July 13, 2024


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– Part 5

If you own an Acer Liquid E phone and you find it running slow, or even you have forgotten the blocking patter password, then you may want to reset Android and give it a second chance.

That’s why today in this tutorial we will teach you two ways to restore the factory settings on your Acer Liquid E. The first way will work even if you have no access into Android OS.

It is important to understand that all your contacts, messages and installed apps will be deleted from your Acer Liquid E when performing an Android reset. All customization you may have applied into your Acer Liquid E will be forgotten.

If you do not want to lose everything and still got access into your phone’s Android operative system, then you should make a backup. There are tons of backup / restore apps in the Google play store. We recommend the G Cloud app.

Reset Android on your Acer Liquid E the easy way

If you still can access your Android settings menu on the Acer Liquid E, you can easily invoke the oficial reset procedure: tap into Settings > Privacy > Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase all  and then wait for your Acer Liquid E to restart, restored to it’s factory default settings.


You will invoke a special emergency recovery menu inside your Acer Liquid E by starting with your phone powered off and pressing certain buttons on it. You do not need a working Android OS with this method, so it is ideal if you forgot the pattern lock password:

  1. Turn off the device , wait some seconds to be sure it is completely powered off.
  2. Turn on the phone and when it vibrates press both volume buttons: If you did it right you will enter recovery mode
  3.  In recovery mode , navigate with the volume buttons until “Clean Boot? Yes ” appears and use the camera button to confirm ,
  4. When finished, your Acer Liquid E will reboot into factory default state.

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If you have a Motorola Atrix know that occasionally is running slow, or worse yet, you’ve forgotten the lock pattern and are left out of it, then performing a reset Android will probably fix it.

This tutorial will teach you how to hard reset Android on your Motorola Atrix, in easy steps.

Before starting, consider the following: When you reset Android on your Motorola Atrix, all personal contacts, messages

and installed apps will be deleted.

If you want to keep your information and you still got access to your Motorola Matrix, it is a good idea to make a backup with G Cloud or similar software.

First method to reset ANDROID ON Motorola

For the first method you will use the phone menu to restore your Motorola Atrix, you just have to go to Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything , wait a few minutes and the phone will restart as new.


Although this second process is not very simple, if you have forgotten the lock pattern and / or cannot access the settings menu as detailed in the first method, we have the following emergency restoration procedure:

We will use a combination of buttons on your Motorola Atrix that will let you access the Android recovery menu. From there we can restore the factory settings, we just need to follow these steps :

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 5 seconds to continue
  2. Press the volume down button and hold it down , now press the power button.
  3. If you’ve done it correctly, your Motorola Atrix will show a “fastboot” screen
  4. Navigatethrough the menu using the VOLUME DOWN button, until “Android Recovery” is highlighted.
  5. Press the VOLUME UP button to confirm it.
  6. Do not release the VOLUME UP button until you see an android with exclamation .
  7. Tap the lower right corner of the touchscreen. You may need to do it several times
  8. If you have Android 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 the following menu is activated by pressing both volume keys. Also in this case use the POWER button to activate the highlighted option, instead of OK.
  9. Within the next menu navigate using the volume keys to “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” , press OK
  10. Do the same with ” Yes – Delete all user data”.

When the process completes, within the same screen you will see the option “Reboot Now” , confirms that option and the phone will restart as new to the Motorola Atrix factory default settings.

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If you have an HTC Evo 4G

and it is not working as it should, you may need to reset Android  in order for your phone to return into to factory condition.

Also, if you forgot the pattern lock code, by following this tutorial and successfully resetting Android inside your HTC Evo 4G, you will regain command of it.

Today we’ll show you two easy ways to reset Android on your HTC Evo 4G.

A word of advice: By resetting Android, on your HTC Evo 4G, all contacts, messages, apps installed and personal data will be deleted.

If you still have access into your HTC Evo 4G operative system, then you may just want to perform  a backup of all your information.

Reset Android on the HTC EVO 4G 

This method may prove effective to reset Android if you have no access to the Android operating system, either because it is damaged or because you forgot the lock pattern.

You will need to enter into a custom recovery menu inside your HTC Evo 4G, which will restore the phone into factory settings.

You must follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the phone properly. If it does not want to power off, just take it’s battery for some seconds.
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button
  3. Press and then release the POWER button (while pressing the VOLUME DOWN button)
  4. If you did it right, you will see the recovery menu on your HTC Evo 4G display.
  5. With your phone’s volume buttons navigate into “Clear Storage” and confirm with power button
  6. Use the VOLUME UP button to confirm the process
  7. After a few minutes the phone will reboot in factory default state.

RESET ANDROID ON HTC EVO 4G if it is still in working state

We will use the standard factory reset option inside your HTC Evo 4G’s Android operating system:

From your phone’s main screen, get into settings menu. You need to navigate and tap into Settings> Backup and Restore > Restore Factory Data > Reset phone > Erase everything. Wait a few minutes and your phone will restart as if just bought: Completely clean and in default settings.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 is an Android device that even after being for about a couple of years on the market at the time of this writing, it is still in the taste of people, being used all around the globe.

Reset Android on Samsung Galaxy S2

Warning! Before starting the Android reset process on your Samsung Galaxy S2, please know that your data, including contacts, messages and installed apps, will be deleted.

If you still have working access into the Android operating system in your Samsung Galaxy S2 and want to make a backup, we recommend you to use G Cloud , a free application available on the Google Play Store  to create a copy of your files in the cloud.

First method to reset Android on Samsung Galaxy S2

This method requires access into your Android OS, so it may prove useful if your Samsung Galaxy S2 is still in working condition.

From your phone’s main screen, Access the Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything , wait until the process completes and the phone reboots as new.

If you are being locked off from your Samsung Galaxy S2, then you will use the secondary method of restoration, ideal if you missed the pattern lock on your Samsung Galaxy S2:

  1. Turn off the phone and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN button
  3. While holding the VOLUME DOWN button, press and release the POWER button.
  4. In the menu that follows select the ” Clear Storage” by using the VOLUME DOWN button.
  5. Execute the “clear Storage” by confirming it with the POWER button.
  6. Again confirm the “clear storage” procedure with the VOLUME UP button (or cancel it with the VOLUME DOWN button.
  7. Wait for the process to finish so your Samsung Galaxy S2 will return to factory default settings.

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I will teach you how to reset Android on the LG Optimus G, a phone that was released in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy s3 and at the time of this writing, still got plenty of adepts, due to its processing power, construction quality and onboard memory.

To carry out this hard reset Android process on your LG Optimus G, we will review the two most popular methods:

In the first one, we will achieve the desired effect by pressing a combination of buttons, starting with the phone powered off.

Alternatively, in the second method we will access the restore procedure from the settings menu itself (provided you still got a functional Android OS inside the phone).

As always, we remind you that the reset procedure will delete all files, settings and information which is not part of the Android operating system itself. You may want to perform a data backup in your LG Optimus G, i you can.

Reset ANdroid on your LG Optimus G by combination of buttons.

This method will help us when we have no access to the Android operating system of the device. This may happen, for example, when we forget the unlock pattern.

  1. Turn off the phone and wait 10 seconds before continuing
  2. Press the VOLUME DOWN  and POWER buttons at the same time,
  3. Wait for an internal recovery menu to appear and then release the buttons
  4. Read the warnings and press the power button to continue
  5. Press the power button again to start the process and wait

Reset Android on the LG Optimus G through the Menu

You need to start in your home Android screen. From there, you open your setttings menu, and navigate into Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything.

Wait a few seconds (or even a minute, this may be a lengthy process). When finished, the LG Optimus G  will reboot as if for the first time, into its original factory settings.

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