June 25, 2024


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unlock Liquid E – Reset Android

If you own an Acer Liquid E phone and you find it running slow, or even you have forgotten the blocking patter password, then you may want to reset Android and give it a second chance.

That’s why today in this tutorial we will teach you two ways to restore the factory settings on your Acer Liquid E. The first way will work even if you have no access into Android OS.

It is important to understand that all your contacts, messages and installed apps will be deleted from your Acer Liquid E when performing an Android reset. All customization you may have applied into your Acer Liquid E will be forgotten.

If you do not want to lose everything and still got access into your phone’s Android operative system, then you should make a backup. There are tons of backup / restore apps in the Google play store

. We recommend the G Cloud app.

Reset Android on your Acer Liquid E the easy way

If you still can access your Android settings menu on the Acer Liquid E, you can easily invoke the oficial reset procedure: tap into Settings > Privacy > Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase all  and then wait for your Acer Liquid E to restart, restored to it’s factory default settings.


You will invoke a special emergency recovery menu inside your Acer Liquid E by starting with your phone powered off and pressing certain buttons on it. You do not need a working Android OS with this method, so it is ideal if you forgot the pattern lock password:

  1. Turn off the device , wait some seconds to be sure it is completely powered off.
  2. Turn on the phone and when it vibrates press both volume buttons: If you did it right you will enter recovery mode
  3.  In recovery mode , navigate with the volume buttons until “Clean Boot? Yes ” appears and use the camera button to confirm ,
  4. When finished, your Acer Liquid E will reboot into factory default state.