May 30, 2024


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ServiceNow – Platform to manage IT procedures

ServiceNow - Platform to manage IT procedures

ServiceNow could be the right platform for companies which need to manage IT procedures, operational activities, or problems. Although ServiceNow typically appears to work with large corporations, this cloud-based IT solution is tailored toward comparatively tiny businesses and startups.This remedy will definitely result in businesses with nearly 1 million staff. But it is a more controllable platform that manages the client’s organization, this proportioned option is best for companies with tiny IT department heads.

ServiceNow offers a self-service catalog, a managed services database (CMDB), and information sharing to help with the automated processes of manual work.Moreover to be procicentin the  ServiceNow platform, ServiceNow Training would helps a great extent. Now let’s discuss the important features, pros and cons of ServiceNow in detail.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based technology platform that accommodates ITSM , IT systems integration (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM). It enhances people’s lives by identifying, organizing, having to manage, and streamlining systems and resources whereas shattering them tasks into simple portions for business processes.

ServiceNow focuses on cloud-based business operation and activities investment management, but it enables people to conduct a range of services and methods such as ability to handle tasks effectively, occurrences, operations program management, management activities, and offering tech support and some plugins as well.

Why should one adopt the ServiceNow platform?

ServiceNow platform is adopted because of the following reasons.They are:

  • Modifications are implemented to almost the same system by all relevant parties, which include employees and customers, that also optimizes operational activities and offers a consistent experience.
  • Enables your workers to follow effectively, and ultimately, levels of service will focus on improving.
  • This can help you save up to 60% on ITSM expenses.
  • Assists you in replacing unorganized job responsibilities and workflows with smart business processes.
  • It provides a variety of ways to get assistance, such as types, surveys, conversation, e – mails, and so on.
  • Activities from numerous management tools and alternative sources are handled by internet services and email deeds.
  • ServiceNow technological advances would then assist you in running efficiently, making one’s daily work intelligent and speedier.
  • You don’t have to worry about setup, integration, notifications, or repairs because SaaS is self-contained.
  • With your brand identity, you can provide a user-friendly self-service platform.

Features of ServiceNow:

The following are the highly features of the ServiceNow. They are:

  • Ease customization with outstanding performance.
  • Connect customers deliberately with minimal costs.
  • Can get real time analysis of data and advanced reporting systems.
  • This abruptive platform helps in data security and confidentiality
  • One can attain the improved operational tracking
  • ServiceNow platform adopts the low configuration techniques to run any enterprise effectively.
  • It comes with on demand IT service management.

Pros and Cons of ServiceNow:

Here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the ServiceNow. They are:

Pros of ServiceNow:

  • ServiceNow platform adopts the cloud hosted environment.
  • It helps for easy tracking of incidents, activities pertaining to an organization.
  • ServiceNow platform reports are highly sleek and customizable.
  • It comes with integrated and highly dynamic functionality that helps in improving the organization performance.

Cons of ServiceNow:

  • In the processing of asset tracking, involves suge operational costs.
  • Moreover the navigation interface is quite complex.
  • It relatively comes with a huge cost when compared with other platforms.
  • However it does not support the on -premises option of the customers.
  • If you prefer to select any other plugins and solutions, one can find great complexity.

Benefits of ServiceNow:

The following are the benefits of the ServiceNow. They are:

  • The framework can also quickly generate engaging and user friendly dashboards which can effectively deliver reports with the click of a button.
  • ServiceNow consumers might provide immediate feedback to common questions along with interconnections to business information. All these are achieved by ServiceNow’s decision to facilitate people to make a comprehensive and flexible depth of knowledge.
  • Other features include the ability for consumers to make decisions and assign work in a timely manner, automated ticket routing, a self-service portal which promotes equality and efficiency, and the capacity to spot repeated IT concerns.


ServiceNow is a potent component that is well-known for its capacity to handle it all as a system. The best feature of ServiceNow is its high quality content procedure, which allows application server realms to identify assistance, include an insightful customer service, deliver service, ensure resource utilization, and evaluate critical service performance measures, workflow management and monitoring, real-time interaction, customer engagement, cooperation and resource sharing, etc.

Author Bio: 

I am Neelima, ServiceNow Developer. I had worked on ServiceNow Projects mostly ITSM & ITOM. currently working with IT Canvass as a Developer, Content Writer for blogs, & Tutor for ServiceNow Training. And also have good knowledge of some of the IT Technologies also like SAP, Jira, Salesforce.