May 20, 2024


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Become a Racer with These 4 Racing Games Available on iOS

racing games ios

We love playing video games because we can become anyone we want to be, be it a racer, a business owner, a baker, and many others. For those who love speed and drive the most luxurious cars, a huge number of games have been created that are available both on computers, consoles, and smartphones.

Games are not the only way to get behind the wheel of a luxury car and drive at high speeds. You can rent a Bentley in Dubai and ride this powerful iron horse that looks and feels great on the road. In addition, car rentals offer other models of cars for hire, and you can also get first-class service at the best rental price.

We will talk about the most exciting racing games available for iOS device users. Choose the best and satisfy your need for speed.

Gear.Club – True Racing

If you want to get a dose of adrenaline, then you should download this game, which is available to all users. Its distinguishing feature is that it is detailed and you will appreciate the powerful motors, as well as first-class high-speed tracks. Moreover, you will like the fact that the smallest details of cars look like in real life.

You can not only play alone but also participate in various races and competitions with your friends. After choosing a car from a huge number, you can work to make it even better by stopping by workshops and doing car customization.

Kartrider Rush+

racing games ios

You can join a huge number of people around the world playing kart racing as the new version of the game is even better than before. You will see your excitement rise as new styles become available as well as game modes. Enjoy racing alone or join your friends to go on an exciting adventure together.

Your main task in the course of the story is to quickly climb up the standings. This can be achieved if you improve not only your kart but also your character.

There are 4 main game modes to your attention, where you can work to unlock new race tracks, improve your drifting skills, start hunting for valuable items, and also take part in the storyline, resisting the pirate captain.

Real Racing 3

You have a great chance to join the world of motorsport and also become a member of Formula 1. The word “real” is in the name for a reason, as the developers wanted to focus on allowing players to plunge into the real world of racing. You can ride on more than 35 tracks, which are located in real places in the world.

In addition, the developers have made the cars especially detailed, and you can ride on models of cars from world-famous automakers. You will be able to join races in real-time and try to win against a huge number of users around the world. You will be able to take part in races against time, races taking place at night, and much more.

Dirt Bike Unchained

racing games ios

If you like to drive motorbikes more than cars, then this application will be a great choice. It’s filled with amazing visuals as well as challenging race tracks that you’ll want to conquer.

You will learn to perform tricks of various difficulty levels on racing motorcycles. As you progress, you’ll unlock new opportunities with new tracks, new types of bikes, different rider gear, and more.


If you are short on adrenaline and love speed, then you should play the amazing racing games available on iOS. Exciting adventures are waiting for you, and you can ride the cars of your dreams. In addition, video games will delight you with their detail and you can plunge into the racing world. For motorbike enthusiasts, there are also exciting games, where you can go on an adventure on difficult tracks.