May 30, 2024


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Reset Android – Part 50

In order to reset Android, you may need to perform a Soft reset: It is the same as -and may be accomplished by- removing the battery, waiting for some seconds and then placing back the battery on your Android phone.

This would effectively perform a soft reset Android while usually retaining all contacts, configuration and information previously saved in the phone.

A soft reset might prove useful if your Android phone has just freezed on you or perhaps it is behaving lagged, erraticaly or plainly weird.

Under any circumstance where a normal power off / power on recycle is impossible, you may try a Soft Reset

to forcefully power your Android device down. After some seconds you may restore the battery on your phone and try to turn it on again in order to confirm that your problem has been corrected.

Soft reset Android Tablets

If you need to do a soft reset on your Android tablet, and it has no user replaceable battery, then you may search for your tablet brand / model on this website in order to get the soft reset Android procedure for your device.

Some Tablets got a small hole in the back, usually labeled “Reset”, where you can poke a pen tip or thin wire and momentaneously press a reset button. Other Android tablets need their power on/off button to be depressed for several seconds in order to invoke a soft reset Android mechanism.

Hard reset Android

A Hard reset Android is a way more serious procedure -like in “wipe all your data” serious- efectively leaving you with a “brand new like” factory restored Android device.

Everything will be wiped out, including your settings, alll of your personal data,  software installations, customizations, etc. Your Android device will be ready for a fresh start.   For a practical example, you may want or need to get your android device into factory default state, erasing all your personal data from it because you are selling, donating or giving your Android Phone or Tablet as a gift.

You will accomplish it through a hard reset android procedure.

Such hard reset procedure may be performed through a series of options inside Android operative system itself, which we will explain in our next post, or by some other means, usually pressing and holding for several seconds a pen tip inside the eventual “Reset Hole”  or pressing a secuence of buttons on your Android device, invoking a “hidden” (factory mode) menu which includes the “reset android to defaults” option.