June 23, 2024


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Tricks to Speed up Your Internet for Christmas

Tricks to Speed up Your Internet for Christmas

The Christmas season is here! It is the time when we make our favorite dishes like cranberry sauce, stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, and so on. Other than this, we also catch up on all the special shows and movies airing on the TV or the streaming services.

We even play online games, connect with our loved ones virtually, and even check up on our work on the go. All of these activities require a strong internet connection. Christmas is an important time of the year, and with everything planned carefully, you don’t want anything to go wrong.

The last thing you want is to be slowed down by a buffering screen or choppy audio because your internet connection is inadequate. Whether you’re watching your favorite Netflix program, making an online purchase, or participating in a crucial Zoom conference, you need to have stable internet connectivity. Given that so much of our lives are now online, having a poor internet connection may be frustrating these days.

In these cases, providers like CenturyLink are a big support for its customers. This is because the provider guarantees 99% reliability. If you are many of the lucky CenturyLink customers, then you don’t have to worry about your internet connection for Christmas.

Everyone wants quicker Wi-Fi and internet, but some solutions are of no use while others are extremely complex and/or expensive. We have compiled some simple, affordable, and useful ways to acquire a faster internet connection and avoid waiting for Netflix to load. So, without having to spend hours finding out how your network operates, let’s quickly speed up your Wi-Fi and internet.

Top Tricks to Speed up Your Internet for the Christmas Day

Place Your Router in the Right Spot

The inappropriate position of your router is one of the main culprits to a slow internet connection. This is because the Wi-Fi signals that are used by these gadgets on Christmas are easily obstructed by physical obstructions. If you are carefully placing your router at the right spot, you will notice a major improvement in your download and upload speed.

It is always helpful to place your router in an open area so that you can avoid any walls or furniture coming in between your devices and the equipment. Other than this, you can avoid placing the router adjacent to other electronic devices. This practice will allow you to omit any electrical interference.

Update Your Equipment

If your router is pretty recent, but you’re still facing issues like poor connectivity or signal blockage, your router might be using out-of-date software. An easy way to increase internet speed is to log into your router’s settings and download the most recent firmware revision from the company’s website.

Maintaining current firmware on your hardware may increase security and internet speed. It’s simple to get the updated file and install it because most routers allow you to upgrade your firmware from the main administrative panel

. You might not need to upgrade your firmware if you use a modem-router combination or router that your ISP provided.

Switch or Upgrade Your Internet Plan

If you have the most up-to-date router technology available, have updated the most recent firmware upgrades, and yet you still experience appalling download speeds, your internet plan may be to blame. The problem is that the maximum download and upload speeds vary from ISP to ISP. The same goes for their internet plans.

Therefore, if you desire faster internet, you might need to pay a small fee for a plan that gives a higher Mbps download speed. You might look at the CenturyLink Internet Deals in this situation. A faster speed plan is the ideal choice for you if your family of four or five heavy internet users wants to stream in 4K, play online games, make video calls, and download huge files all at the same time.

There are several alternatives available from the ISP. Additionally, you want a package with unlimited data use so that you may stream as many holiday movies as you like. Additionally, you may keep playing those demanding online games without worrying about data overages.

Go For a Wired Connection

For internet users seeking a quick or wired connection, commonly known as Ethernet, provides a significant number of benefits. Compared to wireless ones, these connections are usually quicker and more dependable. It does this by providing direct internet connections to your device from the equipment extending your internet connection.

This is one of the nicest things that could happen to you because it doesn’t rely on over-the-air transmissions. Imagine speaking to your parents on Christmas Eve, who are unable to attend the celebration.

And all of a sudden, your network has latency, interfering with calls. This only occurred because your partner is streaming a movie or your children are playing video games in another room. You don’t want any of your loved ones to be bothered by this kind of disruption. In this situation, you may just connect your device to your router directly to prevent any interruptions.

Block All the Third Party Ads

Internet speed is frequently consumed by ads. We brought up this problem because when there is a problem with an internet connection, individuals frequently overlook it. Ads are displayed by almost all content providers, including websites and smartphone apps.

There are many films, pictures, GIFs, and other types of content available online. Even if you are not troubled by internet advertisements, you must make sure to eliminate them. This is because advertisements affect your network and slow down your internet connection.

By blocking the advertising, you may achieve this in the best and simplest way possible. Install an ad-blocking plugin to stop those data-intensive auto-play movies, and your connection will have more breathing room as a result.

Talk to Your Neighbors

No matter how many times you restart your Wi-Fi, sometimes your connection still stays incredibly inconsistent. Well, in such scenarios, your neighbor is to be blamed. Even if you’re all on different networks, it may be that there are too many individuals utilizing Wi-Fi connections on the same channel.

Find out where exactly your neighbors place their routers. If their router is placed extremely near to your home, you both will suffer and your internet speeds will decrease as a result of router interference. Things should become better if you place your router in a section of the house that is far from your neighbors.

The Bottom Line

We are aware that sluggish internet connections can increase our frustration levels, particularly if we regularly deal with a slow connection and network lag. The advice we’ve provided can be quite helpful. You can slightly increase your internet speed without having to slog through extremely complex server specifics. After following these tips, you’ll soon be able to resume streaming and browsing without interruption.

If you need assistance finding a new internet service provider, check out CenturyLink Internet Plans.