same conditions.



If you are looking for a site that contains old movies, Rexpelis is a good alternative. The site is a bit different from EliteTorrent, however it allows you to search for material from productions from more than 50 years ago.

Rexpelis is a platform to watch movies online mainly, within which they are classified according to their genre or year of release.

Some of the genres available for movies on Rexpelis are as follows:

  • Action, Animation, Adventure, Science and Fiction, Comedy, Documentary, Family, Crime, among other movie genres.

The Rexpelis site contains significantly fewer movies, which may result in many movies finding us in their catalog. However, it is a good alternative in terms of variety of genres.

To access the Rexpelis site, click here. You can access the site at your own risk, however many of the content on the site contains copyright infringements.



Gnula is a famous website where you can watch movies online and also download them. In this last property it looks like EliteTorret.

In addition to having an application for Android, where you can download your movies, Gnula has two main active websites in 2020:

  • www.gnula.co: Website to watch movies online.
  • gnula.li: Website to watch online videos and download ad-free movies.

Gnula allows you to download your favorite movies in torrent format on your device. If you don’t want to take the risk of downloading possible infected material, you can choose to watch the movies online.

The movies on the site belong to various genres, among which there are comedy, family, action, romantic, suspense, among other genres. You can also find them in Latin Spanish, Castilian and subtitled films.

To access the Gnula site, simply click on this link to watch movies online.

If you want to download them, you could try this option. Accessing any of these sites is at your own risk, as much of the material contained is illegal and violates copyright.



Vidcorn is another alternative for watching online videos. Navigation on the site is extremely simple, in addition to providing you with a search bar, in which you can search for your favorite videos.

Vidcorn is divided by categories, where you can access content such as the name of the film, its synopsis, trailer and other details, as well as a recommendation score according to the opinion of various users.

Registration on the site is optional, however, if you decide to do so, you can store your favorites lists on the site, so that you can keep your content organized.

Many of its contents constitute a violation of copyright, therefore we do not recommend the use of any of these platforms. However we provide the information for judicious readers.

To access the Vidcorn site, click here. In 2020 the site is active, however in the coming months or years this condition could change. You can access the site at your own risk.



We have another alternative for EliteTorrent on the Seriesgato site. A fairly simple website to use, and with a great diversity of video genres to choose from and spend a pleasant afternoon or weekend.

The site contains movies organized by genres or themes. With the movie cover you can choose the movie in trend of the moment, as well as many different options to choose from and watch online.

Seriesgato is focused on watching movies online, unlike EliteTorret that focuses on downloading media. However, this has an advantage over the security issue, since watching movies online is somewhat safer due to viruses.

To access the Seriesgato site, simply click on this text. Like the previous platforms, several of their contents are a violation of copyright, therefore you can access the sites at your own risk.



Pelisplus is another platform focused on viewing online videos, which includes movies similar to those on EliteTorrent.

With the Pelisplus platform, we have a website that has had some schisms throughout its history, due to the blocks caused by copyright infringement in several of its contents.

Reason why currently in 2020 there are several functional domains, for example:

  • Pelisplus.me: Main domain, it is functional and allows you to watch HD videos and Pelisplus subtitles.
  • PelisplusHD.net: Pelisplus domain focused on high quality HD videos, both sites are free to access.
  • www.pelisplus.org: Website similar to Pelisplus.net, contains audio and video in FULL HD.

Being free sites, they are considered a good alternative.

Because many content infringes the copyright of movies, PelisPlus sites are subject to crashes in a short to medium time.

However, service providers can usually raise another domain with the same content in a few hours, since the server at the end stores all the corresponding information.

To access the current PelisPlus site in 2020, click here. You can access the site at your own risk.

Legal Alternatives to Elitetorrent

As you can see in EliteTorrent you can access content from movies, series, premieres, documentaries, etc. However, it is not legal to do so.

It is better to use payment platforms, for example: Netflix, Disney, HBO, Clarovideo, or another platform that is totally legal, so as not to contribute to copyright violations.

Some of them can be seen through YouTube, to access greater content and also content that does not exist on other movie platforms.

However, there are few contents that you can acquire directly from YouTube, however if they exist, it is better to see them there without risking the security of your computer by downloading torrents with possible viruses.

Some of the YouTube videos the authors allow them to be downloaded, but most do not, so YouTube should not be taken as an alternative, but as a platform to watch online videos.

However, watching videos on YouTube is totally legal, therefore be free to view the contents on the platform, however the downloads are illegal, unless prior authorization or of your own authorship.

Security measures in EliteTorret

Continuing with the disadvantages, since is a platform to download torrents, many of its contents could contain viruses or malware hidden in the download.

When torrenting is downloaded using a P2P protocol, sender users on EliteTorrent could maliciously send viruses to the receiving user, so it is advisable to take the following security measures to avoid contagion from your computer:

  • Have your antivirus updated in the latest version.
  • Use an operating system immune to viruses and malware.
  • Avoid downloading any torrent.

On the future of EliteTorrent

Because this site contains a lot of material that infringes on copyrights, the site could face blockages by various Internet providers, as well as closure for copyright infringement.

Systematic closures of these platforms can occur in days, months or years, therefore you should not consider this information as conclusive or recommended. It is only informative.

However, some of these platforms such as EliteTorret and MejorTorrent re-emerge, changing domain every time they face a blockade, without improving their status of rights infringement.

That is why the servers retain their same content, and even their same interface, although with a different domain each time they face a permanent closure or blockage.

Concluding with EliteTorrent

We do not recommend the use of platforms that infringe the copyrights of other people, platforms like PelisPlus, Rexpelis and all the others listed here have that problem.

However, we show the information and its alternatives for readers with criteria, therefore the user is solely responsible for using these platforms.

Try better to use legal platforms, such as Netflix, Clarovideo, HBO, among other similar ones, some of which even have their own devices like the ones shown below: