July 16, 2024


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LG Optimus Sol E730 – Reset Android

The LG Optimus Sol E730 is a nice phone, including features which mmade it a good low priced choice when buying a device with Android operating system on year 2011.

Given the LG Optimus Sol E730 popularity, we created this tutorial to reset Android on the LG Optimus Sol E730.

The hard reset can be accomplished by either one of two ways: The first one directly from the phone without using the Android menu. The second, will be through the main menu of Android

on the LG Optimus Sol E730.

Although it is known that this process deletes device data reminder that it never hurts to make a backup of any important information if you just want to restart your device for further use.

Hard reset Android on the LG Optimus Sol E730 by buttons

To unlock Android on the LG Optimus Sol E730 is advisable to have another person to press the buttons properly, doing it all by yourself can be tricky because of the speed and difficulty of the steps to follow:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 5 seconds before going to the next step.
  2. Press the volume button (-) minus and the Power buttons
  3. When the bottom LED turns on, with the other hand tap and hold the menu button and back down.This must be done  immediately before you see the LG logo of your LG Optimus Sol E730.

If you’ve done well,  the LG logo will briefly appear and disappear immediately, indicating the overall reset has started. Be patient: The whole hard reset process can take 5 or even 10 minutes.

At the end of this process, you can return to turn on your phone again, in some cases this will be automatic and see your phone starts with the factory default settings.

Hard Reset Android on LG OPTIMUS SOL E730 by Menu

As always, the option to restore the factory settings using the menu available if we go to Settings> Privacy> Factory data reset> Reset phone.

Another method available is to reset the phone from the computer with the LG software, this can be done by installing the LG Mobile support tool and selecting “Reset Phone”  (Although this last process is not very popular).

With these different methods you can hard reset Android on the LG Optimus Sol E730