April 19, 2024


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Smart Air conditioners of the future for the home with windows.

smart air

“Smart Air” appliances are now appearing in the lines of most developers, especially with the advent of windows, much attention is paid to creating a favorable microclimate in the house through your local network.

What is Smart Air?

Several amazing technologies of air conditioners of the future promise to replenish the range of the HVAC market.

Today, the HVAC market is systematically replenished with “smart air” devices, for example, air conditioning systems with an intelligent algorithm of work.

This is an ideal solution for rooms with windows, in which small children are constantly staying, as they minimize the risk of colds.

This is due to the presence of presence sensors, which, having detected that there are people in the room, transmit a signal to the split system, which begins to regulate the air flow, directing warm air along the floor, and cold air to the ceiling.

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How it works?

Moreover, a “smart air” conditioner has the ability to deodorize the air, eliminate unpleasant odors and even allergens.

Another innovation in the field of climate technology is an air conditioner with an integrated light sensor that detects the time of day and automatically reduces the flow of cold air at night, thereby contributing to significant energy savings in a house with windows.

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