May 25, 2024


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Oracle Cloud Testing: Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry

Oracle cloud testing

With the development of new age technologies the landscape of the market has become connected. To keep pace in the market, pharmaceutical companies have to face a lot of issues while transforming into a business model. The regulatory changes, cost management, and rising competitive environment lead to life science organizations and the healthcare sector utilizing modern-age technology. Oracle Cloud EPM assists pharmaceutical companies to address existing challenges. There are significant updates released by Oracle to provide many benefits to customers. However, simply putting updates without testing leads to problems in Oracle EPM. This is why Oracle Cloud test automation tools are used to achieve speed and accuracy in healthcare operations.

How Oracle Cloud EPM Helps Pharma Companies to Become Agile

Oracle Cloud EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) assists pharmaceutical companies so that they can deliver robust and customer-oriented experiences. Moreover, it enables pharma companies to address problems, like financial penalties. Oracle Cloud releases new updates every quarter. It means in every three months a new functionality will be added to the existing system of Oracle EPM.

Oracle infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS) updates, vertex updates, etc. requires proper testing to carry out all the functions in a streamlined manner. The Oracle applications are quite complex from technical and functional standpoints. This is why testing is of great importance.

Complexities Arise While Testing the Pharmaceutical Applications

  • The rising patient data led to the introduction of more regulations and complaints within the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from this, there are other life-threatening and complex workflows associated with this industry. Due to all this, software testing is of great importance.
  • Pharmaceutical applications are a little complex. This is why testers have to pattern the patient and related medical information so that overall clinical checks can be performed well.
  • More often pharmacy application systems are integrated with third-party tools, like insurance management, and barcode scanners. Due to cross-technology link-up, testing becomes a tedious process.

Complexities in Oracle Cloud Testing

  • Oracle is a highly dynamic application that has a lot of dynamic attributes. For the automation of the components, like frames and iframes, proper coding and programming knowledge is required.
  • Due to the release of frequent updates, there is a chance that existing functionality may suffer from these updates. There are also the chances of test script disintegration that can lead to failure of the test.
  • Most organizations use third-party applications and Office 365 with Oracle cloud apps. Most of the testing tools have limitations on cross-technology validation. Due to all this, organizations face significant challenges while integrating updates with Oracle applications.

Now, you are well aware of the significant complexities of Oracle cloud testing.

Let’s discuss some well-known Oracle Cloud test automation tools.

Tools for Oracle Cloud Testing


It is a no-code test automation tool in which zero coding and programming skills are required. Due to this, the test scripts can be easily created, executed, and maintained. It is specifically built for Oracle cloud applications. Opkey offers prebuilt test cases that accelerate the testing process and mitigate business risks. Opkey supports 15+ ERPs and enterprise applications, ensuring end-to-end testing.


It stands for Oracle Application Testing Suite and it was built by Oracle and is famous for its compatibility with other Oracle applications. It encompasses the built-in automation libraries that not only ease up the test setup but also streamline the implementation and maintenance process. However, it is an expensive tool and supports only web-based products and Oracle applications.


It is  one of the well-known Oracle Cloud test automation tools. It is widely used as it is free and open-source. There are two automation suites of this: Selenium IDE and Grid. The setup and recording functionality assists through Selenium IDE, whereas Grid enables the parallel testing

Key Tips to Choose the Automation Testing Tool for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • While selecting the tool, check whether it comprises features, like pre-built libraries and AI-powered self-healing engines.
  • Go with the tool that can help achieve the right compliance reports for security role validation with function/ data security changes in Oracle EPM.
  • Go with a tool that can easily comprehend the modification impact on Oracle Cloud and other critical business processes. The proper test coverage becomes all the more important to deliver the full accountability and visibility of the entire modified landscape.

Conclusive Remarks

Testing is a crucial aspect of the pharma industry. The right testing provides the overall insights. For the maintenance of continuity in the business, Oracle releases quarterly updates to upgrade the applications. This is why the right Oracle Cloud test automation tools are crucial to get the overall insights of the pharma industry. It is a growing industry in which appropriate testing strategies and tools are the foremost.

Opkey is a no-code test automation platform that streamlines the overall testing process of Oracle. It integrates modern technology, like AI to accelerate the testing process.