June 23, 2024


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pantech crossover – Reset Android

The Pantech Crossover Android phone was the first Pantech Android Phone released in partnership with AT&T, and as a first one, the guys at Pantech excelled on the design art and quality. This is why the Pantech Crossover is still around, even on sale at an incredibly nice price on prepaid option from AT&T at amazon.com.

So it is safe to asume that there are tons of Pantech Crossover Android phones around, and surely the question about hard reset this phone arises at one point of it’s life. As usual, with any Android devices, there are two ways to hard reset

your Pantech Crossover: The first one is easy enough, from inside Android itself, where you can invoke the factory default reset routine. The second one is a bit more drastic, involving powering off and on the phone while fiddling with it’s different buttons.

Needless to say, in any way such hard reset act shall be invoked as a last resort either to fix any slugginess or misbehaving that your hanset may be suffering, or as a security measure, if you are planning to sell or give away your phone.

Hard reset Your Pantech Crossover from within Android OS

You can execute the Factory Default routine from inside your Android OS, effectively returning your Pantech Crossover into a factory default settings state and thus erasing all your personal information from inside your handset:

  1. While on your Android’s phone main screen, press the Menu Key.
  2. Press over Settings option
  3. Scroll into Privacy option and press it
  4. Select Factory data reset in there
  5. Take notice of the displayed warning and press over Reset Phone.
  6. Press over Erase Everything, confirming your actions

A definite way of performing a hard reset on your Pantech Crossover

This way of performing a master reset on your Pantech Crossover phone is more serious, as can be executed regardless of the state in which the Android OS is:

  1. With your phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN key
  2. While pressing down the VOLUME DOWN key, also press and hold the HOME key
  3. While pressing down both VOLUME DOWN and HOME keys, press and hold the POWER key.
  4. When the Pantech logo appears, you may release the POWER key.
  5. You may release the VOLUME DOWN and HOME keys when the exclamation symbol appears.
  6. Press the HOME key in order to invoke the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY menu.
  7. Scroll down by pressing the VOLUME DOWN key into the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option.
  8. Open your Pantech Crossover keyboard and press the ENTER key.
  9. Wait while your phone is WIPED OUT.
  10. When Finished, scroll down with VOLUME DOWN and select WIPE CACHE PARTITION
  11. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard to clear the cache partition.
  12. When finished, press the ENTER key so your Pantech Crossover can reboot

With these two methods you can revert your Pantech Crossover Android phone into Factory default state.