May 20, 2024


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How To Invest On March Madness With Crypto

How To Invest On March Madness With Crypto

March is an exciting time for American sports fans. The annual NCAA basketball tournament, called March Madness, occurs throughout the month, and the frenzy is incredible. There are games at almost all hours of the day, and there can only be one winner at the end. 

As with all major sports, betting on scores is a part of all the excitement. March Madness predictions occur across several betting sites, and recently, cryptocurrency has been available to place bets with. It has the benefit of being quick and easy with a fast payout. 

Digital coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are best for betting online due to the process’s efficiency, speed, and anonymity. With online gambling becoming more common, cryptocurrencies are ideal for online transactions. 

Read on as we explore some valuable tips to help you place March Madness bets with crypto:

How to invest with crypto online

Here are some tips to help you place March Madness bets online:

Get Your Cryptocurrency 

Acquiring cryptocurrency is often easier than it seems. First, you must verify your preferred site’s crypto, purchase it, and store it in your crypto wallet. Then, you’ll move your crypto from your wallet to your bankroll and bet with it.

Crypto Wallet 

A crypto wallet is a medium that holds your coins. It will feature an address you’ll supply to the betting site to make transactions. Note, however, that your keys are confidential and exclusive to you. Unauthorized access can result in fraud and loss to an unsuspecting holder. 

Sign up on a Betting Site 

After choosing your preferred site, the next step is signing up. The site should feature a sign-in option, where you’ll need to fill in some information and choose a password for the site. 

Transfer Your Coins to the Site 

After setting up your betting account with the site, you can add your stake to your bankroll. The site should feature a wallet where you can transfer coins, and the coins should show up in your account soon after you make the transfer. 

Cash in the Bonuses Offered

A reputable betting site will often offer bonuses for new and existing. Usually, a site will provide double bonuses for users using cryptocurrency. Check on the site’s dashboard for rewards open to you. 

Make your Bets

To place a bet, you should decide your preferred bets, the type, and the stake. All March Madness wagers are displayed in the college sports section of the site. After placing your bet, you will receive a digital betting slip, and you should ensure all information on the slip is correct. 

Withdraw Your Winnings

After a successful bet, you can withdraw or keep your winnings in your betting account for future chances. To withdraw, follow the instructions listed on the site. Your winnings should appear in your wallet soon after you finish the process. 

Choosing a Betting Site

It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement of March Madness betting, but you must be careful when choosing a betting site. Signing up for a bad site can result in negative experiences, like loss and payment delays. It can even lead to cyber fraud.

Here are some tips to help you pick a good betting site: 

  • History: Your preferred betting site should have a long and positive history, which can help confirm its reputation. 
  • Credibility: A reputable site will have a good reputation on the internet and among other bettors. Ensure to ask experienced bettors for the best sites. 
  • Banking variety: Besides traditional methods such as credit cards, you should ensure that the site allows you to transact with cryptocurrency. Your preferred site should feature various banking for improved convenience. 
  • Simple interface: A reputable betting site should have a simple-to-navigate betting interface. It allows for a seamless betting experience. 
  • Excellent customer service: Online betting sites aren’t void of technical issues. However, they should feature fast and reliable customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. 
  • Available mobile options: Many reputable sites have an app where customers can see all their bets and ongoing games. It helps them stay updated on the March Madness action. 
  • Bonuses: Ensure to check the bonuses for new and existing customers. These bonuses help to maximize bets and winnings and help newbies earn before investing their name.