May 20, 2024


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ZTE – Reset Android

In this tutorial we will show you two simple ways of performing a hard reset Android on a  ZTE Blade phone. Maybe it is working too slow, clogged with applications, or maybe you forgot your lock pattern password.

Maybe you need to give it as a gift, or even sold it; but before you probably want to get every personal data wiped out for good. You can solve all this by performing a hard reset on the Android Operative system of your ZTE BLADE. This device can be unlocked with the two most popular methods:

  1. A combination of buttons that allows us to access the Android operating system recovery routine inside the ZTE Blade
  2. Dialing a special code through the emergency call option.

Both methods erase every bit of personal data from the ZTE Blade.

First method to unlock Android on the ZTE Blade, with a call

The first method to reset Android on the ZTE Blade phone involves entering  a special code and restore the phone to its factory version. This method works great for users who have forgotten the unlock pattern, the steps are:

  1. Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card, then turn it back turn
  2. Select emergency call
  3. Key in * 983 * 987 #
  4. You see on your screen the “Erase everything”, select this option
  5. Wait for the device will reboot and be factory refurbished


This second method to reset Android on the ZTE Blade may be fine for any of you with a damaged operating system:

The steps are:

  1. With the phone turned off, press the volume keys, and power together until you see the Android recovery menu.
  2. Use the volume buttons to select “Wipe Data, Factory Reset” and confirm with the power button.
  3. In the next window performing the above step to select “Yes – Delete all user data” and expects
  4. When you  see the words “Done” on the screen, select “Reboot System Now” and restart the phone as new.

If you want to reset Android on your ZTE V971 phone then here you will find the necessary help.

This tutorial will explain you how to restore your ZTE V971 phone into its original factory settings. This procedure will help you to unlock Android due to a forgotten lock pattern or a corrupt Android operating system.

Be advised: The two methods that we will try today will delete all personal data from your ZTE V971 Android phone, including messages, apps, games, contacts -everything- and leave it only with the initial factory settings.

Therefore, if it is your case that you still have access into your Android OS then consider making a backup of your apps through any backup application that you may easily find on Google Play Store.

Reset Android on the ZTE V971

If you do not have access to the Android operating system or forgot the unlock pattern on your ZTE V971 phone this method will solve it for you. Please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the phone and wait 10 seconds
  2. Press the volume and power buttons toghether
  3. The phone vibrates and you will see the Android logo: You can release the buttons
  4. After a few seconds you will see the image of an android with an exclamation mark: this means the ZTE V971 is entering into recovery mode
  5. Press the Start button to display the recovery options
  6. With the volume keys navigate thru the menu looking for the option named “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and press the menu key to accept
  7. On the next screen select ” Yes – Delete all user data” and press menu key to accept
  8. Wait for the system to perform its automatic process. When finished will see the words ” Wipe data complete”
  9. Press the menu key again to restart the phone

The  phone lights up as if it were its first time , now we got a factory defaulted ZTE V971, ready for use.

Reset ANDROID on your ZTE V971, SECOND METHOD (settings MENU)

If you have access to the ZTE V971 Android operating system, this method is convenient for you.

From it’s main screen, go to Settings> Backup and Restore > Reset phone > Erase everything.

The phone will reboot into setup mode and perform the hard reset on its Android OS. If you have any questions, you can place them in the comments section right below this article.

The ZTE Racer II is powered by the Android operating system version 2.2, called Froyo. There is no official Android update available for this device, therefore we will see how to hard reset Android on this version.

A note of caution: The hard reset process will erase all data and settings from the ZTE Racer II. If you intend to perform the hard reset while still having access into the phone functionality, then maybe it is a good idea to create a backup with one of the suitable  apps, available in the Google Play Store.

There are several ways to reset Android on the ZTE Racer II, but in this tutorial will learn the two most common methods to do this.

These two methods will bring you a suitable solution: The first one will try to hard reset your ZTE Racer II even if you have no access into the Android OS, and the second one will be easier, by using your Settings menu inside Android OS, provided that you still have working access into your phone.

To begin we will see the official way to restore factory settings of our ZTE Racer II. As you will discover, the method is simple and we will only use simple steps.

First method to reset Android on the ZTE Racer II

You will accomplish the whole process by pushing your ZTE Racer II buttons in certain order.

  1. With the phone turned off, press together the volume LESS,  Home and Power Buttons
  2. The phone screen turn on and off quickly
  3. You will see an exclamation mark: press both volume buttons simultaneously.

Another similar method for the ZTE Racer II is:

  1. Press volume less and the power button
  2. When the phone displays the Android logo press both volume buttons
  3. This will lead to recovery mode
  4. From there we can do a restore to factory default.

Second method to unlock Android on the ZTE Racer II

This second method is by using the Settings menu from the main screen in your Android operating system. We will have to access and select the restore function in Settings> Privacy> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything.

With these methods  you will be able to reset Android on your ZTE Racer II and leave it in a factory default state, completely empty of personal data, messages, contacts, apps and games.