June 25, 2024


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Things to Do in Hurghada, Cairo? My trip to Egypt

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Most important things to know before going to Hurghada and Cairo city in Egypt for your vacation and enjoying it. I will tell you through my personal experience what are the most important things you should know before going to Egypt and spending your sightseeing vacation, especially if this is your first visit.

You should be aware that there is inappropriate coverage of the situation in Egypt by the world media, this instills fear in all people who want to go to Egypt on vacation and enjoy the trip as a diving safari in Egypt.

The Egyptian government was interested in developing the tourism sector during the reign of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, where more than 80 hotels received the Green Star program in 15 tourism cities in Egypt.

Egypt has over 25,000 hotel rooms and over 130,000 under construction and will soon open to guests. Egypt ranked second in the world as the best diving destination after Indonesia in 2011.

My experience in Hurghada Cairo

I will first talk about the most beautiful 3 days I spent in the tourist city of Hurghada and enjoy the Hurghada Excursions from riding camels and beach buggy, then a cruise to see the charming coral reefs, the rare colorful fish and the pure white sand of the beaches on Giftun Island, it was really an enjoyable vacation.

I do these trips

  1. Orange Bay Hurghada | VIP Snorkeling in Hurghada Tour price from 30$.
  2. 6 Hours Quad Bike Safari in Hurghada Trip price from 30$.

We start now to share with you my experience during a trip to Egypt in order to save you money, time and effort and plan your vacation professionally and enjoy your time fully.

Egypt is safe

Egypt’s No. 8 ranking among the safest countries in the world, after the elimination of terrorism during the era of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, also reduced crime rates, thanks to the efforts of the Egyptian police in the fight against crime, armed violence, drug addiction and violent crime, and the elimination of terrorism on The Sinai Peninsula and other parts of Egypt.

Thus, you can walk in complete safety and even safer than any tourist resort in other countries around the world.

You should know and make sure that, through customs and upbringing, the Egyptians are kind friendly courteous with tourists doing their best to ensure that the tourist has a positive experience in Egypt.

You should know that in 2019 there was a 16% increase in British tourists to Egypt over the same period last year, as well as the resumption of a flight from England to Sharm El Sheikh to send a clear signal to the world that Egypt is safely.

Tipping in Egypt

Tipping is very common in Egypt, so be prepared to spend a little more money than your travel budget has.

Whether it’s a taxi driver or the person helping you with a smile with bags or a waiter at a restaurant or hotel serving you food or any service, expect to tip. Tipping in Hurghada, Cairo is not obligatory for a tourist or any person, while it is customary to give a little cash for additional thanks for the service A little tip:

Be prepared to pay a little money, not exceeding 10-20 Egyptian pounds, only to the person you think has done you a favor and refuse to take something. You should receive confirmation from the travel coordinator that the amount you paid is without tip, since it is natural that his services are offered to you without commission or additional charges.

How to get a card for your mobile phone SIM

If you are worried about using your cell phone outside of your country and traveling to Egypt, if you need to be always connected and sometimes receive international text messages or calls or data.

You may feel anxious and fearful in any country where you go, and that you cannot ask for help or use GPS technology to find a hotel or family if you lose them, but there is no need to be afraid in Egypt.

Once landed at Cairo airport or Hurghada airport or Sharm el Sheikh airport you will find places selling local mobile lines where you can buy a SIM card in Egypt at a very cheap price of 60 pounds If you are in a hurry to go to the hotel, you can buy a SIM card at any branch of communication salons where you have many branches in all cities, especially in tourist cities such as Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

I recommend buying a SIM card only from Vodafone or telecom if you are looking for quality in online service and international communications where Orange is no longer a good reputation as it used to be.

The SIM card will give you a new number, but it will save you all your data, texts, calls and give you the opportunity to access the Internet at any time and with the highest quality.

You should know that there has been the development of infrastructure for communication lines and improving the quality of service to connect to the Internet with the highest quality

A little tip in Hurghada, Cairo

If you are traveling on a tour with a company on your own, you must have WI-FI available at the hotel, and also available through the service of the SIM card that you purchased when you are outside the hotel.If you are traveling to Egypt alone and you need contact directly the online booking service Uber or use Google Maps to get to the place you need, then you need a SIM card with the Internet.