April 17, 2024


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Science, learning, meanings – Trends of the summer on TikTok

trends tiktok

TikTok has compiled a rating of trends. Judging by the tops, the community is growing up: for a long time it has not occurred to anyone to pee in their pants (there was such a popular flash mob – the “old-timers” of the platform remember).

The main PR news is the creation of a center for the safety of minors in some European countries. This was done because the most active audience of the service is teenagers aged 13 to 17 (43%). The center includes not only a safety report, but also a guide for parents, whom TikTok delicately calls “caregivers.” This is a strong move – through the security center, older people are drawn to the platform.

In addition, TikTok is no longer a wild forest, turning into a civilized community and increasing parental loyalty. For example, starting August, TikTok stopped sending messages to children 13-15 after 9 pm, and to 16 and 17-year-olds after 10 pm. Like the platform worries about not surfing the Internet around the clock, even if it is necessary for school or work.

Most popular hashtags

The hashtag #summerinscience collected 169 million views and turned out to be the leader, says the network. Everything is in demand: any interesting facts and useful life hacks, secrets about the arrangement of everything around and practical advice.

In second place is the related hashtag # meaning of creation, under which the secrets of creativity are served: writing paintings and music, creating photographs and sculptures – all this has attracted the attention of users 111 million times.

The theme of style was also in demand in the summer, but only with a special presentation – #breaking style. People are looking for their own individuality and willingly follow those who have ideas on this matter. The line of seekers turned out to be rather big, comparable to the population of five cities such as London.

Summer effects

Shooting a video in front of another video was named the most popular effect – 5 billion views. This is, for example, a joint dance.

Videos with the “Photo Crop” effect, in which people tried to get into the lens in various ways, gained 66 million views.

The multi-colored eyes were watched by 34 million users, and the repeating zoom – 57 million even without buying followers on tik tok . But the most interesting effect was the “Scanner” effect, the video with which collected 74 million views.

Best plots

trends tiktok

In the first place in terms of popularity was the plot with persecution (and it does not matter: it is a cat or thoughts – 280 million views). Other popular stories include the eternal theme of irony over stereotypes (195 views) and real thoughts of a person in different life situations, which are voiced during a freeze frame (112 million tiktok likes and view).

It’s funny that phrases pronounced in different ways became interesting, because of which they change their meaning. 132 million users watched such metamorphoses.

And people also love to watch how sudden problems confuse the heroes of the video and they literally freeze (29 million views).

By the way, no work needed?

All this diversity can be observed for a reason, but getting more than a decent salary. One of the advertising agencies is ready to pay up to 3 thousand dollars for video views on TikTok (however, the company, having announced the vacancy, probably wanted everyone to write about it and increase brand awareness). The employee is required to spend eight hours a day on the social network and upload the best videos to the company’s internal chats.