July 16, 2024


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lg – Reset Android – Part 2

If you have a LG L Bello device, and are looking for a way to reset Android on it, this tutorial will help.

We will show you two ways in which  you can achieve this, and return your LG L Bello to its factory settings, leaving your device with a clean Android OS and no bugs or lags.

Please, before you start the process of reset android on your LG L Bello, make sure your battery is charged to at least 80%, to avoid and unexpected and unwanted shutdowns.

Keep in mind that you will loose all your personal data stored in your device, so, if you can, doing a backup before starting is always a good idea.

Reset android on LG L Bello using OS options.

If you have access to your devices OS and simply want to remove any lagging, or just delete everything from your LG L Bello to give it to someone else to use, for example, this is the easiest method to reset android for you. Just follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Backup & Reset
  • Select Factory data reset
  • Select Reset Phone
  • Read all warnings and select Erase everything

And you’re done!

Reset Android on LG L Bello using hardware buttons

If you forgot the lock pattern of your LG L Bello or it’s malfunctioning for any other reason that will not let you have access to the Applications Menu, this is the method to reset Android that will work for you:

  • Make sure your device is completely turned off.
  • Press the Volume Down button, and without letting go, press the Power button.
  • When the LG logo shows up, release both buttons and press them again.
  • If the phone restarts itself normally, try the same steps again, but just let go of the power button, while keeping the volume down button still pressed.
  • When the Factory data reset screen shows, release both buttons.
  • Use the volume buttons to navigate to the YES option, and the power button to select.

And you’re done! Your LG L Bello should now have a clean android OS, like just out of the box, and you have successfully reset Android!

If you have a LG Optimus L4 II device and want to reset android, this tutorial will give you two excellent ways to do this.

There are many reasons to wanting to reset Android on LG Optimus L4 II. Maybe it is giving some errors, or lagging. maybe you lost the lock pattern. Or maybe you just want to give or sell your LG Optimus L4 II for someone else to use, and don’t want all your personal data to go with the mobile.

Both methods will achieve the same result, but depending on the state of your device, you will use one or the other.

One of these methods is more simple than the other, and you can use it if you still have access to the applications menu of your device. The other will use hardware buttons, making it unnecessary for you to need to have access to your phone, for example if you forgot the lock pattern.

Before starting any of the two methods presented in this tutorial, make sure your battery is charged at least to 80% of it’s capacity, and backup your data, whenever possible.

Reset Android on LG Optimus L4 II using the applications menu

To reset android on your LT Optimus L4 II device you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the applications Menu
  • Enter Settings
  • Enter Privacy
  • Tap on Factory data reset
  • tap on Reset Phone
  • Tap on Erase everything.

The LG Optimus L4 II will start the process of returning android to it’s out of the box state.

Use hardware buttons to reset Android on LG Optimus L4 II

If you do not have access to the applications menu of your device, you will have to use this method to hard reset Android. To do this follow these steps:

Turn your LG Optimus L4 II  completely off. To do this turn off the phone, and then remove the battery, wait for 20 seconds and then reinsert it

Press the Volume Down button, and while keeping it pressed, press the Power button.

When you see the Android icon on your screen, let go of both buttons.

The phone will start it’s process of returning to it’s out of the box state, and then restart showing the welcome screen.

And we’re done! By now your LG Optimus L4 II should be as good as new and your reset Android was a success!

If you need to Reset Android on your LG Volt device, in this tutorial we will explain how.

Maybe you just forgot the lock pattern, or your LG Volt have started to present performance issues. Maybe you want to sell it or give it away, and therefor you need to have it wiped.

There are two very simple methods to achieve this. These methods will give you a clean Android operative system, and return the LG Volt to it’s out of the box condition.

To use the first method to reset android you will need to have access to the Applications menu of the LG Volt. If you don’t have access to your mobile, use the second method to reset android.

Before using any of the two methods that we will explain to reset android, please check that the battery of your LG Volt is at least 80% charged. It is also convenient to do a backup of your data, if possible.

Soft Reset Android on LG Volt using the Applications Menu

To reset Android on your LG Volt by software, go to the Applications Menu on your phone and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Applications Menu -> System Settings -> Backup & reset
  2. Tap on Factory Data Reset
  3. Tap on Reset Phone -> Erase everything and OK to confirm.

Hard Reset Android on LG Volt using hardware buttons

  1. Make sure your phone is turned off
  2. Press the following buttons, holding them down at the same time: Volume Down button + Power button
  3. When the Factory reset processing screen is shown, let go of the buttons at the same time.
  4. With the volume buttons navigate to the Wipe data/Factory reset option. Select this option by pressing the Power button
  5. Navigate to Yes – delete all user data and press the Power button to accept.
  6. The phone will now start the Factory reset process.

By now you should have been able to reset android on your LG Volt, using either of the methods described.