June 19, 2024


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reset – Reset Android – Part 6

In this tutorial we will teach you to reset Android on the LG Optimus ME, a phone LG which is outdated and right now standing at the low-end market, but it still has many users given its low price .

In order to reset Android and restore the factory settings on the LG Optimus ME you can use one of the two traditional methods: Either reset Android from the menu or do a combination of buttons.

If you have completely lost access into the Android operating system, because the LG Optimus ME keeps throwing errors at you or you entered a pattern lock you do not remember, then you can only perform the second method, by using Android reset button sequence.

First method to reset Android ON YOUR LG Optimus ME

In this method you will use the application menu inside your LG Optimus ME to reset Android operating system, therefore your Android phone needs to be in working order. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the application menu and tap Settings
  2. Navigate to privacy and tap factory data reset
  3. From this screen press reset phone
  4. Finally , press Delete all and wait for the computer restart mode first use

On the last screen you can format the SD card, if you decide to do all the data in it will be deleted , be careful if you enable this option.

You will use a combination of buttons in order to activate the phone’s reset Android procedure and thus -hopefully- regain access into your LG Optimus ME.

Use the following steps:

Turn off the phone by taking the battery off and reinserting it after waiting 10 seconds.

Press the green key to making calls, the red End Call button next to the Volume Down key and wait for the screen to flicker

Release all buttons, the process has already started and you just have to wait for your LG Optimus ME to restart.

This tutorial will show you how to reset Android on the Motorola Devour A555. This was the first smartphone to hit the market including the famous “Motoblur”  customization layer.

Like many models which uses the Android Operative System, the Motorola Devour A555 has two methods to reset Android


The first one is through the application menu, thus you need a relatively normal working phone.

The second method is pressing the buttons and access the  recovery mode of the Motorola Devour A555, ideal if you forgot the phone’s pattern lock password.

Reset ANDROID on your Motorola Devour A555 through the menu

This first method is simply activated from the menu on the Motorola Devour A555 itself by following the steps you mark below:

  1. Login to Settings from the Applications menu
  2. Select the phone storage
  3. Within this section press Factory data reset
  4. Finally Reset Phone and press Clear All
  5. The phone will restart with the settings enabled boot and waiting the initial factory settings.


The following reset Android method for your Motorola Devour A555 is a bit more complicated, but in just a few steps can be applied correctly so there is nothing to fear: Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your device and wait 10 seconds to continue. Keep your phone’s keyboard open.
  2. Now press the space key , the R button and the POWER button, all at the same time until you see the recovery menu ( An exclamation point on the screen) .
  3. While in this mode, press the Z and M key at the same time after a few minutes you will have restored factory settings on your phone.

If you have not managed to reset Android on the Motorola Devour A555 we suggest you to contact us in the comments section se we can personally help you.

The company Asus does not have a way to reset Android on their Asus Memo Pad 7, but anyway we got our way with the following tutorial.

Before you reset Android and return your Asus Memo Pad 7 into factory settings , you should know that this process will remove any files that you have installed or saved in its memory.

Therefore, if you still have functional access to the Asus Memo Pad 7, it is recommended that you make a backup of your files.

We recommend you to use the G Cloud

application, a free download right from the Google Play Store.

Reset Android on Asus Memo Pad 7 from the menu

This way to reset Android on your Asus Memo Pad 7 is simple enough, but can only be applied if you still have access into the settings menu:

Enter the Settings> Backup and Restore menu > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything, wait a few minutes and the end result will be a factory defaulted tablet.


This reset Android process is a bit more complicated to apply on your Asus Memo Pad 7. However, it seems to be the only way to successfully factory reset this tablet.  If you do not have access into your operating system, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Download this file and unzip it to your computer
  2. You will end up with a downloaded file called Cleardata.zip: Extract it keeping all its files in a folder
  3. Now you must format an SD memory card and then pass the clearData files to the newly formatted SD memory
  4. Turn off your tablet and insert the SD card
  5. Turn on your tablet but do not touch any buttons. If the process was OK, you will see a menu appear  with three options “Clear User data, Reboot, Shutdown “
  6. With the volume buttons navigate into “Clear User data” , use the POWER button to confirm the option
  7. When the process completes, navigate with the Power buttons into ” Reboot” and confirm it with the POWER button

¡Congratulations, you managed to reset Android on the Asus Memo Pad 7!

If you need to reset Android on your HTC Desire X phone, this tutorial will teach you how to achieve it in very simple steps.

You may reset Android in order to improve your HTC Desire X speed, solve random errors that it may be throwing at you, or even regain access to your phone in the event that you have been locked out by the pattern lock.

Or simply enough, maybe for some reason you are looking to sell or give away your HTC Desire X;  A good first step is to reset Android  before it passes into other hands in order to wipe out all your personal information and settings from it.

But then, If you want to preserve your personal data, you can use a backup tool for preserving your files. If such is your need, then we recommend you the G-Cloud tool from Google Play Store.

Reset Android on your HTC Desire the easy way

When you still have working access into the HTC Desire X menu, things become much easier, because with only one step you can reset Android and so restore it’s original settings :

Navigate into Settings > Storage> Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything , now you just have to wait a few minutes and the phone will restart as if brand new.


If you do not have access to the Android operating system, perhaps because you forgot the lock pattern, this method will help you :

  1. Turn off your HTC Desire X completely. You may even remove the battery for 10 seconds, to ensure that you phone is completely shut down.
  2. Now hold the VOLUME DOWN button and then press the POWER button. A menu will appear, wait for it, and then you can depress both buttons.
  3. if you do it right you will see a menu with four options Fastboot , Recovery , Clear Storage , and Simlock
  4. Navigate down the menu, using the VOLUME DOWN button until FACTORY RESET option is highlighted and press the POWER button to confirm

If fourth step is wrong, then please select CLEAR STORAGE form menu, and then search for the Factory reset option.

Any questions you have , please contact us in the comments section. Hopefully you achieved to reset Android on your HTC Desire X by following our steps.

This guide will teach you how to reset Android on your Lenovo K900 phone. The Lenovo K900 did not have much of an audience during it’s early days, but then it managed to slowly create a nice users group on the market.

First, a word of caution: As in any Android reset procedure, the phone’s factory settings are restored.

This means that all messages, contacts and apps installed on your Lenovo K900 will be erased in the process.

Therefore, if you sill have access into the Android operating system in your Lenovo K900 , perhaps this is a suitable time to make a backup. If you do not know how, we recommend the G-Cloud app for you.

First method to reset Android on your Lenovo K900

If you still have access into the Android menu on your Lenovo K900 , things become much easier: Just navigate into the applications on your device , then follow these steps :

  1. Go to the area of backup and restore
  2. Select Factory data reset
  3. Finally click ” Clear All “


In order to reset Android and restore to factory settings your Lenovo K900 without access into it’s Android,  we will need to trigger a low level, emergency recovery menu. We can restore the system right from there.

The steps are:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button and then briefly (some seconds, maybe) press the power button
  3. If you do it right you will see a warning on the screen followed by the Emergency recovery menu
  4. Use the VOLUME buttons to navigate into the “Reset Device” option
  5. Confirm the procedure by pressing the POWER button

When the process completes, the phone will reboot as if just bought, with factory settings in place. You have successfully performed a reset Android on your Lenovo K900