July 13, 2024


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Pantech Discover – Reset Android

It’s quite easy to reset Android on a Pantech Discover device, following the steps we will reveal in this tutorial.

We will show you two ways to reset Android on, both very simple to return the Pantech Discover to its factory settings.

If your device is slow or maybe you want to give it someone else to use, without giving them all your personal data, you will use the method to reset android which involves using the application menu.

If, however, you don’t have access to the application menu, for example if you forgot the lock pattern, you will use the method using hard ware buttons.

Before applying any of the two methods, make sure the battery of your Pantech Discover is charged at at least 80% to avoid any unwanted shut-downs.

Reset android on Pantech Discover using the Application Menu

To reset Android using this method, you need to be able to access the application menu of your Pantech Discover. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have your device at its out of the box

state in no time.

  • Go to the Application Menu, and then Settings.
  • Select Backup and Reset
  • Tap on Factory Data Reset.
  • Tap on Erase Everything.

The device will start the process and when it restarts, it will be as out of the box.

Reset Android on Pantech Discover using hardware

If you have forgotten your lock pattern, or your Pantech Discover is unresponsive for some reason, you will have to use this method to reset Android. Follow these easy steps and your device will return to its factory settings.

  • Turn off your phone. To make sure the Pantech Discover is completely turned off, remove the battery, wait for 8-10 seconds and then re-insert the battery.
  • Press the Volume Down and Power button at the same time, until the Android logo shows on the screen. When the logo shows, let go of both buttons, and then press them again at the same time.
  • A Menu for Recovery Mode will show on the screen. Using the Volume buttons to move, and the power button to select, choose Factory reset.
  • The Pantech Discover will start the process, returning to its out of the box state when it restarts.

You should now have your Pantech Discover restarted and as good as new, having done a reset Android on your device.