May 19, 2024


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Reset Android – Part 26

I will teach you how to reset Android on the LG Optimus G, a phone that was released in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy s3 and at the time of this writing, still got plenty of adepts, due to its processing power, construction quality and onboard memory.

To carry out this hard reset Android process on your LG Optimus G, we will review the two most popular methods:

In the first one, we will achieve the desired effect by pressing a combination of buttons, starting with the phone powered off.

Alternatively, in the second method we will access the restore procedure from the settings menu itself (provided you still got a functional Android OS inside the phone).

As always, we remind you that the reset procedure will delete all files, settings and information which is not part of the Android operating system itself. You may want to perform a data backup in your LG Optimus G, i you can.

Reset ANdroid on your LG Optimus G by combination of buttons.

This method will help us when we have no access to the Android operating system of the device. This may happen, for example, when we forget the unlock pattern.

  1. Turn off the phone and wait 10 seconds before continuing
  2. Press the VOLUME DOWN  and POWER buttons at the same time,
  3. Wait for an internal recovery menu to appear and then release the buttons
  4. Read the warnings and press the power button to continue
  5. Press the power button again to start the process and wait

Reset Android on the LG Optimus G through the Menu

You need to start in your home Android screen. From there, you open your setttings menu, and navigate into Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything.

Wait a few seconds (or even a minute, this may be a lengthy process). When finished, the LG Optimus G  will reboot as if for the first time, into its original factory settings.

If at any time your Huawei Premia 4G M931 loses its fluidity, bercomes slow or you happen to forget the lock pattern password, you will most probably solve it by doing a hard reset Android on your phone.

This tutorial will return Android’s status into factory default and your phone will forget any custom settings (including the pattern lock password) and installed apps..

Before continuing, consider the following: if your Huawei Premia 4G M931 is still usable, you may want to  backup the information through one of the applications on Google Play.

We will teach you two methods that will hard reset Android on your Huawei Premia 4G M931. Each method performs the same action but differ in the following way:

The first method  is useful for those cases where you have no access to the  Android operating system

. It is performed starting with the phone powered off and achieved by pressing a secuence of buttons, gaining access into a hidden recovery menu inside your Huawei Premia 4G M931:

RESET Android in Huawei Premia 4G M931 through buttons

For this method we need the phone has at least 50% of battery. If there is not enough “juice” left inside your Huawei Premia 4G M931, the process may remain incomplete and cause serious damage to the operating system of the phone.

  1. With the phone turned off, press both VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN and the POWER buttons.
  2. When your phone starts up and you see the Huawei logo, release the VOLUME UP and DOWN buttons while still holding down the POWER button.
  3. Keep the POWER button pressed until the Android recovery mode starts.
  4. Within the recovery menu, use the VOLUME buttons to scroll down into “Wipe data / Factory reset” and accept with the power button.
  5. On the next screen select the option “Yes – Delete all user data” and wait until the process is done.
  6. Select the option of “Reboot System Now” and see that the phone restarts as if it were your first time with all the original factory settings.

Unlock Android in Huawei Premia 4G M931 with the menu 

The second method will allow you to access the official Android recovery menu found by default in all versions of the Android operating system.

Please navigate into Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything. Wait for the process to finish and voilá! You will factory restore your Huawei Premia 4G M931 as if just unboxed.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has plenty of power for running any apps or games. That is, until it slows down, or you forget your pattern lock password

If your Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes clogged due to some misbehaving app or bad configuration, you can reset Android and get your phone back into factory default mode:

Hopefully it will behave as if just got out of the box!

The only drawback about Resetting Android into default mode is that such procedure will also delete all your contacts, messages, apps, games and personal configuration on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Hence, if you still got access into your Samsung Galaxy S3 Android operative system, you may consider to perform a backup of all your essential data. We recommend you the G-Cloud backup tool.

To make this process reset on the Samsung Galaxy S3 , we have two ways:

First way to reset Android on Samsung Galaxy S3

This Android reset mode allows us to regain control of our Samsung Galaxy S3 without the need of accessing its Android OS. This is particularly useful if -for example- you forgot your pattern lock password:

  1. Start with the phone turned off
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME UP and HOME buttons
  3. While pressing those two buttons, also press the POWER button until the phone starts to vibrate
  4. Release the POWER button and wait for the Android Logo
  5. When Android Logo appears, release the other buttons. A recovery menu will appear.
  6. Navigate on that menu by using the volume keys, into the  “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option.
  7. Press the POWER button to confirm and press again to confirm the “Yes – Delete all user data”
  8. When the process is complete press the power button to restart your phone


If you have access to the Android OS inside your Samsung Galaxy S3, then it is very easy to reset Android: you just have to navigate into Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything ,select it and wait a few minutes and you have a phone like new .