April 19, 2024


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Ways to Make a Professional Movie Trailer

make a movie trailer

Make a movie trailer is a marketing tool that highlights the essential parts of a movie to inspire the audiences to watch the movie. So what is a great trailer? This is simply one that captures the attention of the viewers in a small time frame.

What is a movie trailer?

The movie trailer can be defined as an advertisement for an upcoming film. This advertisement will captivate the attention of the audience and also build ample excitement around the movie.

The trailer gives a sneak peek into the story of the film without revealing much about the storyline. It also introduces to the audience the creative talent of the movie, like the director, lead actors, writers, producers, and so on. The release date of the film is also shown in the movie trailer.

Why are previews known as trailers?

The trailers were so named as they were initially played after the end of a movie at a cinema hall. The filmmakers realized that the audiences often left the hall even before watching the trailers. Hence, they decided to shift the trailers before the film starts so that the audiences will compulsorily watch them. Therefore, trailers are also known as previews. 

What is the duration of a trailer of a movie?

make movie trailer

The trailers of movies that will have a theatrical release are of the duration of one and a half to two and a half minutes. The teaser trailers are released early by the motion picture studios to build the excitement and the hype around the particular movie that will be released.

They do not give much information about the plot. The television trailers are even shorter than these trailers. They have a duration of 15 to 60 seconds. The television trailers are also called TV spots.

How does one make a movie trailer?

For making the movie trailer, you will have to see the footage from the film, and you also will require good video editing software. This can be done with any editing software.

In recent times, there is a great online movie maker available on the internet. You can also use them to edit the movie trailer. There is also specialized trailer making software available that consists of genre-specific trailer template to make the trailer making process simpler.

InVideo is a great online video editor that you can use for transforming the video and audio bits of the film into awesome trailers. The video editor is perfect for use by media companies, film studios, individuals who are into editing, and so on. With the help of the software, you can edit wonderful videos and create short movie trailers and reach out to the target audience in the best way possible. 

Animation, voiceover, video capture, video editing, templates, text to video, video stabilization, split/merge, audio tools, video looping, media library, social sharing are some of the different features of this video editor.

In short, various aspects related to video making, video editing, and video management are taken care of by this software. The software has a user-friendly interface, and amateur editors or professional editors can use it easily for creating awesome movie trailers. Here are 6 steps to make a movie trailer using this tool

make movie trailer
  1. Organize trailer using a three-act style

Using the three-act style of storytelling can help make a great trailer. The beginning of the movie trailer must introduce the main characters, then the setting and the premise of the film.

The middle portion must consist of showcasing the conflict, and the end must throw light on the climax of the film. When you are arranging the structure of the movie trailer, it is better to make storyboards of the various scenes as that will help you to edit it quickly.

  1. Show the most memorable scenes from the film

One of the most important aspects of a good trailer is that it will show the most memorable scenes of the film without revealing the crucial plot points. This is one of the most challenging parts of the trailer making process. You must include that footage that will entice the audience to watch the movie. 

  1. Using voiceover to tell the story

Using a good voiceover artist and using on-screen texts can help explain the trailer of the film. One can either write new dialogues for the voiceover part and then record it, or you can take the dialogues from the film and use them in the voiceover.

  1. Select music that sets the tone of the film

A piece of well-chosen music can elevate the level of the trailer of a movie. For example, one can select suspenseful music for a thriller or mystery film. For a romantic film, one can opt for light-hearted music. The editor can also buy trailer music from the stock libraries. 

  1. Using editing methods to control the pace

One can add significant sound effects to liven up the scene transitions, quick cuts for the action scenes, sync music for essential moments. 

  1. Highlighting the talents of the film

The trailer consists of a cast run. The cast run shows the actors in the movie along with the names of the directors, writers, producers, and others. This often is included in the movie previews at the end of the trailer. 

Summing Up

These are some of the ways that you can employ to cut the movie trailer. A basic guideline of cutting and making a movie trailer goes a long way in making an enticing movie trailer for the audience.