May 20, 2024


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SEO optimization in 2021: TOP 6 website promotion trends

seo optimization 2021

The year 2021 ends and the time comes when you need to analyze everything that happened to your business in a year: to enjoy successful moments and concentrate on omissions. Keep track of how well your website performs regarding search engine optimization.

We can cite the top of the most popular website promotion trends that were extremely important in the past year. After working through every moment, you can analyze how your site meets the requirements of online promotion of web resources.

The priority is on the novelty and validity

Query engines are geared towards satisfying Internet users’ requests as much as possible. A search engine like Google conducts a qualitative assessment of each site. If your site’s texts and articles are badly written and the information does not correlate to the demands, you will be far from the first pages.

Another outdated way is to write keyword-laden material. This is ineffective, since this year the service launched Passage Indexing, which evaluates the text of a page not completely, but by excerpts. Therefore, writing large articles is now considered a more productive skill.

seo optimization 2021

Furthermore, animations, images, and schematics are excellent supplements to your articles.

It should also be noted that the site’s information or data must fulfill the standards for competence and authority. The website should provide the following features:

  • Detailed information about the company and its field of activity;
  • Ability to view reviews;
  • Have links to authoritative sources;
  • Facts about opinion leaders who supply articles to the website.

Local exploration

If you have a desire to rent a luxury car, then you will be looking for an exotic car rental Dubai, which will be more convenient for you to reach.

If you come on vacation to any country in the world, say Dubai, and want to use the car rental services, then it will be much more convenient for you to use the services of the company that is closest to your hotel or apartment.

In a period of difficult epidemiological conditions in the world, users began to pay more attention to services that are found close to their location. Search engines are supporting this trend.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

seo optimization 2021

Website adaptation for mobile viewing has been one of the trends of the last few years. Many companies do not pay due attention to this aspect and lose to their competitors, who keep up with the updates in search results requirements.

The simple reality is that the majority of people throughout the world have sophisticated devices from which they can access the Internet and read the information they desire.

In this sense, you should ensure that your clients can engage with your website using a smartphone. Since your website pages now must load quickly, the mobile version should be light. Navigation elements should be conveniently located. Testing of the mobile version should be carried out on a regular basis to monitor the functionality.

By passing up this chance, you will be denying yourself of more visitors to your website.

User Behavioral Factor

The user experience of your website also has a significant influence on its rating. As previously indicated, the web page must be mobile responsive. The page loading speed should be fast. The site must not contain malicious elements. The exchange of information between the client and the user must be secure. The number of advertisements and announcements should be reduced for ease of use by users.

Using structured data

Such information assists search engines in understanding the meaning of an online site. As a result, it is critical to format your website data. The following schemes must be present on the site for it to function properly:

  • product;
  • organization;
  • website;
  • review;
  • question answer;
  • video footage;
  • article;
  • blog posting.

Taking the target action

google performance

A successful indicator of a website’s performance is the completion of a targeted action by a user. In this case, if a website receives a huge number of views and visits, then the search engines will notice it.

For example, if you offer certain services and items on your website, the percentage of sales should be greater than the number of views of the rest of the website’s content. You can publish intriguing articles, reviews, and videos, but if they don’t lead to a specific action, your job is ineffective.


There is no way to customize and build a website once to keep it up-to-date and relevant. Trends change every year and it is important to follow them to get the opportunity to be among leaders.