April 14, 2024


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How to Choose A Laptop? Let Mr. Punk teach you

how to choose a laptop

How to Choose A Laptop? Many people ask me about that. After all, laptops are not FMCG products. A laptop may last three to five years, we should choose it with circumspection.

I’m going to talk to you about the office laptop. If you want an office laptop, a laptop that meets the following requirements can bring you a good user experience.

Office performance – How to Choose A Laptop?

In terms of performance, because it is an office laptop, game performance is not considered. “Office performance” will have different usage scenarios in different occupations. If you work in 3D modeling and high-intensity video clips, the laptop with general office positioning is not suitable for you.

If you’re just write documents and tables, you don’t need high configuration of laptop; if you have a regular need for CAD or simple video editing, you will need higher configuration. In addition to performance, choosing a low-power CPU. Why? Let’s move on to the second point.

Portability– How to Choose A Laptop?

Portability of laptop is a very important assessment factor. Many people walking around the office with a laptop. Portability is important to the user experience.

Portability is divided into volume and weight. The thinner the better, of course. This is one of the reasons why choosing low power consumption CPU. There are problems of heat dissipation of standard pressure and desktop CPU.

We can’t make a laptop very thin. But MagicBook 15 has done a good job in this respect.

Battery life

Battery life, that is, standby time of battery. This is important in determining whether or not you take your laptop’s power source with you when you go out to work. Everyone wants to be light when they go out.


What is extensibility? It is the ability of external devices. Most office laptops are ultrabooks, which can provide far fewer interfaces than games or desktops.

Extending as many devices as possible with limited interfaces brings great convenience in some usage scenarios. For example, in a meeting, you need to connect a screen to show slides.

Keyboard feedback and screen quality

Because you choose a thin one, some keyboard keystrokes are too short. You will have a bad practical experience. Others are designed to make the feedback comfortable. The lowest resolution is 1080P, which is enough for small screens.

We should pay more attention to the display color gamut indicators such as RGB, sRGB and NTSC. The color quality of the color screen will affect the user experience.

You need to remember that when buying notebook computers, you must choose the one that suits you best according to your professional characteristics.

If you only use basic functions like document tables in your daily work. It is a waste of resources to buy a high-end laptop with best configuration.