April 19, 2024


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lg – Reset Android – Part 4

Your Nexus 4 phone, announced on october 2012 landed as one of the better (if not the very best) phones avaialable for the Android Mobile scene. You surely found pure quad core power and incredible specs under every aspect of this stupendous Nexus 4 phone by LG, which in turn probably did a good work on satisfying your mobile computing needs … at least for some time.

Now maybe it is time to move on and your LG E960 phone is being offered in ebay, or even maybe you are giving it as a gift to someone else. A Hard Reset on your Android OS might prove a mandatory task, in such case.  You will wipe out all your personal stuff including messages, apps, games,contacts, history logs, etc. from your Nexus 4 and leave it in it’s factory default mode, as if it was just purchased.

Or -hopefully is not your case- your phone has been degrading in performance due to the increasing amount of apps, games and general data you are stuffing inside it. Maybe  your Nexus 4 is even freezing on you, or just forcefully closing your favorite apps from time to time, due to some obscure incompatibility from some recent App you installed, and you do not have a clear idea on which one is the offending one. These symptoms can be also cured by performing a hard reset on your phone.

Factory Default Nexus 4 the easy way

As usual with all Android devices, there is an option inside the SETTINGS menu on your Nexus 4 that allows you to hard reset it and leave it as factory default. You will find this inside the Backup and Reset option. Once inside, you have to choose the Factory Data Reset option.

Factory Default your Nexus 4 with no Android access

If your Nexus 4 is unresponsive, then you may follow these steps in order to Factory Default it:

  1. Turn OFF your Nexus 4 phone
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down  and the Power buttons until your nexus 4 turns on.
  3. When you see the word START and an arrow around it,  release those keys and tap the Volume Down button twice, to select Recovery Mode
  4. Press Power button to confirm Recovery mode.
  5. Your Nexus 4 will reboot in Recovery Mode (An android image with a red exclamation mark will appear)
  6. While pressing the Power button, press the Volume UP button.
  7. Use the Volume keys to scroll into WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option.
  8. Press Power to select the desired option. Choose YES  – erase all user data” and reconfirm with the Power Button
  9. Your LGE960 Nexus 4 will perform a hard reset on it’s Android Operative System.

Again, it is necessary to repeat that all your information inside the Nexus 4 phone’s memory will be lost with this procedure. This tutorial has been extracted and interpreted from the Nexus 4 Support online manual.

As usual with any hard reset, all your data will be erased from your LG Optimus S. This might come handy if your are planning to sell your trusty LG phone, or eventually if you are experiencing glitches or slowdowns or even freeze ups on your Android OS. You will effectively revert your LG Optimus S into factory default state,  not only eliminating all your contacts, messages, apps and games, but also regaining all your storage space and get Android responsiveness at full speed back again.

If you still got access into your LG Optimus S android OS, then you can invoke the hard reset function from the “SETTINGS” menu, inside the “PRIVACY” option, where you will be able to start the “FACTORY DATA RESET” routine which will accomplish what you want without any further hassle. But maybe your phone’s  clogged – malfunctioning state is such that you don’t have access to it’s Android menues. If such is your case, then you can try the following methods:

Hard Reset LG Optimus S

This is the ultimate method to perform a hard reset on your LG Optimus S:

  1. Turn your phone off (if the phone is freezed on, then remove it’s battery, wait a couple of seconds and put it back).
  2. Press and hold the “VOLUME DOWN” + “HOME” + ” POWER” buttons. When power turns on, you may release these buttons.
  3.  You need to enter your PIN / unlock pattern or gmail password
  4. Follow onscreen instructions

Alternative solution to hard reset your LG Optimus S

You may download and use the “LG MOBLE SUPPORT TOOL” for LG Optimus S  (downloadable from LG’s Website), install it, and choose the “Recovery Phone” option from the Customer Support menu.

As usual, you can perform a factory default reset (also known as hard reset) on your LG Optimus V by using the appropriate option inside your Android settings menu. This might prove easy and simple provided that your LG Optimus V is still in normal working condition and you have access to it (i.e. you didn´t loose your password,  and your LG Optimus V phone is working ok).

  1. On your Home Screen, get into the Settings Menu
  2. Select PRIVACY option
  3. Inside PRIVACY option choose the FACTORY DATA RESET
  4. Read and confirm each data are that will be deleted.
  5. Press over RESET PHONE

Hard Reset LG Optimus V without access to Android

This second scenario is assuming that you cannot access your Android OS thus you cannot follow the above procedure. In order to start these steps, you need to have your LG Optimus V powered off. If your phone is turned on but freezed and you cannot power it off, please take off the phone’s battery, wait for some seconds and place it back again.

  1. Press and hold the “DOWN VOLUME” + “HOME” + “POWER” keys for at least 5 seconds
  2. When the power turns on, relese those keys
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your LG Optimus V