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SeriesPapaya – Alternatives That Work in 2022


SeriesPapaya is a relatively new website, which is experiencing rapid growth. The website contains the latest series online and of various genres.

What is SeriesPapaya?

The Series Papaya website is a website that, although it contains fewer titles than other similar platforms, is growing rapidly among users who like to watch movies online.

This site consists of a site where users can watch free movies in Latin Spanish, Castilian, series, premieres and other categories without annoying advertising.

Existing Series Papaya Sites

Despite its short existence, this set has several domains, which allow users to find different P2P networks where they can find their torrent content:

  • seriespapaya.xyz: It is the most relevant website. Its contents are for the most part new, so the series chapters are always fresh.
  • seriespapaya.tv: It is another alternate website to the previous one, with UI and UX similar to the previous one, although with different domain and network content at a certain time.
  • seriespapaya.me: Another high-quality online option that users also consult, although in a lower quantity than the previous two. Available in Spain and Mexico.
  • www.seriespapaya.nu: It is the most relevant subdomain of Series Papaya, where it replaces the obsolete site, closed by law.
  • papaya-films.com: Website of different logic, which is not limited to the Spanish language, but covers the English language and others, according to the availability of the site.

Note: Although the original site was blocked in 2019, the sites listed above are currently active. However, we do not recommend the use of them due to copyright infringement in the resources they offer.

SeriesPapaya Alternatives


As we could see in the previous section, the site is divided into several websites, however they are subject to blockages, therefore, there are other alternative websites, which we show throughout this section.


Don Torrent is a website that has proven to be a SeriesPapaya alternative that is widely used by many users in Spain and Latin America.

This site allows you to download free multimedia materials, including videos, games, software, music, etc.

Because the resources are hosted on external servers, it is necessary to install a uTorrent client to download them, without this being a guarantee of security.

DonTorrent has an extensive catalog, with more than 100,000 resources available to users, which change depending on the demand on the peer to peer network.

It is possible to download resources through genre, or by adding it to bookmarks and according to the availability of the servers.

To facilitate the task, DonTorrent has several mirror servers, which are Proxy that are located in Tonga, United Kingdom and Laos.

The official domains of the Proxy are the following: dontorrent.to, dontorrent.io and dontorrent.la, and the extraction of Videos is done through the torrent client.

Even when downloading videos is accessible without the use of virtual private networks, it is illegal to download videos and other resources without having copyrights, therefore we do not recommend their use.
Even when some resources exist in the public domain, their use is the responsibility of the user.


The HispaShare website is mainly focused on the Hispanic and Spanish public, therefore the name fits him like a glove.
Less than two months ago, Hispashare was in full swing, but is currently undergoing a renovation phase, due to a threat of blockade by a court order.

It is for this reason that the website is inactive, without a reestablishment date, however it shows a current message that they are undergoing renovations, as shown in the following html:

However, the site shows signs that it will work again in the future, although it is not known if with the same characteristics.

Even so, the HispaShare site when in functional form contains different video and audio resources that allow users to watch movies on their devices from the browser.

However, most of the resources contained in the Hispashare site are illegal, therefore we do not recommend their use.
For more information about the site, you can consult the link at the beginning of this section.


Miradetodo is another alternative that is constantly updated, and with very similar content in the genres of SeriesPapaya.

Some of the existing content on the Miradetodo site consists of recently added premieres and episodes of different series, as well as random content.

Recently added contents are found for both normal format movies and HD movies. Users make their queries using the search bar on the site.

From the site you can see various series with torrent clients. However, we remind the user that the contents do not have the copyrights of the films, therefore they are infringements of these. We do not recommend it.

Some of the websites available in Miradetodo are the ones shown below:

  • miradetodo.co: It is a site similar that provides you free movies 24 hours a day, with results after 2010 until 2021.
  • miradetodo.nu: Alternative site of MiradeTodo that concentrates much of the titles in Spanish, as well as new releases of recent years, same UI.
  • miradetodo.site: Another website that contains movies available in Spanish, Castilian, Latin and with subtitles, although the texts differ from the audio.
  • www.miradetodo.fun: It is a new website from MiradeTodo. You could say that this and the previous sites are copies of the original, although the titles could vary according to the BitTorrent Network.

The user is solely responsible for accessing any of the sites shown in the previous list, as well as any possible damage to his computer caused by unwanted downloads.


CineCalidad is another alternative that SeriesPapaya has, with a multitude of domains available to transfer videos via torrent client.
The contents do not differ much from the main free video transfer pl atforms, however it is another option for users who cannot find a specific video.

The risks of using CineCalidad include possible virus downloads, as well as copyright infringement.

We do not recommend its use, but if at your own risk you want to enter the sites, the CineCalidad sites are the following:

  • www.cinecalidad.is: Site that provides the movie download service or their browser display. Formats from HD, DVD, 4K and Blue Ray.
  • cinecalidad2.com: Clone of the original site cinecalidad.com, which has not been blocked so far, therefore its contents and form of use is the same.
  • cine-calidad.co: Alternative site of CineCalidad, in the way of downloading and viewing them.
  • cinecalidad.pro: Another domain that is growing, entirely in Spanish and with a large catalog. It also has emojis within its metadata.
  • cine-calidad.cc: This is another domain that even though it has the same internal structure, your content may be different from the others.
  • cinecalidad.tv: Site that contains various qualities, both cinema, full HD, 720p and 1080p.
  • cine-calidad.com: it is shown as a site that does not require registration in order to download movies. It contains many categories, for example action, suspense and other genres.

As you can see, there are many domains derived from the original website, however, each option is different in content, although the user interface is practically the same in all cases.


The Cuevana website is another well-known free online movie site. With an intuitive user interface, it is an option that many users use for being simple.
Its contents are broader than those in SeriesPapaya, not limited to just series and premieres, but also in different qualities, streaming movies using the BitTorrent protocol, among other resources.

Despite its great fame and high ranking, even on Alexa and other site ranking sites, by not having copyright to most of its films, they make the platform a site with illegal content, therefore it does not we recommend.
Cuevana has had changes over the years, the most radical have been the expansion of domains, to dilute the number of blocks, without implying a change in their condition.

Cuevana Sites

Some of these alternate Cuevana sites are listed here:

  • cuevana3.io: Due to the blocking of the original Cuevana site, this site emerged as a replacement for Cuevana. However, the contents of the site are not totally concentrated in this domain.
  • cuevana2.li: This is another alternate Cuevana domain, which contains practically the same design as the other platforms, in addition to being version two of the site.
  • cuevana2.io: Also part of version two of Cuevana, but a different condominium, compatible with the same clients and external servers as the original site.
  • cuevana.se: This is the only domain that still retains the original Cuevana name, it has movies and videos of various genres and is also suitable for various types of audience.
  • cuevana2espanol.com: Cuevana’s Spanish site, resources for films with Spanish subtitles.
  • www.cuevana3.wtf: New site for Cuevana version three, which contains some of the existing resources on other sites, without losing sight of the fact that its design is similar to the original.
  • cuevana.uptodown.com: This is not a Cuevana site, but rather belongs to a download site for various platforms and various genres, software and applications for Android and other operating systems, including the Cuevana apk.

Although there are several versions of Cuevana, technically the reality is that there is a single website, which has been forked in different domain names, with the same functionality.


The RepelisPlus site has a significantly higher amount of traffic than the existing one on the SeriesPapaya platform, but less than that shown on the previous platforms.

As in any website of this type, there is no certain way to avoid the possible contagion of your PC, unless you do not use the platforms, also its contents are not legal, due to copyright infringement.

We can define that RepelisPlus is another alternative, however, there are many domains that behave in a similar way to the other platforms, since the essence as a torrent client is the same.

RepelisPlus generally has the following websites as part of its general repertoire (We do not recommend any):

  • www.repelisplus.vip: RepelisPlus website, with films in high quality format, of various genres. Highly advertised and possible adware.
  • repelisplus.to: Site with less advertising than the previous one, considering it as a better alternative.
  • repelisplus.me: Another RepelisPlus clone site, with different content. These change due to the use of the platform with clients and their videos shown at the time of connection to the p2p network, which are managed by RepelisPlus.
  • repelisapk.com: Application for Android devices, which contains version 4.1 of RepelisPlus. Apk available in the year 2021, available for a variety of devices, such as cell phones and streaming.
  • repelisplus.shop: Another option to download the mobile application, which contains the 2021 version for Android, iOS and PC.
  • repelisplus.uno: Another site to watch or download RepelisPlus movies, in Latin Spanish, Castilian and some with subtitles. New site for HD.
  • www.repelisplus.film: Site that contains alternative movies in HD format, as well as other online resources from RepelisPlus. No cuts in the video sequence.

Other alternatives to SeriesPapaya

The previous options constitute a violation of copyright in most of its contents, however it is possible to look for other alternatives, which allow to have a form of entertainment legally.

  • YouTube: Why not consider the world’s most popular free streaming option? The videos you find here are free to watch, and if you have permission from the author, you can download them with Snaptube.
  • Vimeo: Another platform, which although it has some premium features, allows you to store and view content videos for free.

Security Level in SeriesPapaya

As in any online platform, the security level of these sites at the use level falls into the low category. This is mainly due to the fact that these kinds of websites use an insecure protocol to make file transfers, in this case BitTorrent.

Although many of these resources are clean, sometimes there are users who transfer files hidden within their transfer, including some types of malware.

The practice of sending malware via torrent is quite common, and there is no way to avoid it except by not using these platforms. However, there are many users who take additional alternatives such as not clicking on advertising, and including a state-of-the-art antivirus.

The above measures, if they do not prevent the possibility of downloading some malware, it is reduced to a level in which the user has it under control.

Legal Issues of Series Papaya

Series Papaya contains many protected materials that are not authorized by their authors, therefore should be avoided.

Judicious readers may find some videos in the public domain, and even some non-copyrighted audiovisual materials. The information is directed towards this audience.

Constant crashes will continue to occur relatively frequently. There is no form or a central authority that regulates Internet actions, however governments are the ones that exercise the blocks when these rights infringements exist.

Even so, there are countries that do not have that protection, however for Spanish-speaking countries, the copyright of the films does count for legal purposes.


At the conclusion of this article, we were able to analyze those important points that these platform contains, as well as some of its alternatives.

The information shown in this article should be taken judiciously, not as a recommendation or guarantee of operation of any of the platforms in the coming months or years.

Each user is responsible for the web pages they visit, therefore if you want to avoid the download of viruses on your computer derived from the use of the torrent protocol, it is better to avoid its use completely.

You should also consider using only legal platforms, normally these types of platforms contain premium services paying a monthly subscription fee.

Finally, the platforms are designed to provide premium video services for free, but it is better to avoid them and consider hiring a full service.
So it is both for the level of security, and for the level of legality, we conclude that both aspects cannot be covered when using the site.