June 25, 2024


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Reset Android on your Motorola XT303 – Reset Android

In this tutorial we are going to teach you a special method which will access the Motorola XT303 recovery system using a standard walkman headset with a 3.5mm connector. Yes, as you just read, you need a headset in order to trigger the recovery menu needed to perform a hard reset on your Motorola XT303. By far, this is the weirdest method of making an Android operating system based device to perform a hard reset we have seen so far.

Why you need to hard reset your Motorola XT303 ?

The hard reset procedure will restore factory settings on the Motorola XT303. This will restore your phone as if you just bought it. It will regain its usual responsiveness, and even forget about any locking pattern you or a third party might have programmed in it and eventually forgotten. You will, in short, regain full use of your Motorola XT303.

But then again, all your personal files, including messages, contacts, apps and games are deleted, as a necessary step on the hard reset and factory defaulting process.

Hard reset your Motorola XT303 Android via buttons

This method is recommended for those who have a non functional Android operating system or have forgotten the phone lock pattern.

For this process the following steps follow :

  1. With your phone powered up, insert the headphones plug on the XT303.
  2. Press the power button to turn it off and restart the phone
  3. When the phone is starting to power on press the volume up to enter recovery mode of your XT303
  4. When you see the menu, go down to the Clear Flash option ( with the volume down button ) and confirm the option ( with the volume up button )
  5. We wait a few minutes and your XT303 will restart as if it were the first time with the original factory settings. 

Reset Android on your MOTOROLA XT303  THROUGH THE MENU

An alternative method to reset Android on the Motorola XT303 Android, if you have access to it’s Android functionality,  is to select Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everythin. Then you just  wait and the process will be successful. With these two methods you can reset Android on the Motorola XT303.