April 17, 2024


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What Are The Most Advisable Insurances You Should Get In Germany As An Expat?

Insurances To Get In Germany As An Expat

Making a significant life change, like moving to a new country, can be both thrilling and terrifying, especially regarding your finances. There is no denying that Germany’s rich history, booming economy, and picturesque landscapes allure expats. As an expat in Germany, knowing the local insurance market is essential to safeguarding yourself from unexpected events. Knowing which choices are necessary and which ones you can live without can be challenging when so many options are available. 

In the event you have decided what insurance to get, andsafe is a reliable option that you would want to check out. It is an innovative digital German insurance company that provides affordable premiums via a convenient and customisable process. Additionally, in this article, we will look in more detail at some of the advisable insurance expats in Germany would do well to obtain.

Why Does Germany Emphasise Insurance?

Insurance is widely regarded as a responsible action in Germany, where an emphasis on being prepared runs deep. It reflects individual dedication and social responsibility, with mandatory Insurance reflecting the country’s focus on the well-being of its citizens. 

Compulsory Insurance like health, liability, and disability protect citizens from financial ruin, encourage individual responsibility, and lighten the financial load on the government. This method exemplifies the German emphasis on both personal autonomy and collective welfare.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a requirement in Germany, not an option if you live and work there. Only those who stay in Germany for less than three months are exempt. Although the German healthcare system is highly regarded for its quality, accessing it requires adequate coverage. 

Expats have a choice between purchasing private or public health insurance. Private Insurance offers specialised solutions for higher earners or those with particular medical needs, while general Insurance is affordable and comprehensive.

Public health insurance is only available to temporary visitors from third countries with a social security agreement with Germany. In Germany, you need private health insurance.

For EU temporary travellers, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers short stays (up to one year), but extended stays require German health insurance.

Personal Liability Insurance

Despite not being required, liability insurance is essential. It is one of the most voluntary insurance policies in Germany. It is highly affordable yet valuable because accidents happen, and the financial repercussions can be disastrous. This coverage insulates you from personal liability for unintentional harm to others, whether it be property damage or bodily injury. It’s a priceless safety net to protect your finances and mental well-being.

Automobile/ Car Insurance

If you own a car, auto insurance is mandatory. Automobile owners must have Insurance to get a driving licence in Germany. It includes coverage for both vehicle damage and liability to a third party. With adequate protection, driving is far less stressful. 

Many factors, like the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, and your past driving record, make this a difficult question to answer. Read reviews regarding different automobile insurance providers on erfahrungenscout.de

, a reliable reviewing site in Germany, and compare policies to find the best coverage that suits your needs.

Renters’ Insurance

Remember to get renters’ Insurance if you’re a tenant. Your landlord’s insurance does not protect what you keep in the apartment. Your property is protected against disasters like fire, vandalism, and theft. This policy’s minimal premium is more than justified by the peace of mind it provides against the unexpected. Like liability insurance, it is not mandatory but prevalent among expatriates and locals. 

Workplace Insurance

Any location has the potential for employment difficulties. Workplace or occupational Insurance in Germany consists of Unemployment insurance, Satuetry pension, and workplace accident insurance. You will automatically be eligible for unemployment insurance if you work in Germany. It provides financial support if you lose your job. Familiarise yourself with the benefits and conditions of this Insurance.

Rentenversicherung, or the German state pension, is a mandatory form of retirement savings. Employers in Germany provide their employees with statutory accident insurance (gesetzliche unfallversicherung), which pays for medical care connected to on-the-job injuries or illnesses.

Personal Accident Insurance

Employees in Germany receive financial compensation in the event of a workplace accident or injury from their respective employers or the German Social Security Agency. On the other hand, personal accident insurance will bail you out in case of an accident outside the workplace.

Consider getting personal accident insurance in addition to your health insurance. Such insurance offers financial assistance in the unfortunate event of an accident causing injury, disability, or death. It’s an added safeguard at times when you need it the least.

Travel Insurance

Travel is a passion for expats in Germany, so if you are one and are considering a trip to Europe or back home, arm yourself with additional travel insurance. It protects against disasters like illness, flight cancellation, and lost luggage. This precaution is necessary even for a short vacation because accidents happen to everyone.

Legal Expenses Insurance

A lawsuit’s effects are unpredictable yet significant. Legal expense insurance makes it possible to have excellent representation without breaking the bank. It’s all about protecting your legal standing.

It’s optional Insurance that helps defray the cost of litigation, but it won’t help with any monetary sanctions imposed by a judge. You’ll have to pay fines out of your wallet, but your Insurance should cover any harm you cause to others.

Life Insurance

In Germany, the term for life insurance is “Risikolebensversicherung,” which provides financial security for those designated as beneficiaries. At the policyholder’s death, a lump sum payout is paid to help support loved ones and pay off debts such as mortgages and loans. Age, health, policy length, and the quantity of coverage all have a role in establishing the premium. 

This low-priced policy covers most accidental deaths and some intentional ones as well. Those with families or mortgages might benefit the most from this because it offers peace of mind without breaking the bank. Life insurance is also voluntary insurance. 

Pet Insurance

If you own a pet and worry about the cost of medical care in case your animal companion is sick or hurt, pet insurance is something to look into. It lessens the monetary strain of giving your pet’s family the best care possible.


Getting the right Insurance is essential for a worry-free life as an expat in Germany. Each policy—from health and liability insurance to travel and pet insurance—plays a distinct role in preserving financial security. The types mentioned above of Insurance are advisable for expats. 

In addition, some other optional insurances to consider are dental Insurance, bicycle insurance, and long-term life care insurance. However, Put your peace of mind first by researching and buying the Insurance that suits your needs and situation.