July 16, 2024


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5 Benefits of Having a VPN – Network Tips

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There are a lot of benefits to have a VPN. With the rise in technology, we have also witnessed a rise in cyber threats and security. Day by Day, it is becoming essential to have your internet connection fully protected even when you are doing normal searches on Google.

If your IP somehow gets leaked, it simplifies the hacker’s job of getting into your network and do the exploitation in various ways. The only possible way to get rid of this is by getting a VPN, which is quite famous nowadays.

But if you don’t know yet, a VPN is a virtual private network that helps you to stay anonymous by routing your connection through a secured server and masking your original IP address.

Moreover, changing IP and real-time location with a VPN can also help you to access apps & sites restricted in your region. A VPN has several benefits, and one should know how valuable a VPN could be; therefore, we decided to share the benefits of having a VPN.

5 Benefits of Getting A VPN

1.   Anonymity

This word may sound cool to a 7th grader but has a totally different meaning. Being anonymous on the internet is really important because there are countless of sites and apps that want to suck off your personal data for the sake of money.

Your IP address and name can be used to target ads, send spam emails, and whatnot. Therefore, being on the internet, one must maintain anonymity when required. That’s where a VPN comes to the rescue by hiding your original location and IP address.

Moreover, a VPN for torrenting makes it a lot easier to access and download pirated content by making your connection anonymous so that your ISP won’t have a clue about your internet activity.

2.   Bypass Geo-Restrictions

We all hate geo-restrictions, that’s for sure. But did you know you can bypass geo-restrictions by using a VPN? Well, that’s totally possible.

Since VPNs change your location and IP address, it becomes difficult for apps and sites to identify your actual location and IP. This not only brings you internet freedom but also allows you to access content that’s not accessible in your region.

You can watch OTT like Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu of different countries using VPNs.

3.   Stable Connections

Another profound feature of having a VPN is a stable connection. You don’t have to worry about ping issues if you are connected to a VPN. Most gamers who play battlefield games

prefer using gaming VPNs for tackling high ping issues.

I remember using VPN while playing CS: GO with my friends because my internet connection had a lot of ping issues back then, but thanks to VPN for stabilizing the connection.

4.   Security

The best part of getting a VPN is its enhanced security. It’s very common for ISPs not to have their servers encrypted, which can compromise your data and security, but thankfully we can use a VPN to add an additional layer of security from our end.

VPNs use AES 256 encryption which is adopted by the federal government and is considered as the most secured encryption followed by 192-bit encryption. This prevents brute force attacks from getting your accounts cracked.

Moreover, VPNs also offer a split tunneling feature that lets you anonymize only a certain part of your traffic, letting you use only those applications privately that you wish to.

5.   Economical

That’s the truest and most appreciable thing about VPNs, they are affordable. Unlike any other technology, you can get a VPN for less than 3 dollars a month, that’s cheaper than a burger.

Moreover, you get tons of features, servers, and support to help you out whenever you’re in a trouble. You can get hold of a VPN during the Black Friday sale, or any offer to get it for a lot cheaper, and enjoy the same features you’d get during a regular day.

How to Choose The Right VPN?

It’s pretty essential to know how to choose the right VPN because hundreds of VPN companies are out there trying to sell plans for cheap to get hold of your data, which they later sell off to tech companies.

  1. While buying a VPN, go through their privacy policy page and make sure they have mentioned that they do not store your connection log.
  2. A VPN that’s way too cheap can sell off your data to recover the costs, don’t fall into this trap, and find out why they are offering their service at such a lower rate.
  3. VPNs that can be considered good shall provide access to a lot of servers, therefore, VPNs with limited server access should be removed from your list.
  4. Killswitch – A VPN must have a feature of killswitch in all of their applications making it easier to cut off the connection as soon as the app is closed on your device for some reason.
  5. A VPN with good customer support should be on the top of your list because after-sales services matter a lot. Imagine the VPN app getting crashed on your system after a recent update, and the customer support is sleeping. Therefore, choose a VPN service that’s concerned about its users even after getting the money.

Wrapping Up

With this being said, we hope you now have a thorough understanding the benefits of having a VPN. Moreover, we also shared some points to ponder upon while choosing a VPN service.

By the end of this article, you are knowledgeable enough to choose the best vpn service and how to properly utilize its services.