April 17, 2024


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Restore Android – Reset Android

On the following tutorial we will teach you how to reset Android in the BLU Energy X Plus, and clear it from slowness, errors or forgotten lock patterns:  Your BLU Energy X Plus will reset into its factory settings.

Before you start with the process of Android resetting on your BLU Energy X Plus, you need to charge the battery up to at least 80%.

After your battery is charged, you have to decide how will you proceed in order to reset Android:

Use the first method if you still have access into BLU Energy X Plus application menu.

If your BLU Energy X Plus has an active locking pattern that you may have forgotten, or perhaps a serious error in the Android operating system you can only apply the second method.

If you have IMEI blocking or you want to delete a previously added (and now forgotten) Google Account, we’re sorry: none of the methods presented here will fix your BLU Energy X Plus.

First method to reset Android on the BLU Energy X Plus

To reset Android in your BLU Energy X Plus you must enter the application menu and select Backup and Restore, go to the option Reset factory data, select it and read the additional options.

When you are ready press Reset phone. Read the warnings and press Clear all, confirm and the process will begin automatically. In minutes you will see the welcome screen, which means that the process has finished running correctly.

Second method to reset Android on the BLU Energy X Plus

To reset Android on your BLU Energy X Plus just follow these steps:

  • Turn off your BLU Energy X Plus and wait a few seconds to continue.
  • Press the  Volume Down button and hold down the Power button
  • When you see the recovery menu release both buttons
  • Using volume buttons, navigate to the option Wipe data / Factory reset and press the Power button to confirm
  • Using the same buttons to navigate the options and select, select and confirm Yes – Delete all user data and the process will start automatically
  • If everything goes well, you will see the initial menu. When you do, turn off and restart your phone to complete the process.

By now, having followed this tutorial, you should have managed to reset Android in the BLU Energy X Plus, but if you have any questions, write us in the comments or our social networks.

This tutorial will teach you how to reset Android on Samsung Galaxy Tab first edition with two different ways.

By resetting Android on your Samsung Galaxy Tab you  will return it into factory default state.

Our first reset Android method may be used to restore settings if you have a working Galaxy Tab. It is the easiest method, but demands access to Android’s settings menu.

If your Samsung Galaxy Tab is not responding due to a forgotten pattern locking password, the second method will reset Android on your  Samsung Galaxy Tab from a hidden recovery menu.

Reset Android on Samsung Galaxy Tab from the menu

This will allow you to reset Android on your Samsung Galaxy Android Tab from Android’s Settings menu:

  1. Open the settings menu , then go to the Privacy section ( or backup and restore if you have a more updated system)
  2. tap into Reset Factory Data Reset tablet and then
  3. Finally you can check the “Format removable card ” option if available, this will also erase your data on the external microSD Card.
  4. Tap into Erase everything and wait for the process to complete
  5. After a few minutes you will have a whole new Samsung Galaxy Tab!


This second method will manage to reset Android on your Samsung Galaxy Tab by pressing a sequence of buttons, without acessing Android OS:

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Tab and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press the volume up button and also press and hold the off button
  3. When you see the Samsung logo release the power button
  4. If you see a recovery menu release the volume up button
  5. Now use the volume down button to go to “Wipe data / Factory reset” , confirm with the off button
  6. Do the same with the ” Yes – Delete all user data” and wait until the process completes correctly
  7. If you go back to the recovery menu press the power button to confirm your choice and wait
  8. When you restart your tablet just enter the initial settings and have new software like

If you have not managed to reset Android on Samsung Galaxy Tab with the two ways that we show here, we can help you in the comments section.

The following tutorial will explain you how to reset Android on your Huawei Ideos S7 tablet.

You should learn the basics of maintaining this Android tablet; One of such tasks, although a bit extreme, is being able to reset Android.

I will teach you how to reset Android on your tablet Huawei Ideos S7 in two different ways:

The first method is performed right from inside the settings menu of the Android operating system itself, hence you need a still functioning Huawei Ideos S7.

The second reset Android method will be a bit more complex: We will assume you have no access into your Android OS, as if for example you got a pattern lock in effect and you do not know or have forgotten the password.

In this second reset Android method we will access a hidden emergency menu, enabling us to factory default your Huawei Ideos S7 tablet from there, by only pressing a buttons sequence on startup.

In any case, consider please that performing a Reset Android in the Huawei Ideos S7 will erase all your personal data. Hence, if you have something to back up and still got access into your Android OS, you should make a backup first.

Reset Android on your Huawei Ideos Android in S7 from the menu

This reset Android method will be exclusive to users who still have access to the Huawei Ideos S7 operating system:

Enter the settings menu, then select SD card & phone storage , tap Factory data reset, reset phone and finally click delete all, wait a few minutes and your Huawei Ideos S7 will restart as a new tablet.

Second method to RESET ANDROID on your HUAWEI IDEOS S7

If you forgot the pattern lock on your Huawei Ideos S7, or your tablet does not work , you will need to press a series of buttons in order to reset Android:

  1. Turn off the Huawei Ideos S7 and wait 10 seconds to go to the next step
  2. Press together the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons, hold them down until you see the Ideos logo.
  3. When the screen goes blank, release both buttons and the reset Android process will start automatically; after a few minutes will be back on the tablet to factory settings reactivated

Hopefully you’ve managed to reset Android on your Huawei Ideos S7 and got a renewed tablet on your hands.