July 13, 2024


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Gulf Information Technology Exhibition: GITEX TECH WEEK 2021


From October 17 to October 21, 2021, Dubai will host one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to breakthroughs in the field of IT technology and electronics. GITEX TECH WEEK 2021 is an important event where ingenious people can present their new products.

In 2021, the exhibition will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center, which can be reached by anyone with a rental car at https://renty.ae/types/luxury.

The first GITEX exhibition was held in 1981. Every year the number of participants willing to give a speech there increased, and the scale of the event is undoubtedly surprising.

Growth history

10 years ago, the exhibition provided an opportunity for participants from more than 60 countries to show their achievements to the world. More than 130 thousand people came to the events, and about 1400 media covered this event around the world.


In 2012, great minds from more than 140 countries of the world expressed their desire to perform at this venue.

A year later, the number of participants increased to 142 thousand professionals in their field. New participants from such countries as Belarus, Brazil, Finland, Ireland, Kenya, Lithuania, Pakistan, Ukraine appeared in the arena.

Two years later, GITEX Technology Week has become one of the most numerous events in the world. More than 80% of world corporations took part in the exhibition, which was attended by 146 thousand people.

In 2017, over 4,000 companies took part in the event to show the world their innovative ideas. People from all over the world came to the exhibition, where representatives from Russia came to participate for the first time. 25 Russian companies showed their new developments to the world.

Specialized events

The following events take place for one week:

1) Business Solutions is one of the most influential events in the world, where the latest developments in the field of information technology are presented. It is attended by the largest corporations and representatives of small and medium businesses operating in the market of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

2) GULFCOMMS – an event dedicated to technologies in the telecommunications sector. A large number of participants bring to the attention of guests their inventions related to data transmission, new applications, and IP technologies.

3) Network and Security invites companies to discover new methods of security, business processes, the introduction of new software and antivirus programs.

4) e-Government is dedicated to developments that help businesses to cooperate with government structures at a higher level. Technologies that provide faster interaction and closer contact are presented.

5) Mobile Apps World – an event that brings out all the representatives and developers involved in the process of creating new applications. New lines of smartphones, improved operating systems are shown to the attention of visitors.

6) The Consumer Electronics – an event dedicated to novelties in consumer electronics. Reputable and famous corporations from all over the world demonstrate technologies that have not yet appeared on the market.

Gitex Tech Week – Exhibition 2021

alex knight 2EJCSULRwC8 unsplash

This year, great attention will be devoted to the problems of computer and information security. Companies from all over the world will bring up security issues, propose solutions to significant problems, and present their latest developments.

In particular, most of the time will be devoted to the development of business processes in Dubai. Ingenious developers and innovators will share their views on how to change the way business is done in this region. Questions will focus on the security of companies and their customers, digital data processing, and improving cloud storage technology.

Moreover, the discussion will touch upon the implementation of the 5G network and the launch of Smart City and Smart Transport projects, which will soon be further developed in the largest cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Companies will be able to offer their ideas on how to successfully implement the latest technologies in the life of this city and the country. How to avoid bugs in the process of releasing smart transport on city roads; how artificial intelligence and robotics can be used in medical operations, and how artificial intelligence will affect e-commerce, and how it will improve the service of many companies.