June 19, 2024


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Proctoring Concept: How to Maximize the Integrity of Exams?


Education nowadays is experiencing a very great transformation with the help of emerging technologies which allow digital marketing to enter the world of universities and institutions to conduct the examinations effectively and efficiently using online proctoring concept.

Nowadays a lot of institutions are conducting the entrance examinations with the help of online reporting systems and software so that there is a high level of visibility as well as convenience for the students and safety and security of the whole concept is very well ensured.

The assessment companies are coming up with several kinds of remote proctoring solutions so that artificial Intelligence-based things can be implemented easily with proper accessibility from home places.

Concept of Online Proctoring

Concept of online proctoring can be applied with the help of electronic assessment and the whole examination will be supervised through digital mediums and will be conducted with the help of the internet, Web camera and mike.

With the advancement in technology, the whole concept has been combined with facial recognition and artificial intelligence-related systems with the integration of immense opportunities.

Hence, this concept brings several kinds of benefits for the institutions as well as candidates and has transformed the whole way of only education and virtual reality teaching concept.

Now the invigilators will be very easily able to recognize as well as approve the candidates through remote systems no matter where they are located across the globe.

The concept of Online proctoring helps in recording

The concept of Online proctoring helps in recording each of the examination session from the beginning to the end not only through video but it also captures the images and screen of the desktop along with chat boxes so that safeguarding measures can be perfectly implemented for both the teachers as well as students.

The video-enabled surveillance always helps in monitoring the entire examination with the help of standards set in advance and helps in making sure that learning procedures are highly simplified.

These kinds of systems are very much effective to deal with suspicious activities such as cheating. Enabling the proctoring methods in the online examinations has made the whole concept very much easy as well as cheating free.

Now there is no need to arrange the examination centres and physical invigilators in those sectors to conduct the examination freely and effectively.

Now the candidates can very easily appear in the examination through remote locations as well and can track the contents of the computer with the help of online examination and the other related systems.

The online proctoring will verify the identification of the candidate with the help of artificial intelligence special recognition systems and these kinds of driving systems can also determine if the candidates are breaking rules during the test or not.

What is included in this concept?

Following are some of the things which are included in this concept:

  • Identification of the moment when the applicant leaves the room.
  • Identification of the concept if there is any kind extra kind of people in the room.
  • Tracking the eye as well as head movements of the person who is appearing for the examination and even if they look down for a long period then they will be flagged in the examination.
  • It comes with the ability to monitor the unauthorized usage of devices during the examination.
  • In case there is any usage of foreign objects for example mobile and books which are not allowed during the test.
  • If it is based on the utilization of proxy users instead of the candidate

Additional features

Some of the additional features and controls of these kinds of systems are mentioned as follows:

  • The whole concept of auto proctoring is very easily facilitated by the concept of artificial intelligence and in case of any suspicious activity or event, the ability to continuously track will help to provide several kinds of benefits. These kinds of problems can discover the occurrences on the screen and will provide a complete idea about what is happening in front of the camera. So, during the test, if anything occurs the screenshots of the activity will also be shared as proof.
  • In the cases of live proctoring the real human will be completely integrated and incorporated with the usage of technology. The invigilator can very easily sit and control all the video feeds and can also interfere in real-time if required. Hence, the security and feedback of the candidates will very well ensure side-by-side and the test reviews will also be conducted. The concept can be very effectively utilized in auto proctoring and artificial intelligence-based notifications.
  • The feature of recording and reviewing the proposing systems will also enable additional protection along with the flexibility to the candidates so that there is a high level of coordination and availability of the things. Hence, the candidates can go with the option of sharing the feeds in the audiovisual and screen sharing methods.

Benefits of Online Proctoring

Going virtual is the latest trend and this must be followed by all the organizations which are into learning and evaluation of assessments from anywhere and at any time. Some of the benefits of going virtual are mentioned as follows:

  • It will help to optimize as well as cut down the costs associated with transportation of the physical tests and staff to the testing centres.
  • It will help in reducing the time associated with the turnaround of making as well as publishing the results and checking the examinations.
  • It is a great way of entering new markets and tapping the un-utilized resources of the society so that organizations can achieve profitability and productivity-related goals.
  • The plug and play technology will also help to make sure that there is a level of integration throughout the process and efficiency will be significantly improved.


Hence, these proctoring systems are also customizable in the best possible way and the proctoring system allows the organization to examine in a safe, secure and flexible manner.

Hence, these kinds of analytics will also help in making sure that everything can be identified and built cost-effectively with a high level of accuracy throughout the process and preventing the cheating mechanisms.