May 20, 2024


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How To Make A Manga: Step-by-Step Instructions!

make a manga steps

Did you know there’s a way to easily create a manga a day? It’s actually so easy that even the most level-headed of creatives might find it difficult to achieve. Left to their own devices, most people are likely to produce a few short, accessible, and digestible stories a day. But for those who have the know-how and the discipline, there’s actually a much more difficult art than that.

Even the most advanced manga artists can struggle to make a single manga a day. The joy and the challenge are so much greater when you are given the freedom to create hundreds of individual works and combine them with a plan to produce a complete story. Here’s how to make a manga a day:

Layout your comic books

In order to make a successful and engaging full-blown work, you’re going to have to choose your story flow carefully. The great thing about how to do this is that you can create an “unauthorized” collection of works. That means you get to choose the order of your works, the types of information you cover, and the themes you incorporate. It’s also important to set boundaries so you don’t start writing too soon and don’t write too slowly. But most importantly, you have to decide on your themes and the types of stories you’re going to write.

You can choose to write science-fiction, fantasy, or history, but choose a theme that encompasses all of these types of stories. Also choose a demographic, although this is not that necessary most readers opt to choose their manga books depending on the demographics or genre they prefer.

Set boundaries for your graphic novels

You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of storytelling. If you want to tell a story about a girl who goes on an adventure, covers that in multiple genres, and ends up finding love, you can choose to write that in romance. If you want a history story, choose a topic that is both relevant and interesting and allows you to incorporate history into your universe. In writing manga books you can choose whatever theme you like, you can also mix it up according to what you imagined. You have boundless choices. Go for the one that you’re passionate about.

Define your goals

When you have a few ideas of what you’re going to write, the next step is to choose a story that you want to tell. Now, before you start writing, decide what your goals are so you know where you’re going with this. For example, if you want to write a history story, start with this: What is the purpose of this story? Why does this character exist? Where does this story take place? These will give you ideas for what you can cover in your story.

You can also use this process to decide how you want to edit your work. If you want to change something, such as your writing style or the order of events, make an edit. This will prevent you from producing half-good work and leaving yourself open to criticism.

It’s important to define your goals because as we all know we write depending on our mood and there will be days that you can’t think of what to write. It’s important to define your goals to not overlap your ideas and make your work concise.

Label and tag your Japanese comics

Now you’ve got a general idea of what type of work you’re going to create, the next step is to decide what type of tags you would like to put on your work. Ideally, these would be something along the lines of “From Author: MA, Year of composition: 2016”. This way, you’ll be able to easily remember which work you’ve chosen for your tag.

For example, if you write a historical novel, you’ll want to put in the word “from” so that people can identify you as the author. Similarly, if you write a romance novel, you’ll want to put in the word “year” so that readers will know which year the story takes place in.

Track your manga books

After you’ve chosen your work, it’s time to decide where and when you’re going to distribute it. This is where you can begin to create a plan. You can use this same planning process to decide which events in your life you’d like to incorporate into your work. You can begin to create a scenario by calculating how much you want to write and then choosing one event, to begin with. Next, you can decide which of your ideas you’d like to incorporate into your work, such as the relationships between the main characters.

You can post your manga books online through manga sites and you can also submit it to publishing companies. Although it’s more cost-efficient and practical to post it on manga sites as it will allow you to learn readers’ comments and views regarding your work. You can be more open to improvement. I have 5 manga site recommendations where you can post your manga: 1. Mangago, 2. Mangaowl, 3. Reading Manga, 4. Mangakakalot, and 5. Mangafreak. Their platform is free which means your work can be read by over thousands of visitors. It’s also safe and secure.

Summing up

It takes a lot of work to create your own graphic novels. You would go through a process where you’ll decide on what concept you’d like to go with. You’d go through a lot of writer’s block experience. You’d get tired and confused in the middle of creating your manga works. It’s very important that you follow the following steps to make sure you have a clear objective along your writing process. It’s important to remind yourself of these elements to create your work in the way and style you want. There are numerous manga books you’ll find online but don’t be afraid to share yours. Well known mangakas also started as aspiring ones.