June 23, 2024


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Motorola Atrix HD MB886 – Reset Android

In this tutorial we will teach you two methods to reset Android and give new life to your Motorola Atrix HD MB886 in just a few minutes.

The first step is common to both methods. Please check and make sure that the battery of your cellphone is fully charged, to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Now that you are sure that your battery is fully charged, you need to decide which method that we will explain in detail applies better to Motorola Atrix HD MB886.

If you have access to your cellphones operative system (OS

) and just want to give your phone a fresh start, you will choose the first method. If, on the other hand, you can’t access the OS of your phone, for example, if you forgot your lock pattern, you will have to use the second method.

First method to reset Android on Motorola Atrix HD MB886

To reset Android on your Motorola Atrix HD MB886, you have to go Settings, and then choose the option Privacy and then Factory Data Reset. Next click on Reset phone. Please bear in mind that executing this method will erase all personalization you have made on your phone. Since you have access to the OS of your Motorola, doing a backup before going through with reseting Android is always a good idea.

Second method to reset Android on Motorola Atrix HD MB886

The first step to reset Android using this second method is to completely turn off the Motorola Atrix HD MB886. Then go through the following steps:

  • Press the Volume Up button, and without letting go press the power button.
  • When you see the Motorola logo on the screen, let go of the power button and wait a few seconds.
  • You will see the Android robot on the screen with an exclamation mark beside it. When you do, let go of the Volume Up button.
  • Press both volume buttons at the same time to display the options. When these show up, let go of the buttons.
  • Using the Volume buttons move in the menu to the option “Wipe data /factory data reset“, and then select the option “Yes – delete all user data” using the power button.
  • The process will return to the main menu, where you have to select Reboot System Now.
  • The Motorola Atrix HD MB886 will now reboot and when it comes back, it will be as out of the box, having returned to its factory settings.

If you had any issues doing a reset Android on your Motorola Atrix HD MB886, please let us know in the comments.