July 19, 2024


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FanPelis: 9 Apps to Watch Free Online Movies


Watching movies online in Fanpelis could seem like a journey, especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for, even in paid apps.

Here we are going to show you the direct links of 9 alternative apps to Fanpelis to watch movies online, and yes, totally free with access to endless content.

So get your cell phone ready! since you will have to go to the Play Store of your smartphone. Some of the applications that we will see can also be downloaded from the App Store or viewed directly online from its website.

What is FanPelis?


Broadly speaking, Fanpelis is an application available for Android devices to watch movies online.

It can be obtained both from the Play Store of our cell phone, as well as from the browser of our preference. Here you can get various material such as movies, series, anime, etc. Much of its content is premiere and with the option of being able to view it in HD.

If you missed something new from Marvel Studios or its main organization, Walt Disney Studios; Fanpelis is the perfect option that you should not miss. Even if your Netflix subscription expired, since here you can find some of its proposals totally free and without subscription or application.

FanPelis Links

In the following link you can get Fanpelis from the Play Store for Android or go directly to their website here.

We do not recommend the use of Fanpelis, due to the infringement of the rights of several of its films, so this information should be taken with discretion.

Alternatives to FanPelis for watching movies

There are also other apps to watch movies online, as well as websites like the ones we show you in this section.

It is very important that before continuing you know that no Fanpelis alternative that offers free movies is exempt from rights infringements.



Vix is an incredible app where you can watch from movies, television series, cartoons for children and novels.

Even its content is divided into categories for different sections in which we can find: Videos about life hacks or tricks for everyday life, very delicious cooking recipes, documentaries or curious facts about celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. In addition to giving us beauty tips or a gastronomic walk full of meat, cuts and a lot of cravings.

It contains a wide range of series and movies, such as Mexican classics or horror films like Smiley. This app does not require an account or credit or debit card registration, just download it and enjoy thousands of hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

In the following link you can download VIX from the Play Store for Android or from the App Store for iOS



Kodi is a multi-platform application, a good alternative to Fanpelis, since it can be downloaded for use on both smartphones and other devices such as: SmartTV, video game consoles, etc.

In this app you can see audiovisual content from movies, series, anime; to music content and even images. In order to access this material, the application must first be configured; this to obtain complements or “Addons” that you can look for in pages like Kodi World and download it in your application.

Or you can also insert your own content and be able to view it online through the platform.


At first it may seem somewhat complicated to configure, but once it is done, it only remains to enjoy the online material. Better yet from the comfort of your home, on your cell phone or on the screen in front of your living room sofa.

In the following link you can download Kodi from the Play Store for Android. Or it can also be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Raspberry pi, iOS, Mac or tvOS directly from its official page here.

Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV is both an app and a website, which has a vast content between movies, series, anime, novels, news and television programs. It has two modalities:

Live TV: Here you can see around 100 channels that are distributed in eleven categories that are; featured, pluto tv, movies, entertainment, news, curiosity, marathons, sports, comedy, lifestyle and kids.

The programming, as seen in Fanpelis, appears in the form of a catalog and you access by simply pressing the channel of your choice.

These programs are live so, when watching a movie or series, Pluto Tv gives you the option of watching it from the beginning; If there is any content later, you will not be able to see it until it is time for its programming.

On Demand: This is the second mode that Pluto Tv has and here we can find streaming content. This type of service is known as television on demand; This way, certain content is obtained and you can take advantage of online movies from this app.

The content is varied and ranges from shows like Acapulco Shore, Naruto, Master Chef, Lucha Libre AAA, Daria and lots of interesting material. In addition, its use is totally free without containing any type of subscription for premium access.

You can get this app from the App Store for iOS or from the Play Store for Android. Even if you want they have a web page that you can access directly from here.

Tubi TV

tubi tv

Tubi Tv besides being an app like Fanpelis for Android, you can see it directly from its website; In addition, it has several categories for its content, such as: Reality Shows, Anime, Animation, Made in Mexico, Crime, American, Telenovelas and Series, Documentary, Drama, Suspense, Romance, Horror, Action, Comedy, etc.

If you like horror movies, here you can find titles like Scream 4, The Curse of the Ouija, Apocalypsis Zombie, Scream of Panic, etc. But if you prefer comedy, you might also be interested, The games of Destiny, 20 years of difference; or if on the contrary you like drama, Ana de Día is an excellent option that you should not miss.

Tubi Tv allows you to watch movies online for free and without providing your card’s bank information. The only thing that it asks, unlike Fanpelis, is that you create an account directly in the application.

There are three options to register: With your email, with Google or with Facebook, if you do not sign up you can see part of the content in the same way; But to be able to visualize everything that it offers and also give you the preference to suggest content, it is best to register through one of these means.

To start enjoying Tubi Tv, you just have to download the app from the Play Store for Android or visit the official website directly.

PV Videos


This is an incredible option to watch movies online, apart from the fact that it is almost free; It has titles that are very interesting such as: Godzilla vs Kong, Cherry, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batwoman, Extinction and many other movies, even Netflix or doramas you can find here.

When you download the app, it asks you to register, either from your Google, Facebook or even Twitter account, in order to directly access the material it offers. This content is classified into several sections, which you must enter in order to find more titles that are to your liking. These sections, to name a few, are: romance, series, anime, horror, Mexican, historical, fantasy, documentaries, concerts, sports, comedy, Netflix productions, etc.


When you find a movie that is of interest to you, in a similar way to Fanpelis, you just have to select it and then you will see the option to see the trailer, its synopsis and at the bottom and most importantly the links. PV Videos offers its content online through links from different servers; This allows you to select between the quality of the video and whether it is dubbed or subtitled in Spanish, the best thing about this is that it is without leaving the app.

Sometimes it will indicate to us that said link requires a paid subscription to have access. This is known within the application as a YouPass account, otherwise you will not be able to see what that link contains; but just looking for another link that does not request this will be more than enough. In addition, it gives you the option of both viewing the content with the link and viewing it within the same app, or downloading it to your mobile device.


If you want to get this app you just have to download it from the Play Store for Android and let yourself be immersed in its extensive catalog of movies and series.



CineCalidad, like Fanpelis and the other apps, has unprecedented content that will give you hours of fun. It does not ask you to register with an email or social network, the only thing it asks is that you download its Flix video player, otherwise you will not be able to see any of the content it offers.


It has several categories to segment the movies, ranging from premieres, for you, featured, series and explore; In the latter you can find tags such as: adventure, drama, action, western, science fiction documentary and TV movie. Just by entering the favorite category you can find movie titles that will catch your attention immediately.


The application interface is similar to Fanpelis, so just look for a movie that interests you, touch above the letters that indicate: “Touch Here To Play” and voila, enjoy that movie at your fingertips.


If you want to get this app you just have to go to the Play Store for Android. Or in the same way visit its official website to find thousands of hours of entertainment.



Cinefrix is undoubtedly one of the main options for what free streaming services offer. Its catalog of films is undeniably attractive as it has titles such as: Joker, Avengers Engame, Mulan, Wonder Woman 1984, Soul and a long etc. With this app from the Fanpelis group there is no excuse for not having something to do with it; Because, although it does not have everything, it does have the best of the best and of high quality to enjoy movies online.

When we start the application, it welcomes us and tells us that the thumbnails of the movies take time to load. But it is not something that affects, since just by leaving it for a few seconds you can see the covers of too many movies that you want to see immediately.


Once you are inside and decide which of all those movies you will see first, we will get a message that tells us that: You have to watch a video to access the desired multimedia content, we see it and now we can see our movie.


On the upper side is the Cinefrix menu where it shows us the categories of the films such as: action, science fiction, horror, etc; We select the one that is to our liking and thus find something entertaining.

There is also an option that says Social Networks, there it directs us to Facebook and Instagram publications without leaving the app; You can add them to know smoothly through their social networks that new content will be uploaded. Another alternative to Fanpelis that you must try.


To get Cinefrix you just have to go to the Play Store for Android or visit their website and watch movies directly online.

PelisPlay Stream

PelisPlay Stream is an app similar to Fanpelis, which allows us to watch movies for free through our mobile device that has its android operating system. It is compatible with other streaming media such as chromecast, etc., which allows you to see what your cell phone plays directly from your screen.


The catalog of movies offered by PelisPlay Stream is as good as Fanpelis, providing compelling titles through its categories: history, romance, science and fiction, action, horror, comedy, drama, etc.

At the beginning and to enter it asks you to register with Google and it is the only option. Once registered you access all the content and you can view titles such as: Doctor Sleep, Better Call Saul, The OA, The Simpsons or The Umbrella Academy.


Download this app through the Play Store for Android.

Conclusions- FanPelis

You can download any of the Fanpelis alternatives or visit their website.

Enjoy all the content offered by these 9 apps and take advantage of the fact that they are free; only some will show us advertising and this is so that they can keep the service working, including Fanpelis.