June 23, 2024


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unlock – Reset Android – Part 2

In this tutorial we learn how to reset Android on your HTC Desire SV in an easy and fast way.

This procedure will prove very useful if you have forgotten the lock pattern and do not have access into your phone.

Similarly, this procedure will allow you to reset Android when suffering slowness or errors on your HTC Desire SV that could arise after months or years of use.

The reset Android process will return your HTC Desire SV into its original factory state; your smartphone will end up fresh as from just out from the HTC factory.

First method to reset Android in the HTC Desire SV

To reset Android on your HTC Desire Android SV while you still can use it’s menu system, you need to  navigate into Android settings to restore its initial configuration as follows:

  • Enter the Settings option
  • Select Storage and then in factory data reset
  • Next double click on Reset phone and Clear All
  • When in this last step you can select if you want to format the Micro SD card, I recommend you do, because otherwise the problem may persist.


To run this method to reset Android in the HTC Desire SV, you will enter the Android recovery mode by performing a key combination, starting with your phone powered off:

  1. Turn off your phone completely by removing and reinserting the battery
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down and then press and hold the POWER button
  3. If you did it correctly you will see three green androids on the phone’s screen: release the buttons
  4. Navigate with the volume keys into Factory Reset and press the POWER button to confirm
  5. After a few minutes the reset Android process will be concluded.

If you’re looking how to reset Android on the Alcatel Idol S, you just reached the right tutorial:

I will teach you how to Reset Android Alcatel Idol S by two different methods, in order to restore your default settings in just minutes.

As a first step, you need to know the status of your Alcatel S Idol, so then you can opt for which Android reset method to apply:

If you still have access into the applications menu then the first reset Android method is ideal for you.

If your Alcatel Idol S has it’s Android operating system locked due to having an active pattern lock, which you do not remember, then use the second method in order to reset Android.

First method to reset Android ON Alcatel Idol S

To reset Android on your Alcatel Android Idol S and thus retrieve functionality 100% error free, you need to navigate into the settings menu and follow these steps:

  1. Get into Backup and Restore option
  2. Select Factory Data Reset
  3. Finally, if asked, confirm that you want to Delete all your data
  4. Wait for the reset Android process to finish


To reset Android on the Alcatel Idol S when you have access to the options menu, you have to use the emergency recovery mode with these steps:

  1. Turn off your Alcatel Idol S and wait for a few seconds to continue
  2. Press the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons at the same time
  3. When the Android logo appears release both buttons and wait
  4. When you see a screen including a language selection, press the POWER button to select “English”
  5. Move with the volume buttons into “Wipe data / Factory reset” and press the POWER button to confirm.
  6. Repeat the previous step to the “Yes – Delete all user data” option, wait until the process is complete
  7. When completed the reset, you will return to the main screen, just press the power button to restart your phone

Once you restart the Alcatel Idol S you will be greeted with the welcome screen, just as if you just bought the phone.

You’ve finished reset Android on the Alcatel Idol S.

If you are looking for a method to reset Android on your Alcatel 960c , look no further:

In this tutorial we show two simple ways to return the Alcatel 960c into its factory state.

As a first step in this tutorial, please consider which reset Android method is right for you :

If your Alcatel 960c still works and you have access into the applications menu , then the first reset Android method is available.

However, if the Android operating system of your  Alcatel 960c has a pattern lock enabled and you do not remember the password pattern, then the second method to reset Android will help you.

First method to reset Android on your Alcatel 960c

In order to reset Android on your Alcatel 960c, you will only need access to Android applications menu and bring up the Settings menu.

You must scroll down and tap into Privacy, then select Factory Data Reset and Reset phone.

On the last screen you will see the “Delete all files on the external memory” option, which will allow you to format the Micro SD card along the reset Android process : This may be desired if you just want to sell or give away your Alcatel 960c and do not want any of your personal data to go along with it.


In this second reset Android method on the Alcatel 960c , you must be sure to follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds to take the next step
  2. Press the VOLUME UP key and also briefly press the POWER key
  3. When you see an android on the screen loose both keys and press the start button (the first of the touch buttons )
  4. In the menu that appears you can move using the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons: navigate into “Wipe data / Factory reset” , confirm with the POWER button
  5. Back to do the same now with the ” Yes – Delete all user data” option, once you confirm that option the phone will take a moment and return to the first menu
  6. Just select “Reboot System Now” and wait for the phone to restart

There you have it! You surely managed to reset Android on your Alcatel 960c, with my simple explanation.