July 16, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy 2 Mini – Reset Android

This tutorial will instruct you on how to hard reset Android on your Samsung Galaxy Mini 2;  a phone that was launched with great success.

This is a device that has proven to be a surviver, still being present over time and in the flea market, it is still a good alternative to buy.

So today I teach you to do a hard reset and also manage to unlock Android -in the event that you lost your blocking pattern password- on Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 with a few simple steps.

Remember that these methods will erase the data from our Samsung Galaxy 2 Mini completely and if this is your case, you can make a backup of your data complete with apps like Titanium Backup, among others within Google Play.

Hard reset Android on Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 through buttons

This process can be used when we have no access to the device’ operative system and thus we need to restore

our phone to its original factory settings through an external method.

Pleae use the following steps:

  1. Turn your phone off completely, just be sure not to turn off the screen only.
  2. Press both the volume less and plus, Power ON / OFF and Home buttons at the same time for more than 5 seconds
  3. Wait until you see the image of an Android.
  4. In the recovery menu, use the volume buttons to select “Wipe data / Factory Reset” and press the power button to accept.
  5. Wait for the system to perform the hard reset process and now select “Reboot System”

Hopefully, this should leave your Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 on factory default status.

Another method to Hard reset  Android on your Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

As always, there is an alternative method to hard reset Android, not only on the  Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, but on any Android Device:  this can be activated from Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone. With this option we can turn to our convenience automatic deletion of internal storage.

With these methods you can hard reset Android on Samsung Galaxy Mini 2.