May 25, 2024


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What is a Virtual Number for SMS and Registration?

What is a Virtual Number for SMS and Registration?

Almost all popular online platforms have now introduced registration by getting a confirmation code sent to your phone. I think everyone already knows that stating your personal phone number is not safe, because there is always a risk of data leakage and the number falling into the hands of fraudsters and spammers.

For instance, a lot of online shops and course sites send you advertising messages after your registration, which may distract you from your important work or simply annoy you. Therefore, to maintain your privacy and save your nerves from annoying advertising, you can use a virtual number rental.

What is a virtual number for SMS and registration?

Virtual Numbers are mobile phone numbers that work over the Internet and can be used to receive SMS messages without being tied to your physical device or location. Because this type of mobile number is entirely web based you can use the service with any internet-connected device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual numbers can also be used for various purposes, such as registering on social networks, creating accounts in online shops or banking applications, confirming orders in restaurants, etc. They are particularly useful when the use of a telephone number is required but you do not want to disclose your personal number.

Using virtual numbers can be a very convenient and effective way to ensure security and privacy as well as improve customer service. They can also help you save time and reduce monetary costs.

Benefits of virtual numbers: Why do you need one?

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to rent a virtual phone number. This list will be particularly useful to those who are not yet familiar with the service.

The main advantages of this service include:

  1. Anonymity. If your mobile phone is linked to your personal accounts, payment systems, documents, a virtual number is a way to anonymously register on a website, use a service, etc.
  2. Absence of geographical connection. Standard numbers are always tied to a particular region and limit user to geography of use. Of course, you may call overseas, but you will have to pay 2 to 3 times more for it. This is not the case with virtual numbers. You can just rent a number of any countries and bypass all possible regional restrictions during registration.
  3. Lower cost of ownership. Virtual Numbers are much cheaper than the cost of acquiring a familiar physical SIM card. This is of special benefit to those, who require many of mobile numbers.
  4. Easy to use. All you need to do is find a specialized resource and register there. Then you will be able to get a virtual number and start receiving an SMS. You do not need to stand in a queue and go to a shop, everything is done online.
  5. Possibility to rent any number. It is very convenient for those who are engaged in network promotion and other specialists in Internet advertisement activities.

This is just a small part of advantages of virtual numbers.

Where do I get a Virtual Phone Number for SMS?

SMS-man is a popular provider of virtual phone numbers for SMS reception, offering a wide choice of mobile numbers from over 150 countries. As a result, the company offers a high degree of flexibility and availability for its customers, allowing them to address a wide range of business and personal needs.

Detailed instructions on how to obtain a virtual phone number using the SMS-man service:

  1. Create an account at or use a quick registration via your social media account;
  2. Find the “Top-up” button on the left side menu and deposit the required amount for the purchase;
  3. Choose one of the countries and the desired service on the home page. Then click the “Buy” button next to the selected service;
  4. The phone number will be added to your request history, at the bottom of the home page;
  5. Copy it and use it to sign up for the service of your choice;
  6. After the verification code is sent to your phone number, go back to the SMS-man website and click on the button next to your phone number “Receive SMS”;
  7. Use the verification code you received to complete the registration.