July 19, 2024


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pivos – Reset Android

The Pivos XIOS DS  is a nice small Android -and Linux–  media box with plenty of power, I/O connectors and possibilities.

The Pivos XIOS DS allows you to run a specially tailored version of LINUX bundled with the acclaimed XBMC Media Player (As this Linux version is specifically tuned for running XBMC only, it boots ultra fast into XBMC interface)

The XIOS DS also can also be flashed into Android Gingerbread (2.3.x) and even Android ICS

(4.x) operative systems, allowing you to run Google Play Store. In the latter, you can also install XBMC as an Android apk.

Actually, the guys at XBMC.org selected the PIVOS XIOS DS as the development testbed for their Android version of XBMC, so it is the recommended hardware platform for it in this early alpha and beta stage.

If you don’t have this interesting media play box, you can grab your Pivos XIOS DS from amazon.com.

Hard reset on your Pivos XIOS DS media Play

If you are running Android on your Pivos XIOS DS then you can always use the RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULTS option in the SETTINGS / PRIVACY Menu.  But if you want to completely reset your media play box for sure, then you will need to use the following instructions:

  1. Download a  suitable firmware from PIVOS Website
  2. Copy the “.img” file with the firmware into a pendrive
  3. Turn off your Pivos XIOS DS unit and plug the pendrive into one of its USB ports
  4. Locate in the bottom of your Pivos XIOS DS the UPGRADE hidden button and depress it with a paperclip or similar (you will feel at the bottom of it, a button doing the “click”).
  5. While pressing the UPGRADE button, power on your Pivos XIOS DS and wait until a green screen with the Android Robot on it’s side and the UPGRADE TEXT appears.
  6. Depress the upgrade button and wait a couple of minutes for the upgrade (and hard reset) routine to finish

You will be able not only to hard reset your Pivos XIOS DS but also to upgrade eventually your firmware into the latest version by following these instructions!