June 21, 2024


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Bitcoin: A suitable Gold alternative

bitcoin gold

Bitcoin, the mother of all cryptocurrencies, has gained more momentum than our precious metal “Gold.” Is it safe to say Bitcoin has dethroned Gold? Can Bitcoin keep up with the expectations? Let’s explore more in this article.

In the past years, there have been a lot of predictions about the economy of the world at large. However, the outcomes are not always so encouraging. Many of the fact-ridden predictions pointed to the occurrence of the world economic recession. And this is not a good sign for investors across the world. Hence, the continuous search for a pure and safe recession-proof investment.

Gold has always been the safe haven all investors run to when they want to shield their money and investment from recession. For the records, that hasn’t changed. However, with the inception of bitcoin, gold might have to take a backseat.

It’s a fact that gold remains an invaluable investment. With a non-forgeable reputation, its value keeps increasing with time. The adopted gold standard

is an important factor behind the uprising value and reputation of gold.

Bitcoin Or Gold:  Institutional Investors’ Choice

bitcoin gold

With bitcoin in existence, there is a continuous strain on gold for better market value. Although neither of these assets can affect the growth of the other. One has certainly outperformed the other. And yes, Bitcoin is on the winning side. A question many investors and institutional traders ask is that “how does decentralized finance do it with so much ease?”

Bitcoin is outrightly a well-thought-out and managed asset. As a decentralized asset, it offers and can empower anyone the right to own and do as you deem fit with your coin. You can own it in several ways. The fundamental process of owning is by mining.

So, you can heap in a chuck load of this digital asset. Mining is very rewarding if you know the methodologies involved. On the other hand, you might just have to stick with repossessing the already owned coins. This is where the exchange trading platforms come into play.

To ensure maximum security, we would recommend that you trade with Bitvavo. Bitvavo is a well-known and trusted crypto exchange. It does more than what exchanges are meant to do. More than just lead you to where you can acquire your bitcoin, Bitvavo makes you understand your choices. You can acquire your crypto in bit or bulk from this exchange. This makes them suitable for both retail and institutional investors. 

A wider acceptance also plays a vital role in the value of an asset. The fact that fiat currencies are ideally unstable and not so reliable is why many countries across the world are grooming into acceptance of Fintech and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The wide acceptance of this new set of digital currency is roaring and steadily uprising.

Availability and Security

The question of security for investment is one you really need to understand before you delve into it.  Proceeding without prior knowledge of your investment isn’t a good idea. You shouldn’t gamble with your money, after all. 

Bitcoin reflects a lot of volatility per time makes it associated with instability. Simply put, the value of bitcoin is always changing and never really held at any constant rate. That could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how vast and how well you handle the situation. You should also keep in mind that gold also presents a non-constant value.

Bitcoin has in recent times hit new all-time highs. In essence, it is a growing asset. In fact, with its wide acceptance, it will hit a new all-time highest in no time. You can be very sure of the fact that your digital asset is secured. Yet, it’s a norm to bother yourself with questions about its availability.

What if the bitcoin-miner ends up mining just to cause a deflation of its price? That’s not even a question! This is because bitcoin is a well-regulated cryptocurrency with only a nice piece fraction of its entire budget in circulation.

Only 21 million bitcoins can exist. The last set of Bitcoins are projected to be created in the year 2140. By then, the total available volume of bitcoins would be made available for public circulation. This scarcity is a key point for the incorruptible nature of Bitcoin compared to gold and traditional fiat currencies. 

Wrapping Up

Now that bitcoin is climbing up, we all have eyes for it as a good profitable investment. Unlike gold and other transactions, bitcoin trading is anonymous and decentralized. It has repeatedly proven that it can outperform gold.

To have the best trading experience, exchange your bitcoin using Bitvavo. By doing this, you can be sure of maximum security and seamless transaction.

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