July 25, 2024


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What causes hard drive failure? Avoid data loss!

what causes hard drive failure

What causes hard drive failure? External hard drives are susceptible to a wide variety of things, along with mechanical and practical collapse, and viruses, just like hard disk drives.

What causes a hard drive failure?

As a rule of thumb, with their notebooks, individuals are more vigilant than with their external drives (how frequently can you chuck your computer into a bag without any safety or covering), which can also add to their comparatively high failure rates with LaCie mobile data recovery


It’s worth noting that at the completion of the day the external hard drives are simply mechanical artefacts and that no matter how strong-quality the brand is or how much you care about them, they don’t last lifetime.

How to prevent data loss on an external hard drive

what causes hard drive failure

So: external hard drives can malfunction, but how would you take preventive action in the case of failing to protect it and to safeguard your data? Do you know how to manage to keep an external hard drive from missing data? Here are a handful of tips:

Take good care of hard ware device

It may seem evident, but it’s a major error that many individuals make.

Treat your disc as you would your device to extend the shelf life of your external hard drive, and secure the files you have saved on it.

Buy a case for it, hold it free from convection, humidity, or lower or higher temperatures, and make sure it doesn’t operate in a bumpy area, where the structural parts may easily be affected by vibration.

If there is some form of physical harm to your drive, bring it to your nearest device repair specialist in Fort Worth to fix it.

Monitor the Health of your device

Usually, external hard drives cannot just malfunction without first producing any signs. As such, it can be a wise way to manage the fitness of your drive to detect issues and avoid failure.

There are hundreds of applications for tracking hard drives that are programmed to watch the health of external drives and disclose errors, so you can repair them before they even cause a total failure.

Don’t overload the drive

what causes hard drive failure

Do you remember the saying “put all of your eggs in one basket?” For portable hard discs, LaCie mobile data recovery that’s as true as it is for everything else.

You not only reduce its life cycle by making things happen tougher and boosting stress and strain when you overburden the hard drive, but then you also place yourself at higher risk of total data loss as the drive chew the dust.

Hold the hard drive below capacity with this in sight. Buy an extra external hard drive or even could use a cloud-based service to fully back your setup, such as Amazon’s Cloud Computing, if you ever need to.

Always “Remove the device” – common causes hard drive failure

Pick the “Delete Unit” option instead of only taking your drive’s USB out of your machine when you’re finished with it.

There are two explanations for this: the first is that disabling the computer eliminates the risk that it will disrupt and damage the data transmission. 

The other one is that plugging out the device discourages the power failure frequently caused by inappropriate unplugging from experiencing from your drive.

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What causes hard drive failure? – Conclusions

Remember, to avoid data loss data and hard drive failure, you must avoid these actions or causes to mantain safe and healty your drive. Also you must consider make a backup of all your data to have better opportunities to rescue your data in the case of damage.

Also you can recover your data from a damaged hard drive, using some of the services described on the section “What causes hard drive failure?”, use this kind of resources in the case of emergency.