May 20, 2024


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Soccer Fans Have Choices to Watch Games on Android

Soccer Fans Watch Games on Android

Unfortunately, most football matches that may interest us as viewers are broadcast on pay-TV channels. Since not everyone is willing to pay a lot of money for one or two games a month, then finding alternatives is crucial. 

Fortunately, technology makes it easy. It’s possible to catch all the soccer action on Android on a mobile device from almost anywhere. This is perfect for bettors who want to make Premier League predictions today or for fans just looking to follow their favorite teams. 

Catching The Soccer Action on Android

It has become more and more complicated to watch soccer online for free. However, there are still some applications that allow fans to watch the games comfortably at home without having to move.


Freestreams is a page where you can find many, but not all, soccer matches. They stream a large number of games, provided they have been able to access the content. 

Once you access this page, you must investigate the channel that broadcasts the game you want to watch. This is done by looking at the list of events being broadcast at that precise moment. 

Typically, the first thing to check is the availability of HD content. If that’s not available, there are other options, typically up to three additional channels. The moment a pop-up screen with advertising appears, don’t close it. Wait to click on the red “X” and then Play. This will launch the live broadcast. Once you have a stable connection, close the pages that popped up with advertising. 

The main advantages that Freestreams has are that it hardly has cuts and the matches are broadcast with good quality.


If Freestreams doesn’t work, try Cricfree. It works the same way as Freestreams, with similar content. You should investigate the list of events happening at that moment and try the different channels shown on the screen. In terms of usability, it is quite simple and allows you to view numerous sports channels from different countries.


This app is only available on Android devices. It is completely free and has more than 800 channels. In LiveNetTV, you will not only be able to watch soccer matches online but other content, as well. There are cooking channels, documentaries, and music of various genres.

Considering that it is a free application, its performance is rated positively. However, the image quality on some of its channels is not that good. In terms of usability, it’s easy to navigate, and the pages load quickly. Finally, LiveNetTV is compatible with Chromecast so that you can take the image to a bigger screen.


Another free Android app for watching soccer online for free is Wiseplay, a multimedia player compatible with a wide variety of video formats and playlists. It has a very intuitive interface, making it easy to play videos. 

One of the main advantages of Wiseplay is that it supports casting content from a smartphone or tablet to a smart TV with either DLNA or Chromecast, provided the video type is supported. Wiseplay has a premium version that eliminates all the ads that the app shows in the free version.

Ace Stream Media

Ace Stream Media is a multifunctional multimedia app that offers a wide variety of free broadcasts, including channels to watch soccer games. This application lets you view content on remote devices like Apple TV and Chromecast.

Of course, to download any of these applications or platforms and enter the web pages mentioned above, it is necessary to have an Internet connection. The faster, the better, to ensure no frustrating lags that cause you to miss any of the action. 

It’s also important to have a little patience. Soccer fans and bettors looking for a game will likely have to try more than one of the possibilities before finding a suitable option. However, since they’re all free, it’s worth the time.