July 16, 2024


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Sony Xperia ZL – Reset Android

This tutorial will focus on how you can reset Android on your Sony Xperia ZL. This will get you back up and running at full speed, with the phone reverted into factory default state.  Even if you forgot your locking pattern password, this procedure will unlock Android on the Sony Xperia ZL

You may find a good buyer or even give away your Sony Xperia ZL in the even you have no need for it anymore: It has a quad-core processor and 2gb ram which give a great power when running any Android application

. Before you depart from it, then again it is a good idea to perform a hard reset, so all your pe

rsonal data, including messages, contacts and installed apps are gone.

Although the company has disabled the custom recovery mode to get a lighter Android operating system on your Sony Xperia ZL,  we will show a method which can do a hard reset on this phone without even having access into it’s main menu .

Of course will also discuss the process to unlock Android

from the phone itself.

PerformING a hard reset on your Sony Xperia ZL

This method is very useful for those who have forgotten the lock pattern on the Sony Xperia ZL device or for those with serious errors in the Android system, which prevent the use of it’s settings menu.

You will need an USB cable for the Sony Xperia ZL and a computer with Windows to fulfill the following steps:

  1. Download and install Sony PC Companion by clicking this link
  2. Open the program and connect your Sony Xperia ZL device
  3. Wait for the proper drivers to be installed (this should proceed automatically)
  4. Go to the support section (Support Zone) and press the Start button
  5. Go to the tab ” Phone Software Update ” and press start again
  6. When a windows pop up, select the REPAIR PHONE option.
  7. We follow the simple instructions depicted in the program and click accept
  8. When the process completes, press “end”: Your Sony Xperia ZL phone will restart


Another method to reset Android in your Sony Xperia  ZL is through access into the device menu. This will allow you to restore the Sony Xperia ZL phone. Just consider that you may want to backup your files with a backup Google Play application, first.

To make this process we go to Settings> Backup and Restore > Restore Factory Data > Reset phone > Erase everything. We wait for it to carry out the restoration process on the Sony Xperia ZL.