June 21, 2024


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Singapore Hotels launches a personalized itinerary planner and a section dedicated to green hotels.

Singapore Hotels itinerary planner and green hotels

Singapore Hotels, a leading online resource for hotel bookings and travel advice in Singapore, is proud to announce the launch of two innovative features on its website: a personalized itinerary planner and a section dedicated to Singapore’s green hotels .

The personalized itinerary planner is a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the way travelers plan their trips to Singapore. By entering preferences such as travel dates, interests (culinary, historical or adventure), time in Singapore

and budget, visitors can receive a tailored itinerary that maximizes their experience in the Lion City. This intuitive feature simplifies trip planning, allowing travelers to discover hidden gems and popular attractions aligned with their personal tastes.

“Singapore is a diverse and vibrant city-state with something for every type of traveler,” said Tan Wei Ming, CEO of Singapore Hotels. “Our new itinerary planner is a testament to our commitment to delivering seamless, personalized travel experiences to our users.”

In addition to the itinerary planner, Hotels in Singapore highlights the island’s eco-friendly hotels. This is part of a broader initiative to promote sustainable tourism practices in Singapore. Featured hotels are selected based on their commitment to environmental protection, such as energy efficiency, waste reduction programs and community engagement.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of global travel trends to Singapore,” said Sarah Lim, Singapore Hotels Sustainability Coordinator. “Our platform aims to connect environmentally conscious travelers with accommodations that share their values, fostering a more sustainable future for tourism in Singapore.”

Both the personalized itinerary planner and the eco-friendly hotel highlight are available on the Hotels in Singapore website, offering an enriched and responsible travel planning experience.

To start planning your tailor-made trip around Singapore and discover sustainable accommodation options.

About Singapore Hotels: Singapore Hotels is an innovative online platform that offers extensive hotel listings, travel guides and tailor-made travel planning tools for visitors to Singapore. Our mission is to facilitate memorable and responsible travel experiences by providing comprehensive, easy-to-use resources that meet a wide range of traveler needs and preferences.